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If you could add a barrel attachment to this gun it would be unstoppable. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite Community Discord: ►https://discord.gg/9vfCzsR Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Intro: Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Outro: Mistaken Identity (Instrumental Version) - Martin Carlberg Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (621)
Trikk (23 hours ago)
That intro shot.. fuckkk
Mitch Wong (4 days ago)
you are the best
ZENOX (6 days ago)
He didn’t pick up the scar
James Widstrup (6 days ago)
@Aculite do you always play for fun or do you take it serious at times? I have to work some now. Trying to get my skill lol up
Billy ! (7 days ago)
I got motion sick watching this😂
GoryTarrafa (9 days ago)
17:20 such a dumm move :( , you had all to be happy bruh :/
Kayden Cummings (12 days ago)
You're such a pro sniper teach me how to do those stunts!!!
Making Hope (13 days ago)
11:01 AFK under the stairs
ChickinSlayer 90 (15 days ago)
6:19 I guess you could say he’s been mistaken
JC PC (17 days ago)
I love how if you die you still try again
Stelios Gkelis (17 days ago)
"People take this game seriously" That's the key to a complete experience and It's not a problem. The stress and the anxiety that you feel in this game makes this game perfect,not the chicken dinner
Angelyca Brady (18 days ago)
My friend gets pised
HobbiePlays (19 days ago)
Whren aculite siad people take this Seriously I think for a sec and thats me :D Sometimes
fallensnipa (21 days ago)
Omg... hes so good! How does someone get this good?
ToXic FuZion (22 days ago)
The gun isn’t legendary, u are
Swarm Games (23 days ago)
11:44 did anyone else say “holy-shit”
Ethon Heflin (26 days ago)
The reason I watch your videos is because you make me laugh so hard
James Smith (29 days ago)
CZProductions, You just lost yo head 25:45
James Smith (29 days ago)
The first ending, pure unluckiness.
Jay Trockeneis (1 month ago)
1:39 "Victory should be achieved." LOL
Dustin Brust (1 month ago)
Did you see the guy under the stairs at 11:01
Isaac Newton (1 month ago)
Tgg Livewire (1 month ago)
Do a one man squad
Alex the Average (1 month ago)
I play with people who take it way too serious and it's rough...
Slash USA (1 month ago)
How is this channel not at 5 million subs like honestly
Xx_MemeMaker_xX (1 month ago)
But aculite we all know u need 4 kills before you can get a care package
SgtTeeh (1 month ago)
Not taking this game seriously is easy when you are so good that you always have a few kills and great loot within minutes by dropping crowded places. Most of us mere mortals drop a quieter place, require a lot of time to find decent loot and then it kinda sucks if you die from your motorcycle backflip attempt. Most people's gameplay is not a constant highlight reel, frustration is actually pretty common with a few great and exciting moments spaced within.
Azer GamerZ (1 month ago)
nice fps dude :c i play this game with 20+fps :c
AkangFlint (1 month ago)
How to switch dat nade throw? 4:10
Tyree Ross (1 month ago)
“Can I just have a moment”
its Rex (1 month ago)
i miss the old version of this game where you could pick up everything in a room in less than half a second
Nakuru Kou (2 months ago)
Connor's laugh is gold tbh
Calvin Johnson (2 months ago)
You are the master of this game
Ahmed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Ur aiming is OP as heck man, keep it up cus it’s amazing👌◠‿◠
rb bash (2 months ago)
I have litterally sat here watching many of your pubg videos. by far the best pubg youtube. hands down.. keep up the good work dude looking forward to watching you stream. followed ya
Reynan Pacuribot (2 months ago)
Aculite i literally had the same reaction as u did 11:47
jSkaffaa (2 months ago)
Where my Gunnersmates at? The M249 should let you adjust the gas regulator to increase cyclic rate of fire. DOPE.
Basic Parasite (2 months ago)
Aculite is a poet
Fellow Weeb (2 months ago)
Why would you take an M16A4 over an M416? On one dudes body there was an M4...
Jaime Derkach (2 months ago)
A fucking m249 of course ur are going to win
redTanto (2 months ago)
4:04 its hard to take the game seriously with all the cheaters.....I see that snap to. I really did enjoy some of your videos : /
Piano Tunes (2 months ago)
He missed the scar when he was at the bridge looting the guy
iiHype Fire (2 months ago)
Don’t listen to your loins 😂😂
Poptart Chris (2 months ago)
4:40 That guy has a Twitch prime mask noice
Shiana Lamont (2 months ago)
I subscribe.. love your videos
that nade was not good?
Dickson Krieger (2 months ago)
24:13 smells mouse macro.
