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MLB 18 Road to the Show - Part 15 - MR. CLUTCH IN THE PLAYOFFS

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Text Comments (107)
BAMCIS13450703 (18 hours ago)
I don’t like this pitcher cuz he mixes pitches and locations in a predictable manner
BAMCIS13450703 (19 hours ago)
It’s painfully entertaining how little you understand game situations
Sport Master (3 days ago)
Are you ever going to do 2k18 again
Angel Herrera (4 days ago)
Always making good content
Ryder Soles (4 days ago)
22:55 ur welcome
BAMMAN84 Gaming (5 days ago)
You have to hold the button
liad asher (5 days ago)
Naruto run thumbnail
SMH (5 days ago)
Don't like baseball but like your videos keep grinding for ten million 💪💪💪💪
Brandon Ross (5 days ago)
Speed is really important in this game not only will you be a bigger threat offensively from baserunning steals and slide in triples but defense in getting to the gappers or shallow hits this being said I'm a huge fan keep up the awesome content pls like so Trevor can see and improve his speed
faraz ahmed (5 days ago)
Trevor y dont u buy kits to increase ur overall faster
J.P. Riley (5 days ago)
8:25 concussion
Logan Mapes (5 days ago)
Jeez trev always has an excuse for everything 😂
Avi tov (5 days ago)
When are you doing a video with buster i cant wait
Avi tov (5 days ago)
How is buster
Logan Mapes (5 days ago)
10:06 - 10:08 how does that batter have 97 speed 😂
Nivory (5 days ago)
11:00 Trevor thats a strike lol, if the pitch catches any part of zone its a strike
Randomized Things (5 days ago)
In the next episode try to find a way to increase your players speed
DonutGod69 ShitLord (5 days ago)
I like your new thumbnail style with your videos
Like 800
the fort nite gang (5 days ago)
Hey tmartn2 will u plz play fortnite with us
Arthur Andrade (5 days ago)
Dude! When ur fielding, press R3 so you get the batter's view and get an esier catch!!!
Lulhoncho Zi (5 days ago)
Trev start backing up when fielding so you can be closer to the far fly balls
Tristyn Krey (5 days ago)
Whaticusees (5 days ago)
Yo trev we still on to play fortnite tonight?
kristin alava (5 days ago)
Tmartn can you make a series of the game rust
Keanu Hernandez (5 days ago)
It's out already ?
Jordan Thompson (5 days ago)
Listen closely at 5:36 oof soundaffect 😂😂
Drew (5 days ago)
Advice: Better plate discipline. Don't always swing at first pitches, especially if you're not familiar with the pitcher, also it's usually not smart to swing on 3-0 counts, unless its a meatball. Also, when trying to hit breaking balls with showtime, take your time and look at the trajectory of the pitch 26:45 for example. Lastly, as an outfielder, after contact, your first step should always be backward, as most of the fly balls are deep rather than shallow in this game. Other than that, keep it up trev
SnickidyDoo (5 days ago)
Lunatic Nope (5 days ago)
Just started playing the show and am in the rumble ponies lol😂
kimwheat1 (5 days ago)
i love it when he swings his right arm flinches love your vids
Jeremiah Hackett (5 days ago)
What I would do is if there is 3 balls I would lay off the other pitch
BAMCIS13450703 (18 hours ago)
Jeremiah Hackett that’s require him understanding baseball
cntnts (5 days ago)
Love this series!
Fancy A Splash (5 days ago)
Trevor took that juice for the postseason if you catch the drift
Satchi Burnside (5 days ago)
Hey Trev, I think you should start using contact swings a bit more to get the contact attribute up to hit balls better!!
The Red Elf (5 days ago)
Trevor little tip hold the button when you want to hit tap to not hit all the way
Dustin Suprenant (5 days ago)
Look into increasing speed attributes. Need that for the OF
Diya Singh (5 days ago)
Love the vids trev keep up the good work. Can u start changing the equipment on ur character because it really helps the attributes and it looks cool.
