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Battlegrounds with a trick to get insane crates! ► Help me reach 2 MILLION subs: http://bit.ly/StoneGoal ► Help me reach 100k subs to my gameplay 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/StonePlays ► Sponsors: Fnatic(10% off code "Stone") - http://shop.fnatic.com?aff=67 Discord - https://dis.gd/StoneMountain64 ------------------------------------------------- ► Join the squad & become a Mountaineer! Directly support the channel through http://stonemountaineer.com Social: 🎥 Daily Streams on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StoneMountain64 🐦 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StoneMountain64 👥 Discord: http://discord.gg/stonemountain64 📸 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/StoneMountain64 🙌 Swag store: https://shop.studio71us.com/collections/stonemountain64 Info: 🌏 Upload/stream schedule: http://bit.ly/StoneSchedule 🎮 Gaming setup: http://bit.ly/SM64setup ★ World's Best Gaming Clips = http://bit.ly/BestClipShow Top PUBG plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysPUBG Top Battlefield 1 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF1 Top R6 Siege plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysR6S Top Battefield 4 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF4 ★ YOLO on the Battlefield, serious next level gaming: http://bit.ly/YOLOBattlefield ★ Casting randoms from my basement: http://bit.ly/AWALcasting I am a YouTuber and Facebook livestreamer uploading commentaries, YOLO, casting, and top plays with new episodes every Monday. StoneMountain64 is my gamertag and online name. Video games mainly featured are shooters including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, For Honor, now including a variety of other games as well. Join the community of legends http://bit.ly/StoneGoal.
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Text Comments (112)
NOT THE REAL FaZe (9 days ago)
r u from georgia
KnoxvilleRailFan304 (25 days ago)
at 41:00 I was so happy and excited.
Zombie ombe National (1 month ago)
michael ortega (1 month ago)
Didn't miss one second of this video. Great commentating when dead. Good job man!
Brandon (1 month ago)
not touchable (2 months ago)
you fucking moron using this thumbnail 2 times
That one guy (2 months ago)
You should do one where the zone is either non-existent or is VERRY large and VERRY slow. On top of that, only snipers and pistols, no armor, and scarcer meds and ammo to increase the needs to loot therefore compensating for the large playing area...i suppose the zone should be extra deadly as well.
Mandudez (2 months ago)
What a horrible and selfish teammate you are. These are just for fun custom games. Why don't you at least pretend to care about other people and try to rez them or die trying when you stand a good chance of dying anyways?
Katie Moreton (2 months ago)
River Swanlund (2 months ago)
U r the best YouTuber ever
Austin W (2 months ago)
Every time Art3mis joins a game I have to mute the stream. Such a horrible player :/
John Albert (3 months ago)
When you walked past that red dot and asked for one😂😂
Leee Seungyoon (3 months ago)
omg i feel like i watch a championship or something
Martin Brunswick (3 months ago)
I wonder how vegetarians feel about pubg
XeLa (4 months ago)
So boring, why camp when you can do something great. Too boring and don't think you're good as you camp
SCHEDULE_1 (4 months ago)
I'd have took my chances jumping at center of map pull chute super early until the zone revealed. Maybe could have followed a drop down.
FlyinFalcon (4 months ago)
the people at 1:38:28 actually made it in to the circle at 1:40:43! NANI
InfinitCheez™ (4 months ago)
2:13:19 wow stone is such a great commentator
Stephan Mare (4 months ago)
Stone's the worst teammate ever
Eki (4 months ago)
ew 3rd person
Brett Woods (4 months ago)
You have the same voice as Unbox Therapy
Laurence 011 (4 months ago)
1. Sub to me 2. Comment done below 3. I’ll sub back ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mckenzie Scott (4 months ago)
Scarce Loot (4 months ago)
I love how he past a red dot then left it and asked "you guys got any more extra red dots?"
