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Complete Retribution LEGENDARY Guide [Overwatch Tips]

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nativeziam (15 hours ago)
i still can't beat legendary nor expert. i swear my teammates are always getting downed every five seconds. i'll definitely keep these tips in mind though
Aidsen (1 day ago)
i just beat expert... time to waste so many hours of my life on legendary :D
You can actually skip straight through the museum straight to the extraction point if you want to but it can be helpful to farm up ultimates in there if you dont have any.
Colin :D (1 day ago)
“Give reaper time to *unload* into him”
JoltPenguin (1 day ago)
Legit i learned that try not to die till the heavy assaults for you most likely die
SwegLord2000 (3 days ago)
this fucken mode took me so long to complete.... but damm it feels good that I did it
Daniel Mikhalchuk (3 days ago)
I’d like this but for all heroes mode. I found Orisa to be extremely useful for a lot of reasons, but I really like how she can bait the Heavy’s knockback attack against her. He’ll keep using it, she won’t move, and he’s not firing his minigun.
TheRough RalphRamzy (4 days ago)
Shoot the heavys in the back it does extra damage.
Paranoot (4 days ago)
For the first heavy, you can have everyone go to where he spawned and play ring around the rosie using the wall right in front of the art gallery door. The wall gives good cover and the best part about this strategy is that no troopers or enforcers will spawn. You can also revive players through the wall if they're close enough.
Damon Lor (4 days ago)
I love this channel when they do overwatch 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
JRC SMASH (6 days ago)
Number 1 rule PLAY WITH FRIENDS.
Alex Gonsler (6 days ago)
you forgot to mention that the heavies have two weak points on their backs. then again, anyone who didn't try to shoot the red glowing cylinder things doesn't know anything about video games. :-/
Demoncakes 440 (7 days ago)
I love how no one talks about how you can skip the entire art museum part by just going to the evac. zone...it's a thing ^_^*
Huh I expected this to be a shit guide tbh these were pretty gud tips
Svahn (8 days ago)
There is a boat close to one of the bridges when you face the Heavy. Jump down on it and you can sort of camp there and the heavy can't get to you.
Psykroids (8 days ago)
Wouldn't ya know it?! Uprising's legendary guide was much longer too!
this help but i always get teammates who jump in on their own.
MrDiamon33 (4 days ago)
1. As it was mentioned already - heavies do have 2 red tanks on their backs hitting which will always deal criticals. 2. 1st Heavy can be kited around small building, which you are passing before heavy spawn. It's not the one he's looking at (and then charging at) when spawns (this building is on a video), but the one before that with the very small balcony (with a view to a heavy spawn point). 3. Mccree can use his ult in the first room if he has it by the time of the wave from the roof arrives and in the art gallery room for easy clear. He also can HighNoon on 5 enforcer packs in the last area. 4. I've not checked that yet, but it seems possible to pin heavy in the corner with reaper alone being in the melee range making heavy not shooting and just meleeing reaper, while keeping reaper alive with moira and reaper's life leech. Mccree obviously should assist with the flashbang to make a break in this beating. That can be a way to bring down the first heavy on the last point before second one arrives or, at least, before he reaches your camping party. (Checked that one - see UPD section) 5. Moira should consider saving her ult for packs of enforcers if your party is camping (especially in the room above the entrance on the last point - there is a wave with 5 enforcers coming from the ground floor). Her ult passes through enemies and can melt a pack in seconds. Her ult is also good for (pt. 4) 6. It needs to be checked out if heavy can charge himself to water (in easier difficulties they can, especially if they pinned someone). (as Zelltarian said below - we can't, sadly) UPD: Changed from McCree to Reaper and got leg on first attempt after 3 days of tries on McCree. It's not that I'm bad at aim, it's the fact that random teammates are either scared or ignorant about melee tactic. I've tested how to "tank" heavy assault (on the first heavy assault, who is alone) by cornering myself inside the building and then just constantly shooting at him (thus healing myself) - you just stun him just before he passes the corner and then position yourself in the corner while he is stunned, or wraith-form in the corner if he charged in it and standing stunned by himself already.Moira was healing me (she has orbs to heal while replenishing her resource and her ult if the resource is depleted) and genji+mccree were burning the heavy down shooting him in his tanks on the back. We've killed the first heavy in the last area right at the moment of second heavy arrived, and then just kited the second one around the building with the highest tower on the ground floor. While kiting, we were clearing the small adds first. The "No Incapacitations" achievment is even easier - fallback and take cover everytime if you see danger. Stun\kill assasins first. There is only 1 heavy in the last area, just kite him.
Ali Almutari (4 days ago)
Zelltarian it happen to me 1 time and it was in expert and wasn’t pining anyone
Zelltarian (8 days ago)
MrDiamon33 for number 6, he can't. My group and I have tried
Evan Harjanto (9 days ago)
@Curse Entertainment : how to kill the 1st heavy assault on the last point quickly before the 2nd one spawn?
NerfedTV (7 days ago)
If Genji lands big deflects everytime the cooldown is up he should die very quickly. In the run shown in the video we killed the first one roughly 15 seconds after the second one spawned and I had a couple of bad reflects as Genji, if every reflect is good they die really fast. Fighting on that back ledge and room makes it much easier as even after the second one spawns you can keep him out of line of sight for a few seconds while you kill the first.
