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Five reasons why this is the best Far Cry game so far! - Far Cry 5

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Apologies for the slow progress on my regular Rainbow Six Siege videos, I have been somewhat distracted tearing up Hope County in Far Cry 5! I have really been enjoying this game and I am surprised how there are not more people talking about some of the significant upgrades this game features compared to previous instalments in the series. I have been a fan of Far Cry since the very first game and while I am still only part way through the story of Far Cry 5, I would say that this is definitely the best one yet! If you have enjoyed the series in the past, I think you may well like this game. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Far Cry 5 Guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1Tyy1AbOTsoSmxwQCGgE-z
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Text Comments (334)
AsherRafkin (2 days ago)
The one thing that annoys me the most is the charging handle on the M-14 and how it's backwards.
GhosT Ninja FtW (2 days ago)
this game is going to be my 2nd platinum trophey
GhosT Ninja FtW (2 days ago)
good vid man i agree with this its my 3rd farcry game ive played and its my fav i am 99% done with the game all i have left is the farcry arcade tropheys to get a platlum
Bonfire Bar (6 days ago)
Far Cry 2 is technically better. You made a mistake by not comparing FC5 to FC2 due to it's age. Because mechanicly FC2 was a waaaay ahead of its (and even FC5's) time.
Alpax Johansson (10 days ago)
+1 like for the ending
Karen Alletson (12 days ago)
Far cry 5 the worst so far. scenario was ridiculous. The ending or endings even worse. It's one thing to lose but to not have the chance of winning, no matter what you do...well why bother. Too many silly side missions, some of which could not be completed until the game was nearly over; at which point there was no point! I usually play far cry games several times, trying different methods. Not this time, this one is for the bin. Wasted my $98+
Dhruv Aggarwal (14 days ago)
I bought this game because of ubisoft. Not something I would have said before rainbow six siege.
Rogue-9 (12 days ago)
yeah they've done really well with their new attitude. R6, the Division and even Wildlands... their long term commitment to games is impressive.
damien johnson (15 days ago)
good games???
Martinix (17 days ago)
6:51 Yeah sure, show me the left handed M14 to prove your point... like this is CS:GO. You shouldn't forget all the Downgrades from previous games of the saga. The list is long: stupid AI, unrealistic floral behavior, even the clouds... I mean, don't get me wrong, I agree with most of what you said, and the game is surely a lot of fun, but this is far from being the "best Far Cry game so far".
Chickenzzz (17 days ago)
I was just doing the first clip lel
Capt Draxtroll (19 days ago)
i love it even dropped 15 on bars cuase in past was harsh on ubi..last 3 games zomi watchdogs creed were great then grabbed primal and 4 loved those well made ..5 is mind blowing so they earned my donation
topKEK (19 days ago)
Far Cry 2 was the best Far Cry
remy the rat (20 days ago)
That mk 14 looks crisp 👌🏼
Michel de Certau (21 days ago)
no vehicle takedowns , why?????
Rembo Six Siege (21 days ago)
Coop saves only for host... Nice ubi.
I have finished the game personally, and I have to admit the vauge psycho cult leader mentalities are somewhat limited, but each of the villians have their own type of crazy to deal with. The endings all pretty much seem to fall in the "bad" category, especially if you pay attention at the end of the "good" ending. I look forward to the dlc stuff that is coming and overall id say this was a 4.5 out of 5 rating for me
nanofluber268 (22 days ago)
politics is the one thing i can't stomach in gaming
Doct0rCalamari (22 days ago)
If you say this is the best Far Cry, you clearly haven't played Far Cry 2.
Christopher Jones (22 days ago)
The game has bugs, vehicles feel like shit, especially air vehicles. Hunting is absolutely pointless. The character customisation is so lacking you cant even have a beard. The perk system is bland at best. Takedowns are way more boring than any other far cry game - you cant even use a knife. To enjoy this game you have to forget how good the series was. Co-op is boring with the teather still present and no effort made to make the story facilitate it. Wasted potential of a game.
janneus (22 days ago)
Far Cry 2 best
Madness1845 (22 days ago)
The only thing about the flying is that I wish it was like BF. I play on Xbox and the pitch and roll (the planes entire movement) is on the left stick. I changed the controls so I can roll with RB and LB but battlefields system is still the best
nfsfanAndrew (22 days ago)
Found a few gamebreaking bugs. If you fall from a tower and die on tower related missions you can get a checkpoint where you fall to your death before the game gives you control of your character. Instant death respawn. Various ways to fall through the map while parachuting. May upload a clip too where I tried to enter a stationary van and it spun 720 degrees flipped upside down and ran away from me. van clip>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUS3Y-fQi8M
Garrett Ashley (22 days ago)
I actually appreciate that they don't push the envelope on the social and political climate in the U.S. Not everyone in the U.S. agrees on our feelings about the current state of affairs and I guarantee that the veterans In my gaming community would take a hard pass on this title if they did choose to push the envelope. Imagine that, people who don't appreciate the media's opinion about what we should think and how we should feel about the state of affairs in America. Wowzer!