Mark Roberts (5 months ago)
That looked like the perfect mix mountain.GG
Noir (5 months ago)
how do i join his custom server
DDPritchard (5 months ago)
i have a 1050 ti and i get 45 fps average
the madman lowercase (6 months ago)
Love it! SO many awesome fire fights, love the spectator commentary as usual!
Carnage Jo (6 months ago)
Oh wow what an awesome clip....well done stone
Ohcon117 (6 months ago)
So funny custom game, how can we join you ?
Haider Chaudhry (6 months ago)
how to join YOLO PUBG SERVER????
thedoke (6 months ago)
love your videos but this one is stupid imo. not that it matters
Megan Low (6 months ago)
please stop making videos my boyfriend spends more time listening to you than he does to me
Call me McAllister (1 month ago)
Megan Low Get a new boyfriend. 👌🏻
MrB1923 (6 months ago)
He who controls the crates controls the universe.
Tamas Gaspar (6 months ago)
We had starting island bug in normal duo to... :D First we didnt knew whats going on xDDD
Ad Flo (6 months ago)
1:16:43 "If you ain't first, you're last" LMAO!!! True!!!
Nox Centurion (6 months ago)
RIP me and my squad 1:40:40
ShittinBullets (6 months ago)
you get so many donations
GOLDENREAPER007 (6 months ago)
Lol when I was playing R6 I got a guy in a frost trap and that *ding* sound played as soon as I shot him talk about timing
Hielke (6 months ago)
Jo Stone, Best mode so far! Way better than the original game
FlipsideRFC (6 months ago)
That's me playing "whack a mole" with stone in the first game 🤣🤣. Owned us in the end 😂 - FlippinEck
Carlos Brannan (2 months ago)
Almost and should have had him. Sort of wish you got him when he panicked due to the flank and gave you his back
MrB1923 (6 months ago)
FlipsideRFC Sweet.
hatchgod815 (6 months ago)
Advait Modak (6 months ago)
plz accept my steam invite. I wanna join your discord server
OHMYGORSCH (6 months ago)
hey stone sorry for killing you mate but it was my birthday yesterday i said that i would at least kill you once.great streams bro keep up the grind almost at 1 million facebook subs
Chengji Ma (6 months ago)
SCREPTIVE Gaming (6 months ago)
Waiting for this game for XBOX ONE 😍...gonna smash it on our Channal🙊😂
ErosNL (6 months ago)
this game on console is gonna be a joke, enjoy your 720p 30fps gameplay
Game Changer (6 months ago)
learn to spell first
BATTLE HUB (6 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel for BATTLEFIELD gameplay, tips, guides and HILARIOUS trolls and LOL moments...
MrB1923 (6 months ago)
Chris Woolley (6 months ago)
Nice overwatch on first game from your guy with the AWM
Malcolm McKenzie (6 months ago)
The most casual cuntsfuck I've ever heard. lmao 2:39:28
Hacker Gaming (3 months ago)
Salazox (4 months ago)
omg lol
Remon H (6 months ago)
i want to support you on patreon but it doesnt accept my card :C
Garfield03 (6 months ago)
When I was In the chat nigthbot put me in timeout just for puting symbols
Sweet Pastel Panda (6 months ago)
the froggy weather with these WTF rules is awesome!
Sonny Hurtado (6 months ago)
I'm new to the streams who are the best players of the server
Hudson Jobe (6 months ago)
You can make money using G2A goldmine get your group together now !! https://www.g2a.com/r/user-59e351e2b9f14
Samuel vVtV (6 months ago)
Talk milletary again
AlweerEmre (6 months ago)
Wie is NL en kwam hier door roy/royalistiq zijn q n a
Dragons Bane (6 months ago)
Play fortnite. I promise your subs will like it. It is like pubge but you can build and stuff. I hope you read the coment. Like if someone agree
frank squicciarini (6 months ago)
This set up with the end circles and the crazy crate drops is insanely badass!!!!
RAVEN (6 months ago)
When will non streamers be able to use this spectate camera after you die?
Márk Michaletzky (6 months ago)
Shitty Gamer (6 months ago)
Someone give the guy good teammates. He ends up commentating. I can see his bloodlust rising every game.
