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Overwatch Retribution Skins & Cosmetics [Archives Event]

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Text Comments (26)
Gonna skip this event I think. Nothing here appeals to me at all.
Knox the Fox (11 days ago)
Again, people seem to forget that Reinhardt got a victory pose too...
gamerp0pstar3 (11 days ago)
Butler Hanzo and pixie cut Sombra. I want 'em!
FiLpLokko (13 days ago)
forgot about orisa's victory pose
The ultimate_ gamer665 (13 days ago)
McC1oudv2 (13 days ago)
Sombra best skin, Then Lucios pants
Zyon Gaming (13 days ago)
Sad to see no new emotes though :/
the famous fickle (11 days ago)
I opened my first lootbox and got talon doomfist YAY
The CookieMeister (14 days ago)
mei's lookin combat ready. also, new best lucio skin. does it also change his music or na?
QuadrumGaming (14 days ago)
Curse is POGGERS
Saturn Vela (14 days ago)
Finally a video that shows event skins and no annoying talkative voice over on it , thank you !
Pavlock Productions (14 days ago)
Are they all purple skins? They look so bland
Artist's Lullaby (13 days ago)
Pavlock Productions I think they are Legendarys :p
Vetino (14 days ago)
Video about cosmetics that is not 20 minutes long? How dare you!
Tyson Gaming (14 days ago)
Love these type of videos straight to the point without any talking will always keep this channel subscribed ❤️❤️
LoRenzo (14 days ago)
Orisas victory pose is missing :(
GreenTea (14 days ago)
Fluffy mei's hair !
makary miszczuk (14 days ago)
Damn, Moira and Sombra skins ARE LIT!
SeaSalt (14 days ago)
Nothing for Symm? *TRIGGERD*
DiePinkeBanane (11 days ago)
SeaSalt agreed 😐😐
SeaSalt (13 days ago)
Sas Sugar IKR! i wasnt expecting a skin either but vishkar is still on the "evil" side so retribution was the perfect chance the give her something new
Sas Sugar (14 days ago)
SeaSalt I get why she didn’t get a skin but rly, still no highlight intros or victory poses that show off her gun
DiePinkeBanane (14 days ago)
Damn daddy reaper...
Weeb Gaming. (14 days ago)
I know what I want, do you?

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