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The Simplified Story of Red Dead Redemption

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Text Comments (22)
MrLPExpErt De (12 days ago)
Union Gaming (12 days ago)
We also need a Red Dead game about his son, if this one doesn't already have that.
Brian The Explorer (12 days ago)
Perfect and sad story, just how I remember it when I played this game.
Matias Freiria (12 days ago)
Will be a remastered on the ps4 console before the new game ?
Nezzen (12 days ago)
I'd like to see you try to do this for the Kingdom Hearts series lol
Tyler King (12 days ago)
Do more of simplified story with other games
caitlin spry (12 days ago)
This game one of my favorite, haven't played the new one yet though
Deepak Singh (11 days ago)
the new one isnt even out yet stupid -.-
Maria Yuri (12 days ago)
caitlin spry its not out yet
TorTorTalks (13 days ago)
One of the best games out there, it’s held dearly to my heart. I sometimes will catch myself whistling the tunes of the game.
Yes Man (13 days ago)
Pin you won’t
GreenTea (13 days ago)
Been a prequel kinda killed the hype for me.
GreenTea (13 days ago)
Michelle Pearl Was really out of the loop on what people said back then, back then was a different me with my xbox360 I was, good times really.
Michelle Pearl (13 days ago)
Considering most of the fanbase has been asking for a prequel since 2010, it's not shocking they went with prequel.
freshmadgod (13 days ago)
I couldn't ever enjoy this game to the fullest extent 'cause some prick decided to spoil the ending for me
TorTorTalks (13 days ago)
freshmadgod I’m sorry to hear that. The ending was a total shock. I excepted John Marston to somehow superhero shoot all the government goons up. But it’s a stark reminder that John was mortal after all. Rip
Matthew Dennis (13 days ago)
I really wanted to play as a young John Marston but just working with him and his Outlaw days is going to be pretty cool
KANCER MAN 36 (13 days ago)
Pin me
Antonio Branltley (13 days ago)
Puss puss
General Jims (13 days ago)
MegaDan (13 days ago)

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