Garrett Ashley (22 days ago)
Not done w/video agree w/1
fallvegas (23 days ago)
It's a game where you can have a bear companion named cheeseburger, why the fuck I'm I going to want commentary on the social issues in my country. I'm playing it to get away from that shit.
Why youtube why (23 days ago)
Things I didn't like: the friendly AI is terrible and half of them are so annoying I would rather just bring out the dog, bear, or cougar just so I don't have to hear them talk about side dick or their ex, the fire mechanics in the game make zero sense, a .308 is more powerful than a .50 cal, some of the glitches are game breaking, the fact that John Seed has no distinguishing enemies in his territory (Faith had the angles, Connor McGregor had the judges) Things I liked: watching ole red get his dick bit by a badger. Nvm it was a wolverine. Also, if Ubisoft would replace the branch davidians with ISIS then this would be a wicked middle east simulator
Why youtube why (23 days ago)
fallvegas nah, unfortunately not. I played the game on hard but it doesn't matter, a .50BMG would DESTROY an aircraft especially a scout helicopter. I noticed that the .50 doesn't one hit armored troops either it takes anywhere from 2 - 3 which is absurd. The M60 would wreck anything i encountered in the game and granted it is a belt fed but it's still a .308 and it would take down literally anything.
fallvegas (23 days ago)
.308 more powerful than a .50? I really hope I'm misunderstanding you here.
Der Lehmann (23 days ago)
Far Cry 3 still the better Game
Sean B (23 days ago)
It seems that you are straining to maintain your accent. My opinion only (over pronunciation for example)
Haus (23 days ago)
This is advertisement. For real: Do they pay Rogue-9? No critisism at all and not even touching the topic of microtansactions.
Haus (23 days ago)
Rogue-9 They lied to the customers by claiming, that the microtransaction would be only cosmetic. Furthermore this Pay2Pogress-System is typical for free2play-games. So what the fuck? // Ok, ignoring finances and trustworthiness, what about the crafting system or perk system? What about health regeneration or seeing through walls? And last but not least I'd like to mention, that FarCry 1 & 2 being old don't exclude them from the FarCry-Franchise.
Rogue-9 (23 days ago)
true, the silver bars completely passed me by. like... what is their point? who would buy them? there is completely no need for them at all
Barry (23 days ago)
Game still don't support sli.
Delta Cream (23 days ago)
Would play if they implemented Siege Operators
Rogue-9 (23 days ago)
You can wear castle's uniform if that makes a difference to you ;-D
Jacob Camarillo (24 days ago)
Not that it's a huge issue, but your Rainbow Six | Siege: damage drop-off google sheets has the JTF2 as FTF2.
Ethan Bond (24 days ago)
Rogue 9 and bikini body = tachanka
fel8x8 :P (24 days ago)
Not enough weapon
BZgA (24 days ago)
The music is beautiful.
Providence (24 days ago)
I like the shooting more than previous games, but the bullets travel way too slow.
BAND1T (24 days ago)
5 things I love about fc5: Enemies see you from far far away! Bullet drop(thanks to GRW) Music! Graphics and optimization on PC Skill tree is not as easy to get as in other fc games And I think 2 things i dont like: This stupid buddy system low amount of weapons
Jacob Weesner (24 days ago)
The hunting part was impressive for a game that isn't a dedicated hunting game!
PurplePorsche49 (24 days ago)
Why did they remove the skinning animation and the healing animation where you could rip a bullet out of your arm and shit
PurplePorsche49 (24 days ago)
The Savage Lion they should have an extra detailed setting that includes these animations
The Savage Lion (24 days ago)
It probably offended people or made them feel nauseous by how detailed it was.
Cheekki Brikki (24 days ago)
The only thing I really dislike about the game so far is that it will try to force you to start story missions without much warning, and the only chance you have to resist is to fight off multiple truckloads of enemies, including heavies with lmgs that, if they hit you with a single shot, will automatically (if slowly) start the mission.