Michael Dupre (5 days ago)
I’ve noticed that after the pitcher hits u they smile
Ch4ZnU JR (5 days ago)
Can you play RULES of SURVIVAL it's on mobile
Freddy Fazz Bear (5 days ago)
I love this vids
KISBro CR (5 days ago)
Chemar Taylor (5 days ago)
Cant Tell If Im Watching Trevor Martin Or Ric Flair... Woooo!
Karim Belal (5 days ago)
Change your HR celebration. That would be dope
PolarGameing (5 days ago)
Love the vids but were are the rainbow 6 videos
Jaycee Dalzell (5 days ago)
Love ya Trevor i❤️ ⚾️
Logan Horton (5 days ago)
God of War
fresh kid (5 days ago)
Y dont u dive 2 1st oh and start swinging at the corners 2
Dionte K (5 days ago)
Press R3 to turn your camera around in the Outfield
sauce Egans93 (5 days ago)
U need to work on your speed more
Coner Towle (21 hours ago)
But he hasn't been, seems to always go for power! Love the vids tho
KingCobra Gaming (5 days ago)
he said in a previous episode that whenever he has the chance to work on speed he is going to.
D and E gaming 123 (5 days ago)
Do an Assassin creed video plzzzzzzzzzz
Bryson Fackrell1 (5 days ago)
you have to wait for the circle to get around the ball!! you swing too early!
bretters 25 (5 days ago)
Wow still haven’t got called up
Bombird 88 (5 days ago)
When you are in Showtime while batting you have to wait until the ring is around the ball to get the timing right.
deontejohnson johnson (5 days ago)
Great vid man
kayode Graham (5 days ago)
can you send me a freeing request on fortnite
Nick DuBois (5 days ago)
Still not as good as Michael King
Keegan Bell (5 days ago)
I want mlb so bad but Im on Xbox
Jessie Rodriguez (4 days ago)
That's why you shouldn't have gotten an Xbox. lol
Unicorns For Days (5 days ago)
Keegan Bell (5 days ago)
Sam Morreale they have to get a lot of licenses to make that happen
Sam Morreale (5 days ago)
Keegan Bell same they should really make an mlb on exbox
Aiden Loesch (5 days ago)
Keegan Bell same dood
BrodehTurtle (5 days ago)
100th view
Takoma Knotts (5 days ago)
Aidan Locklear (5 days ago)
Dulce Aguilera-Avalos (5 days ago)
Been a fan for the longest about 4 5 years now, keep up the good work dude! 💕
Tyler GILLESPIE rocks (5 days ago)
your the bestttttt :)
Justin Lambert (5 days ago)
Djymensley Beauvil (5 days ago)
Keep doing this gameplay
Parker Magnuson (5 days ago)
You the goat man keep it up
Alijah Smith (5 days ago)
I think we can all tell TmarTn has been getting better every episode
Peighton Lee (5 days ago)
Love y’all
Mason Charles (5 days ago)
Expectations- Go! Go! Go! Reality- Ahhh, Darn it!!!
TheVideomaker2341 (5 days ago)
Tory Jeffery (5 days ago)
At or around 2;00 today CST he only had one upload...now 4....how the hell, he still came up clutch
Zakcity Gaming (5 days ago)
Where’s Cooper
Elite Sniper (5 days ago)
You are pretty good
Cndn Taylor Fam (5 days ago)
3rd view! Post notifications are doing its job. Love ya Trevor
Juwc (5 days ago)
Ride em cowboy
Jason Gjoklaj (5 days ago)
Cndn Taylor Fam Notifications aren’t workin for e
TheVideomaker2341 (5 days ago)
This comment will change later.
Aiden Loesch (5 days ago)
The Swaggy Burger (5 days ago)
Jeandriel Cruz (5 days ago)
Love your videos
TheVideomaker2341 (5 days ago)
Andrew kirby (5 days ago)
Hello so did koda like the elephant I gave him
Shane Alexander (5 days ago)
Love your vid
The Mystery (5 days ago)
Neon Outrider (5 days ago)
Felicia’s Slime (5 days ago)
Glimp Glop (5 days ago)
TheVideomaker2341 (5 days ago)
Jelly Joe You're literally first.

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