Limpbagel (2 months ago)
4:03 Aimbot?
A nice Guy (2 months ago)
Damn a clean headshot in the start
BORRASCA_BRO (2 months ago)
Another great video conner
Zmr 95 (3 months ago)
11:01 under the stairs 😂
Szabi 8bp (3 months ago)
the shoots with AMW was insane ")
Caden Asman (3 months ago)
Aculite more like accurate
Breaden Shivbaran (3 months ago)
Can you do one that is just raw fotage and no cuts plz
Joaquin Sala (3 months ago)
19:57 roblox?
Johnny Hardy (3 months ago)
Great commentary! Great shots.
Liam Zhang (3 months ago)
How did u zoom in a second time after right clicking once and using red dot
Kyle Stamper (3 months ago)
when ads with red dot or iron sites press left shift
Jack Barnouin (3 months ago)
U don't pick up enough ammo
JDMBOY 509 (3 months ago)
I was playing yesterday got to the top five and I was using the M249 and I see a guy so I start shooting them here but jumps forward around the corner so I hope to run after him jump as I'm taking the corner and I'm just going to blindly spray cuz I got 80 rounds and the fucker shoots me in the head with a shotgun
Adrian Santa Cruz (3 months ago)
Ur aim is on point bro
subpls subpls (3 months ago)
13:27 puszy slayer has an awm that you killed
subpls subpls (3 months ago)
You saw at before he killed one
subpls subpls (3 months ago)
Pusy slayer got an awm
Leandro Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Evan Falco (3 months ago)
Omg this guy gets me mad because of how good he is
kuroba kaito (3 months ago)
lol a hacker praising himself
Mr. Blinks (3 months ago)
Joey Ramirez III (3 months ago)
Did you guys see the player under the stairs? @11:00
Bigtopgame (16 days ago)
Joey Ramirez III ค้
MadsEmil A Andersen (2 months ago)
Joey Ramirez III rock*
Martim Cabral (3 months ago)
"im not doing too great on meds" has 7 first aids
TulRid (3 months ago)
A beats computer 100-150 fps wow and this is during the beta
Burak Erdem (3 months ago)
I can watch your videos all day.
BayCatGaming (3 months ago)
woah u Pro player, Weasome. :D
Eric Thornton (3 months ago)
A W M Automated Wrecking Machine
ContrastViz Ion (3 months ago)
have watched this vid probably 10 times now over the last month and I still get amazed ..
Montana airsoft (3 months ago)
You know if I can put it on this gun, hot damn
Isak Films (4 months ago)
Why did you not take the scar-l on the bridge
Jerome Thompson (4 months ago)
Ok you're obviously very talented but how on earth did you know exactly where three people who you couldn't even see would go
Zincgamer (4 months ago)
Cool video man I use to only watch jackfrags play PUB G but your videos are great
lunatic (4 months ago)
Can u make a tips and tricks type video where you explain what you normally do when you play pub and your thought process
mcvicar2 (4 months ago)
hey Aculite, are you a Canuck?
MrRusty7911 (4 months ago)
Aculite you monster!
Edward Centofante (4 months ago)
I love how he's making excuses for his poor Kar98 marksmanship while he's landing headshots on ridiculously far targets
PBKoalaGamer (4 months ago)
Aculite, was your name miniswitchbak on league?? I need to know you sound exactly like someone I used to know
Praja Seno (4 months ago)
that fucking lol when killed by punch ahahaha
Dr Mango (4 months ago)
Aculite ur the best u made me from bad to really good thx 🙂
The_Keymeister (4 months ago)
23:43 Well AWM fully decked out
Aiden Walsh (4 months ago)
Ur nutty at pubg
Nick Mossberg (4 months ago)
Your shot timing is impeccable with snipers. So good.
AmYounes (4 months ago)
The guy you killed called PuszySlayer had an AWM . I wished you lootted him
Ace2k (4 months ago)
This guy has got some shroud level skills....and i love it
Sage Mathes (4 months ago)
Frankieonpc vibes from the intro
Edoardo C. (4 months ago)
4:15 how does he do that thing with the granade
BeatByTrip (4 months ago)
At 11:01 look below the staircase hahahaga
krytac vT (4 months ago)
what pc do you use?
krytac vT (4 months ago)
just found this guy, already love him and don’t know why he doesn’t have more subs...
GrizLY (4 months ago)
noice round xd
Vex (4 months ago)
what the fuck computer are you using guy, this shit looks amazing
xZeroBear (5 months ago)
how do you 8 kills in 5 minutes ? explain
Dylan Cordero (5 months ago)
This is my favorite channel, thanks for being so great
You are beast

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