Kane Riseley (24 days ago)
Theres no bullet drop just travel time
Chance Barefoot (24 days ago)
They took away bait and you can’t throw rocks any more
ericsbuds (24 days ago)
wait... people have complained that FC5 doesn't give a social commentary? jesus fuck... I remember a time your parents and general life experiences outside of the house would give you that kind of knowledge. what an unfortunate criticism.
Secret Clown (24 days ago)
Not interested until I'm certain the ending isn't contrived bullshit like 4 lol
Dustin Allan (24 days ago)
I agree too!!!
Ronald Hohnsbeen (24 days ago)
You forgot the shovel throwing my dude
Corvus Clemons (24 days ago)
This will be the first far cry I buy
Corvus Clemons (24 days ago)
Far cry sandy far cry I I I I need ittttt
Chih-Hua Tseng (24 days ago)
ReverentGhost (24 days ago)
you forgot the best part! kicking in every door yelling "FBI!"
FullMetalMessiah (20 days ago)
Kicking? I just blast 'm down with a shotty!
Craic Gaming (24 days ago)
Does the deluxe edition come with DLC? I bought it but haven't played it yet.
stuffydrop6 (24 days ago)
For my birthday can you guys please sub
nick serrels (24 days ago)
Don't like the planes never was a good flyer
SilentX Fallz (24 days ago)
Playing far cry on console I felt much more clunkier than previous ones especially with the shooting and I’m upset about that fact that you need 6 people in order to play a private match with friends
In Music We Trust (24 days ago)
Do giveaway a copy or two if possible, will ya? I know it's kinda selfish to ask for it, but there's people like me who can't afford it.. Nvm. It's super unlikely you'll ever read this in the first place..(cuz too many comments, not cuz u dont read them or smthn)
Mr Tims (24 days ago)
What are your specs?
slop humanoid (24 days ago)
They ruined the mini map tho
kok ly (20 days ago)
slop humanoid it's a compass. Which is nothing like a mini map. And a compass isn't far fetched irl in fact they are pretty cheap. Mini maps make the game less immersive, plus you can take the hud off anyways if your the spoiled picky type
slop humanoid (22 days ago)
fallvegas whatever you want to call it. It's still basically a shittier version of a mini map
fallvegas (22 days ago)
slop humanoid you mean the compass...
slop humanoid (22 days ago)
fallvegas it’s at the top of the screen. It’s one of the shitty bar ones that add to the “immersion” by taking away information.
fallvegas (23 days ago)
how, it's not even present. Can't ruin something if it's not there.
SolidSneakNinja (24 days ago)
The criticism that the game fails to comment on current events is moronic as the game is deliberately telling a fictional story and obviously was written before current events even existed so the writers could never have predicted the future to implement such plot elements or themes.
Noah Edwards (24 days ago)
It's £50 WITH Microtransactions, I just can't afford that
Haus (22 days ago)
fallvegas Pay2Progress is wrong in a Singleplayer-game.
fallvegas (23 days ago)
Noah Edwards and you don't need to buy em for to progress anything. At best you'll unlock some guns, cloths, or cars, all of which don't have much of an impact on the game.
Noah Edwards (23 days ago)
They're still there aren't they
fallvegas (23 days ago)
They affect the gameplay in no meaningful way, you're being locked out of literally nothing.
Haus (23 days ago)
Noah Edwards You forgot SeasonPass and Special Editions
Xahier Lp (24 days ago)
I still have one question : with how many friends can you play online?
InSaNiTY_T (24 days ago)
R6 improved ubi all their games r better after r6 released
fallvegas (23 days ago)
It definitely feels like that are really trying, especially with the continued support after the game comes out, however the micro transactions are a downer, or the pre-order only stuff. Wildlands had a bunch of that if I remember right.
R. Eisbrenner (24 days ago)
Far cry 5 is just missing some important parts for the full far cry experience 1. The health system. Previous far far cry titles had segmented health bars, which only auto heal to a certain point. In 5 we have full regenerative health + its missing the gory animations, when you could heal a health segment or 2 by for example removing a bullet from your arm. In 5 the gameplay is a bit too close to typical shooters, where i would run for Cover when i am low on health. I do not like that. 2. Making the player fully customizable is problematic. In 3 the story was so good, not only because of vaas, but also because the Protagonist had a charackter developement from a pacifist to a maniac on drugs running through the jungle killing everything on sight. While the Story characktes in 5 are great, the mc had no sort of developement or identification whith the player. 3.The perk system is all over the place and barely structured, giving you dozens of option to unlock. A real skill tree, like in 3 or 4, would be better, because then the player can focus on the missions as a way to test out the newly learned skills, instead of a way to just unlock the next one as fast as possible.
