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How to connect csgo over wifi without internet with friends

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How to connect csgo over wifi without internet with friends. This is my 1st video so pardon me for mistakes Enjoy For any other info comment.
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Text Comments (36)
loser work (2 days ago)
Bhai kaam Nahi kar rha yahi prossecs say kiya tha Nahi hua
Gaming on a mac (27 days ago)
Ok everyone let me help you out in English MAKE SURE DEVOLOPER CONSOLE IS ENABLED 1.Press Play>Offline_With_Bots>(Choose a map)>No Bots. 2. (press ` ((right below escape)) )>sv_lan 1 there you go server started CREDIT:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNPjvsF9N74
Fun iNgrediant (30 days ago)
I like that you used hindi
taimur pathan (1 month ago)
what is the name of application
taimur pathan (1 month ago)
sir, which application first you opened
Pagal Khana (1 month ago)
Agar alag alag wifi hoga to kya kr skte he ???
Prince G. Sunuwar (1 month ago)
Pagal bana re BC
Bhavya Kariwala (2 months ago)
your method worked, but not in my laptop. I have reinstalled the game, connected to hotspots, wrote every single thing correctly and still not working. It has connected in others but not in mine. PLEASE HELP OUT ?!
aking (2 months ago)
type sv_lan 0 for hotspots
como baixar nome ? Eu sou surdo
Saksham Kaushik (4 months ago)
When I connect the server that you idp method from my friends laptop when I press enter when the whole game reset and the game goes to the main menu of the
not working...
HIGH BASS (6 months ago)
Doesn't work
Aadi AT80 (6 months ago)
its not working in no steam saying that not connecting after 30 tries
Raja Amin (8 months ago)
I like when i search in english, then suddenly came englishs tittle with indenglish language
It's hindi bro which is an Indian language
Pawan Suryavanshi (8 months ago)
nice death timing
IIT Bombay Diaries (9 months ago)
Cracked hai ye yaa purchased
Suraj Singh Rawat {INDIA} (10 months ago)
bhai wifi range kitne meter tak kaam krega hotspot install hona chaiye windows mai ya nhi
Sohaib Moin (11 months ago)
kukos nimlon (1 year ago)
does this work in no steam version?
Aadi AT80 (6 months ago)
+Teach You Now but it's saying that not connecting after 30 tries
Teach You Now (11 months ago)
mark zuckerberg (1 year ago)
dusre lappy se connect karne pe retrying connection aara tha ... 5-6 try k baad bhi nahi hua !
Silently Fixed (7 months ago)
Bro, Just see my video on my channel! I have described it by LAN but it can be work same as hotspot (without LAN)!
Garvit Sharma (1 year ago)
bhai laptop pe game kesa chal raha hai aapka?
Tanishk Sharma (4 months ago)
koustubh moar please tell the link
Garvit Sharma (1 year ago)
koustubh moar accha aisa scene hai kya..yeh warzone hi hai kya?...jo official hai steam wala woh try kiya hai aapne?
koustubh moar (1 year ago)
Garvit Sharma nai Bhai..... pirated hai
Garvit Sharma (1 year ago)
koustubh moar yeh aapne steam se khareeda hai na game?
koustubh moar (1 year ago)
Garvit Sharma no problem buddy.... network ka kya connection to join? u need a modem or a cellphone with hotspot.... connect to it

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