ChappersLaNoCry (6 months ago)
He had a couple of good ones this time imo. Naday though? Dude couldn't really communicate at all so it was painful to watch.
evan shankar (6 months ago)
2:07:17 that was me, EvDawg, I'm forever proud of suiciding into Stonemountain64
frank squicciarini (6 months ago)
evan shankar hahahahaha
Jacob Goldschmidt (6 months ago)
Stone you should do a game where there is like .00001% damage, so if you have an m249 it could take like half a clip.
danman274 (6 months ago)
Audio is ahead of video :p
talonde (4 months ago)
danman274 no
CaptainDeadly10 (6 months ago)
What's his discord server?
Jared Regan (6 months ago)
The wtf rules are good but this one in particular was great. You should do it again some time
CowsR4me (6 months ago)
In the first game the top 5 squads have 25 kills combined, the 6th place squad has 25 kills.
temyy (6 months ago)
holy shit you're right
nice cheat for pubg https://goo.gl/DiHxtn
Cole Phelps (5 months ago)
Buying skill is pathetic
Game Changer (6 months ago)
any hack is a pathetic pussy. you have to be a no life basement dweller to use hacks in a game. when your life is so pathetic you need to cheat a game, you need to reboot
RTGHD (6 months ago)
Ben Lowe Hacks are awesome mate, what are you talking about?
Ben Lowe (6 months ago)
Cheaters Never Prosper. Cant lie and deceive like you. That's why there is a lack of trust in the world. You are that 1% that ruins it for everyone. Bugger Off!!
Ben Woodman (6 months ago)
Please do more public matches they are so fun and I want to join at one point I have put the notifications on plz do more
WHEELZ (6 months ago)
please do grenades only
Katie Moreton (2 months ago)
isaac thill good idea man !
frank squicciarini (6 months ago)
isaac thill lmao....great idea!!!
xXGamingXxBCO (6 months ago)
Friend me on discord BrendanCO7#9030
xXGamingXxBCO (6 months ago)
whats the discord code
Michael Nielsen (6 months ago)
2nd match- some times you just have to ball it and go for it and not run. Its the risks that get rewarded not the running. Run and shoot man pop a shot make them patch up to give time to loot up or get your other members in.
Nawaf ALHamdan (6 months ago)
i love you so match <3
Sean Steinmetz (6 months ago)
anyone know when its coming to xbox1?
SIECIKSuc (6 months ago)
I can't believe I got a featured kill on FoamShrimp! and that I didn't get the reload off on the M249! What a rooookie maneuver! DAMN IT! Thanks for the Encore!!! Big Fan Brotha and so psyched I made a cameo on the channel!!
Elliot Zak (6 months ago)
I would actually rather see more live streams than highlight videos on your YouTube channel!
Katie Moreton (2 months ago)
Elliot Zak no he's good as he is
oombidish uaumbadashunya (3 months ago)
same here
frank squicciarini (6 months ago)
Not to mention Facebook has been sketchy lately with not rotating the video. Maybe alternate between youtube and Facebook live streams?
Noahb _easy (6 months ago)
Stone teaches me math
TheGameCh1cken (6 months ago)
Anthony teaches my geography
Johhz (6 months ago)
Noahb _easy why do i always see your comment
Jake Armstrong (6 months ago)
Stone play squad its right up your alley!
V&D gaming 0 (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/H5qt7zCd8YQ Hey Stone should try Modern Combat Versus here's some games play
Pupdoge 123 (6 months ago)
Hey stone, my dad was in your game! If you saw him he has a black tank top and black everything, he also has a bald head for his character! Replay if you saw him please!
No Name Selected (1 month ago)
TheRealDutchy change your name to TheRealDouchey.... idk why you gotta hate on every comment you see...
TheRealDutchy (6 months ago)
lol so special
EDH EGA Enzo (6 months ago)
Nice commentary
Your mothers closet (6 months ago)
EmbeRr (6 months ago)
first <3

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