R. Eisbrenner (24 days ago)
TLdr: 1. Health system too generic 2. MC has no charackter 3. Perk system is too messy
Fabian Weber (24 days ago)
Maybe the game play but not the story...
Victor andersen (24 days ago)
Its bad
kok ly (20 days ago)
Victor andersen nah
Pies (24 days ago)
I really like this game but i loved the gun variety in far cry 4 but in this far cry 5 there aren't many choices and a lot of the weapons act the same, i would've appreciated if they even slightly made the stats different between weapon of the same type for example the ak 12 and the ak 47
Ajay (24 days ago)
4:40 the guy you killed looked like you in rl
Cobra._. (24 days ago)
The Map size is just so big
VAIROXX (24 days ago)
great video!! I like the weapon animations and sounds as well! but I noticed that many guns in this game have the same stats.. for example the two AK versions or the first two shotguns and a few DMRs and Hunting rifles.. So is that only the cosmetic difference? maybe you can compare a few.. There were also more weapons in Far Cry 4 at release and they were more different but also got better the further you got in the game. In FC5 the weapons seems more balanced but also they are more similar or even the same in stats. what do you think about that rogue? That was the only downsside I can find about this game.. the rest is pretty impressive.
VAIROXX (24 days ago)
oh and what I really enjoy are the different ammo types (amor piercing, dragons breath..) really nice add.
Leyhkeze (24 days ago)
Plastic world, no foliage movement based on your character's body, wow.
RexVergstrong (24 days ago)
I feel like this Far Cry "learned" a lot from Wildlands.
Peace Keeper (24 days ago)
A boring game nonetheless. These triple As aren't worth $60 anymore ever since The Witcher 3
Peace Keeper (20 days ago)
kok ly You want value for money? Rainbow Six Siege is my main game. I mostly play FPS, and I'm good at it. But I don't buy games that have less value than their price tags. Get over it. Stop being a corporate cunt and use logic.
kok ly (20 days ago)
Stop dick sucker witcher 3. Some people like other kind of games. Especially gameplay styles, like guns and explosions.
Joe Ç (24 days ago)
I am so happy that they added real ballistics to the game- the one thing keeping me from getting far cry 5 because I was so sick of hitscan in the open world. The one thing I would advise they change is the scope tint/reflection and recoil animation for the reticle. In real life, the scope tint is almost invisible when you are actually using it, but in game it really obscured a lot of your vision. Also, the reticle isn't going to jump around like that
Alec Ingram (25 days ago)
It kinda reminds me of TheHunter COTW when just hunting.... Great game
Lord Glaz (25 days ago)
Who wants sum succi succi Fukii fukii rubbah duckie
Gordon Williams (25 days ago)
If you shut the back of a delivery van while it’s driving it will glitch the hell out, you should try it
Der gentle nerd (25 days ago)
But what specs does your PC have? And I have a I7 7700k 4.3ghz and a gtx 1080 8G can I run the game with max settings in 4k at 60+ fps?
Der gentle nerd (24 days ago)
Rogue-9 ok thank you
Rogue-9 (24 days ago)
I have the same processor and gpu. Not sure about 4k though, since my monitor is 1440p
Edw4rdTe4ch (25 days ago)
Arghhh matey.. Me thinks iam gonna get this game.
Top Games (25 days ago)
I don't get why they removed looting animations from animals, I mean it was gory but I loved it
Haus (23 days ago)
Top Games In FarCry3 you could deactivate the animation if it was to repetetive or gory. ^^
Rogue-9 (24 days ago)
Repetitive after a while, I guess. Could have been cool to make it skippable.
littlelukky1 (25 days ago)
Great game. Really enjoying it myself. I just wish there was more to the weapon customization. It's too simple.
Semi-Hilarious Oreo (25 days ago)
That little bit of humming at the ending :D
lu zheng (25 days ago)
This game run unbelieveablely good on amd cards, my slightly overclocked r9 380 can run stable 1080p 60hz on high.
Cantri Phuje (25 days ago)
Kinda disappointed that the segmented health is gone now, but the rest seems really nice additions to the series !