FreeAndSay (9 days ago)
I got this done twice Already. Once in public match no mics. I’m a great Moira 2nd with friends using mics. I’m the best movie healer. Also u forgot to mention the heavy assaults weak point: the back does more dmg
FreeAndSay (9 days ago)
Klaiser Rebooted I play Xbox one, America server last I checked. I was too 500
Klaiser Rebooted (9 days ago)
FreeAndSay Are you on eu? I maybe need some help. ^^'
gaming with jude (9 days ago)
Note A good dead eye is at the art gallery when the troopers come down
You can also do a ring around the rosy with the heavy assault around a pillar if needed
Theres a way to cheating the first heavy assault. In the area where the assassin spawns, in the left is a black gate that Genji can climb up against. He can lure the heavy assault to the gate, Genji can climb back in and the heavy assault can't go through it no matter what. He barely does any damage as long as the Moira heals you and can do huge damage against him. The problem is that lots and lots of enemies will be coming in the back so keep that in mind. As long as the Genji keeps deflecting shots at the enemies while the 3 deal with the heavy assault it should be easy pzzy.
Boby Ardianto (5 days ago)
Ness plus Lucas equals OP Thanks man because of u i can beat expert no death/legendary because of this strat :)
Ace (9 days ago)
Ness plus Lucas equals OP okay thanks
Ace Yeah
Ace (9 days ago)
So where the assassin spawns you mean on that small wall right. The one he stands on in the cutscene?
Evan Harjanto As long as the heavy is alive, they will keep coming.
I C (10 days ago)
Not a Legendary guide because Legendary spawns multiple bosses at once.
Evan Harjanto (9 days ago)
if u can kill him within 30 sec or 1 min (im not sure) then u basically only deal with heavy 1x
Evan Harjanto (9 days ago)
not at once but 30 sec or 1 min after the 1st heavy spawned
The One True Morty (10 days ago)
Hello, Curse! I know that it's pretty much to ask, but could you do some Fallout 4 gameplay? Just gameplay. Nothing but doing random things. That would be awesome to see! Also, people might be watching you channel again. Have a nice day, Google user
Sinner's Madness (11 days ago)
I wonder if you can kill all units at the end? My team usually gets on the ship as I kill a few soldiers before the heavy comes up to the rendezvous
GravehillGaming (5 days ago)
As well as a horde of assassins
WheeziestFool46 (7 days ago)
Sem v.E Even after you kill 2 heavies more spawn in at the end while waiting for the dropship.
Sem v.E (9 days ago)
FreeAndSay Even after you kill the extra 2 heavies that spawn? What happens than, just trooper amd enforcers?
FreeAndSay (9 days ago)
Sinner's Madness they never stop comig
Samuel Maurer (11 days ago)
I beat on all heroes legendary With Orisa, hog,junkrat and moria
Zelltarian (8 days ago)
Honestly, all heroes is a completely different beast. Its insane how effective torb, orisa, mei works
Ace (9 days ago)
Thanks it is not hard if you play slow and sustain. Even with the four heroes they give just play slow and camp in buildings and you can slowly shoot them. Especially at the end because you just need to survive with no time limit so play slow and let them come to you
Samuel Maurer (10 days ago)
Ace noice
Ace (10 days ago)
I did it with mei, brigitte, lucio, and mercy
RedSpeeh (11 days ago)
Anyone want to queue for Legendary? it's basically impossible with Randoms Eu PurpleSpeeh#2901
Gabriel Pranks (11 days ago)
Thanks man I owe u 1
Spoopy Smonk (11 days ago)
Who am I? (11 days ago)
its not the enemies that make legendary difficult, its the teammates..
ithinkitmightbe (5 days ago)
right? Genji mains: Let me stand here in front of this enforcer and wonder why I get 1 shot after my deflect is down.
Markus Mäkelä (6 days ago)
its both
Who am I? What about Heavy Assualt?
Steven Universe (11 days ago)
troopers on legendary mode are accurate and to deal with enforcers as fast as you can is easier by deflecting troopers fire on enforsers
GreenTea (11 days ago)
Good luck and god be with you to anyone trying to do this with randos...
sanslaw _ (6 days ago)
im also trying to get it with randos maybe we could group up and do it. wath do u think?
adham kasem (9 days ago)
I am surprised I'm not alone... I barley got the expert down with randoms
Matthew Forde (10 days ago)
GreenTea that is me, all of my friends only play fortnite so I’m always playing with randoms
GrimoireVoss (10 days ago)
Randoms are pure cancer. Charging at the enemy and instadying is one thing. Reporting you for giving them advice or locking a character they want is just insane. This is almost impossible to do solo queue unless you get luck and solo queue into a 3 man team that's trying to get the achievement.
El club de un gamer (11 days ago)
Please, need one to insurrection
KNACK 2 THA FUTURE (11 days ago)
El club de un gamer look it up, there's tons from last year.
Unseen (11 days ago)
Locations that will help you a lot. 1. The room in the pier will grant you a lot of cover and a choke for the enemy, kill them off and until the wave has ended. 2. When dealing with the snipers, stay in the same room and kill any troops that enter it, let Genji do his job. 3. When facing the assassin, don't use the area where she spawns. Move back to the bridge allowing you more control and less troops appearing. 4. When the first Heavy Assault appears, move back to the pier/near it so you can take out the troops, they will melt your team if you're not paying attention. 5. In the last checkpoint, go to the room near the balcony and stay in there. You will survive until the first Heavy Assault appears. Make sure he climbs the staircase near the room. That also apples to the second one to. 6. After that, don't mess up and run straight to the god damm ship.
FiLpLokko (11 days ago)
good guide
Toaster (11 days ago)
i see heavy weapons guy got a new job at talon
what i should know idk (11 days ago)

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