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GTA 5 Trailer E3 2013
Cant wait to play! 3 different characters from the previous GTA's?
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EPIC Rambo VS Terminator FIGHT SCENE!
Fight scene between Rambo and the Terminator! Never thought this would happen! lol Movie is called "Escape Plan".
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Part1 By BORNEPRO ~ Edited By s0r3
Just a quick brief summerization about the works of this video. First off the Clips have been caputured since Dec. of 2008. Editing wise on the otherhand has been done for a good 6months ago. Basically, this tage has been dead a year and half so... s0r3 and I have decided 2days ago to just release the damn thing already! Editing is Chill. Gameplay is pretty good I personally think. So please enjoy this great video. ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO GIVES THANKS TO MDTOHM for capturing the clips for me -knifoon for everything -s0r3 for being there to edit and helping me out with everything- and all the other ppl that were involved with this project. ENJOY!!! Part2 and Part3 are coming soon!
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Destiny Character Development Trailer E3 2013
New trailer for Destiny the game from Bungie.
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Offcial Star Wars Battlefront 3 Announcement Trailer 2013
This is a real trailer coming out this year?
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Sunrise Overdrive Xbox One Exclusive E3 2013 HD]
Looks pretty cool, I think this has multiplayer. Which is awesome! Looks fun.
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Official Star Wars 1313 Announcement Reveal Trailer E3 2013
This is an AMAZING looking game! Cant wait! 2013!
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Star Wars Battlefront 3 E3 2013 Demo HD] Teaser Trailer!
I cant believe it! Its really true! Check out my other videos of E3 2013
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Quantum Break Live Action Trailer E3 2013
New live action trailer for a new exclusive game for xbox one.
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TrIpLe Clan COD Montage Edited By BornePro
Subscribe! This is a montage for the TrIpLe Clan, they contacted me to edit a montage and here it is: Im a free editor, im also looking for an intro for my videos.. something nice.. anything. Contact info: SKYPE & AIM: "BornePro"
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Introducing Zho Episode 1 Its Zhover
This is the first Episode from Zho from the Worthy Clan, amazing Gameplay. Please Subscribe for more!
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EPIC MW2 OCE#1 Edited by BornePro
Subscribe for more! Im a new editor just trying to learn. If you want me to edit for you, please PM me asap. Im Free editor. All Rights Reserved.
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Destiny Online Multiplayer Gameplay LOOKS SICK!
This gameplay looks pretty good. I think I may get it. looks really fun online.
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OCE#2 Edited By BornePro
This is just a mini One Clip edit took me half an hour or so. Subscribe for more! I will edit for free. Thanks
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Extra Chill OCE Edited By BornePro
This is a badass clip. I edited it in 15 mins or so. Subscribe!
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BornePro's 2CE Sick Edit #1
This is my gameplay. Edited by me. Took about an hour or so to edit. Subscribe for more!
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Simple HALO OCE Speed Edit
This is my first time recording with this program, really this is a test, I will be doing more of this but better and longer. SUBSCRIBE!
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MW2 Minitage Edited By BornePro
Subscribe for more! Im new to editing just practicing edits on youtube clips! all rights reserved.
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Mw2 "Sleep" Edited By BornePro
This is a mini edit I wanted to put together.. Looks pretty good. Don't forget I'm still learning and practicing! Subscribe for more! Fee editor!
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BornePro's 2CE Sick Edit #2
This is my second minitage. My gameplay. I edited it. Took about 2 hours or so. Subscribe for more!
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Halo Speed Edit 2
This is another edit I did, messing around really. Took 2 hours.
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Halo Edit By BornePro
First time actually using Twixtor, so really this is a Practice Edit.. took maybe 3 hours or so SUBSCRIBE!
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Ghosts 2CE #2
Sick edit took 1 hour an half, SUBSCRIBE!
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Watch Dogs Sick Gameplay E3 2013 Reveal
This game looks incredible! Holy Crap! Will it be bigger than GTA 5?
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Halo Edit By BornePro #1 Sick!
This is a halo edit I did edited in about an hour and half. looks pretty good so here it is. Subscribe for more!
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Team Uprising Montage Cancelled
This is a montage I was suppose to edit. Cancelled. Please Subscribe for more!
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Subscribe for more! More vids to come. Will edit for you. looking for a project. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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Subscribe for more! More vids to come. Will edit for you. looking for a project. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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MW2 Chill Montage Edited By BornePro
Subscribe for more! Still learning to edit. All Rights Reserved!
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Subscribe for more videos! Just a little thing im trying out. Idk if I like this little edit. looks sloppy. but Im still learning.
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BornePro's OCE Cancelled :( Amazing!
This I my gameplay and edited by myself. I cancelled it because I didn't have any more time to finish it. Looks good in the start of the vid. Subscribe for more!
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Just a quick 10 min edit SUBSCRIBE!
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Solar By BornePro
I did this in maybe 2 hours, 3 hours max, because I was trying things out. SUBSCRIBE! FREE EDITOR!
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HALO Edited By BornePro
Sick Community Montage Edited by myself, More coming soon.
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Bird Design
I made this simple intro for myself.. SUBSCRIBE!
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Ghosts 2CE #3
A chill 2 Clip Edit took 30 mins to put together. SUBSCRIBE!
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Ghosts 2CE #1
Took half an hour to put together.. SUBSCRIBE!
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RED By BornePro
I love this edit so much lol, looks so good to me.. took me 3 hours.
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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Gameplay E3 2013
This Game looks amazing!
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Mokhtarnameh Series Introduction
New Series Of a Muslim Iranian Man in the Time Of Imam Hussain a.s. Uploaded for eduaction purposes and all rights belong to rightful owners.
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Best Mw2 OCE Ever! "HOPE" Edited By BornePro (MUST SEE!)
This took me like 10 hours to edit, I really love this one.. Im still practicing. Please subscribe if you like! It helps me GROW! thanks
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AL Shamsi 7799 Black Ops 2 Montage Edited By BornePro
This is a montage by a friend, he is SICK! Check it out & Subscribe!
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My new intro "BornePro"
This is an intro made by a friend, Check out his channel below for more.. http://www.youtube.com/user/NeffIconicz Subscribe for more!
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Halo Master Chief Collection Gameplay Demo E3 2014
Halo 1 Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 4 Plus Halo 5 beta coming this holiday! Spartans VS Elites is BACK!
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Killimanjaro Quick EDIT
Subscribe for more! One clip edit. Took me maybe 20mins. More to come!
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Subscribe for more! Just a quick edit took under an hour.
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Subscribe for more videos! Just a quick edit.
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