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I'm A Gold Uzi Dolphin Diver! Radical Heights INTENSE Showcase Shootout!

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Text Comments (35)
nightvision1090 (6 days ago)
This game looks alright I'll have to try it out to see if its good
Keane Coquete (7 days ago)
God I want this on PS4. All I ask is once it's more developed that the graphics become a bit more polished and it's perfect.
nguyễn nhật anh (9 days ago)
You're a beast
Black Mage (9 days ago)
Where the fuck my free vbucks at hova
Fear (9 days ago)
I love watching your videos keep up the good work
Ski Mask The Slump God (10 days ago)
Might be betta then fort
Austin Elliott (6 days ago)
too early to speculate
Daniel B (10 days ago)
Half the time I can't tell what the heck you are picking up.
byCharlieHD (10 days ago)
Never stop uploading this game its honestly so fun to play and watch
RedC0tt0n (10 days ago)
If anyone has ever played gunz, this looks like the roll animations there
Zach Elston (10 days ago)
How many got baited from twitter
Adrian Travé Garcia (10 days ago)
This game looks so fun. Keep up the videos.
Trenton Keys (10 days ago)
Wait a minute this isn’t free Vbucks
DontScreenPeek (10 days ago)
I actually really enjoy this game. Hope they roll out updates frequently
BANKR0BB3R (10 days ago)
The twitter clickbait All the 12 year olds hate you hoeva 😂😂
sorax62 (10 days ago)
Honesty don't care for the game that much but gotta watch me some hova
AAG_Jeffy (10 days ago)
That guy in the background is annoying
Caiden Harwick (10 days ago)
RedArrows25 (10 days ago)
#NotificationSquad love your videos
Hova (10 days ago)
Thanks for all the love on the Radical Heights content! Absolutely love playing this game and I am for sure going to be posting a lot more about it :)
malik velasquez (10 days ago)
for weapon and armor it is green,blue,purple, and gold, reason gold Uzi so cheap and purple spas so high is because spas better than Uzi so it costs more if you use the machines more you would know purple armor cost less than gold armor in the game, and you also see the marksman is 1k but the dragonov is 3k, weapon is priced by how better it is than other weapons while also implemented cost diff with rarity
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Hova Gaming (10 days ago)
Keep up the amazing work!!!
Hova Gaming (10 days ago)
This game looks awesome I can’t wait till I get my pc so I can play this!!
Hova Gaming (10 days ago)
Caiden Harwick ya hova214 is my gamer tag so I made a channel that has something to do with my gamer tag then I was like well jahova goes by Hova also but his YT is I’m jahova so I was like I’ll be ok right lol
Caiden Harwick (10 days ago)
I like how you steal hovas name
BEASTSKILLZ (10 days ago)
Charles Weghorst (10 days ago)
Henry McCausland (10 days ago)
Cris Delacruz (10 days ago)

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