FairFireFight (25 days ago)
Still prefer FarCry3
I mean, it is pretty hard to beat Far Cry 2 - I can only assume that is why you did not want to compare Far Cry 5 to it ;)
Kevin Gillihan (25 days ago)
Just unlocked Peaches and she's awesome! Takes down entire outposts while I watch.
Sean The Scum (25 days ago)
Can’t lie love this game but I miss the skill tree
silviu ciortan (25 days ago)
Far cry 5 takes the game in a "fun" direction rather than a realistic direction, which is nice.
Haus (23 days ago)
It actually is quite the opposite from what I ve seen. It is trying to balance immersion and action-gameplay more out.
Radu Ven (25 days ago)
7:55 Every game that has vehicles we try this... yet it always ends up with you falling off, would love to see this feature in more games
Radu Ven (23 days ago)
I did, but I never tried it co-op, don't even know if it has it. What I'm saying is that that feature should be a norm in games, not the exception!
Haus (23 days ago)
Radu Ven You never played Just Cause?
Jake C (25 days ago)
Personally I’ll be waiting for the next ghost recon with some of the far cry updates included. Wildlands was basically a far cry reskin anyway
AnonBritKid (25 days ago)
In terms of gameplay this game is superior . But I love story in video games and was extremely disappointed with the lack of character development for rook. Like who is rook any back story etc. There isn't much development towards the character you create and I felt disappointed by that.
Dayu Guan (25 days ago)
Great attention to details! I felt something was different about the shooting, but couldn't put my fingers on it. I never even noticed the different behavior of the animals when hunting.
Jason Mycroft (25 days ago)
Can't wait for GTX 1180 ti.
PepperRoni (25 days ago)
Fish A.I
Luc Pernot (25 days ago)
The story is decent but the fact that they degraded the protagonist to a generic silent protagonist is a shame. Ajay from FC4 wasn't that vocal either so especially compared to Jason from FC3 I find this to be a major drawback. Also not really sure why the protagonist stays in Hope County anyway, storywise there is no motivation for her to stay except her captured colleagues but they don't flesh them out so I can't say that I as a player care much about them. I don't even remember their names. Also the game doesn't explain a lot of gameplay mechanics and just puts a lot of markers around the map that made me wander about for 2 hours without knowing what I should be doing and why I should be doing these side activities. What I remember is that previous games gave me a better sense of where to go and what to do, but maybe that's just me. Also fighting against planes and helicopters while on foot in the beginning of the game is a chore. That aside, it's an amazing game.
jobosno (25 days ago)
Luc Pernot just about everyone else I've spoken to considered the talking in FC3 to be ridiculous and excessive -- Jason was way too chatty and very rarely have I actually cringed in real life from dialogue in a game
Tenryuu (25 days ago)
There should've been jamming weapon mechanics and major weapon malfunction mechanics, like in Far Cry 2.
Haus (23 days ago)
Tenryuu FarCry 2 is old, therefore is any comparison unfair. - Rogue9 Noice :P
Silver Triforce25 (25 days ago)
Okay, it's a good game and they've made improvements to the series, but what makes it worth $80? Cause that's not cheap and I still don't see anything to make it worth more than $60 at most.
kok ly (20 days ago)
If you get the one without season pass it's only 60
kok ly (20 days ago)
Silver Triforce25 the game is 60 dollars.
Silver Triforce25 (22 days ago)
for comparison $100 can get me through a week and a half - 2 weeks of food
Wild Gringo (25 days ago)
Frankly my least favorite part of Far Cry 4 was the setting. Perhaps because I was on the Xbox 360 and any distance was hazy due to draw distance, but I just didn’t like the visuals of Kyrat. Far Cry 5’s setting looks absolutely stunning tho and it reminds me of my home in the Appalachian Mountains (I could totally see someone starting a cult here)
Andreas Laban (25 days ago)
far cry 4 was stunning on pc even tho it did not run very well
Jayden Walsh (25 days ago)
There is also a prequel to far cry 5 in book form by Urban Waite which might explain some of the backstory
Josh H (25 days ago)
wish they didn't take out the Nvidia graphical FX as in some ways Far Cry 4 looks better due to PCSS Shadows and Tree relief and fur FX
Golden Waffle (25 days ago)
Honestly how buggy is it? I was ready to buy it but, after watching some gameplay videos I saw game breaking bugs everywhere which really put me off this game.
kok ly (20 days ago)
Golden Waffle that's cause people are trying to break the game. Bugs are fun.
The Savage Lion (24 days ago)
I have 14 hours so far and haven't experienced a single glitch yet so I might just be really lucky or it's not that bad.

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