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Airdrop Challenge | PUBG

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In this challenge, we can only loot from airdrops and enemies we take down on the way! ► Discord - https://discord.gg/Fugglet ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/Fugglet_tv ► Twitch - https://twitch.tv/fugglet
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Text Comments (1939)
Fugglet (8 months ago)
This challenge may have been a tad too easy, the next one will require me to go for all the drops.
Devon Lamberson (15 days ago)
Fugglet are you a potato
REBELiGAN (30 days ago)
is this test server?
7john9 (1 month ago)
This is loot box only not a airdrop
Mr Grim (1 month ago)
Fugglet do you have a console?
Battle royale Dan (2 months ago)
Fugglet k
AG GAMER (44 minutes ago)
What is he..i love his accent
MLG_ freddy_56 (15 hours ago)
You got stuff form people too
Young money 4 life (1 day ago)
U got skills bruh!
unknown user (2 days ago)
Conflict Gaming (2 days ago)
At 10:19 you can see a guy crawling on the ground
Mustafa Camcı (2 days ago)
10.17 look your right
deivis LTU (3 days ago)
You are fucking good on this game
Sissy Jones (5 days ago)
Who else saw that guy on the ground be for he did
FLaXgaming (5 days ago)
Kan du ikke lave en dansk kanal
GameHD2004 (5 days ago)
10:18 10:19 You have amazing eyes but you still didn't see that guy/girl on the right😂😂
Kim Seokjin's (6 days ago)
2:20 "Buh-Bye!" so cuteee. 😍💕
Michal Stastny (6 days ago)
you didnt say about looting death people ! a now about heals but you take UMP ! it was no in drop ! nice only air drop !!!!!!!!! dislike !!!!!!!
Kai Han Xue (6 days ago)
This graphic is bit annoying to watch...
I was a bit confused how he did not notice that guy crawling at 10:18 lol and same with that guy also lmaao
I like you video ;)
PRESTON ! (6 days ago)
Nutt Beggets (7 days ago)
You’re fuckin gay lad
Jonathan Clark (7 days ago)
How about melee weapons only challenge
sohail salim (8 days ago)
Can you do that
sohail salim (8 days ago)
Only pistol
You didn't complete the challenge because you broke the rules and you had an smg
MR. PERFECT (8 days ago)
Ur looting from airdrops only 😛😛😛
Infinite Gaming (9 days ago)
New subscriber, keep up the awesome vids bro!
Fugglet (9 days ago)
Thanks man!
Tony (10 days ago)
Like your videos. You are so calmed, I enjoy listening. New sub for u!
JEZZA (10 days ago)
10:20 you see it
Aladin Buenafe (10 days ago)
The ending was Anti-climatic. It would have been nice to end it with a finishing shot. It was a good win anyway.
Jun Ah (10 days ago)
How can he find the target so easily ?
KYLEPLAYSGAMES W.I.P (11 days ago)
First To like my comment
Ashton Wolfe (11 days ago)
Ok then... challenge complete. 😂
Green Shard (12 days ago)
Omaygad im suck😂
Smol Axolotl (12 days ago)
Bruhhh xD 10:19 there was a guy moving around in the grass on the right of ur screen how the hell did u not notice him
Reese's Pieces (12 days ago)
Lazar Danojlic (12 days ago)
Pure skill bro, you got another active sub 💪❤
ImAllergic Games (13 days ago)
25% of the comments were complaining about the crawling guy. He eventually killed him Lmao
Saad Salique (13 days ago)
Why did he swap his level 3 back pack with the level one?
Minecraft Zeyo (14 days ago)
10:18 sneaky guy. On right side
kim scott (14 days ago)
Why did you drop all your loot at the end????
Fredrick Olsen (14 days ago)
I love PUBG!!
david chen (14 days ago)
Wtf? At 3:25, your voice actives "hey, Siri"😂😂
mr blue fox (14 days ago)
keep up the good work <3
connor saunders (14 days ago)
There was a guy at 10:20 that u messed he was prone if u look in the bottom right corner
Doomsday 123 (15 days ago)
Nice snipping skills
BelgianLiquid (15 days ago)
Cafea Neagra (16 days ago)
you are noob playey man
Dork Lord (16 days ago)
Who else saw the guy at 10:17
Steelier (17 days ago)
Please never drive a motorcycle again
Jeromi Alico (17 days ago)
Wow!. You are good shooter..
TheDeath7ofsb (17 days ago)
10:20 there's a dude in the grass right in front of you looking right at you, but your too busy trying to be a cool sniper to notice
Joel (18 days ago)
I like how he said fucking a he doesn't censor out the fucking but he.censors ass?
Andrew Mao (18 days ago)
yes how did he not see that guy at 10:18
сука блять (18 days ago)
I think that it is a dumb choice to prefer a motorcyvle than roofed vehicles in PUBG. They are faster and cooler in 1st person but they are very dangerous since you are completely exposed
Phantom Hunter (19 days ago)
10:20 tango at right
Jaroslav Jancik (19 days ago)
If its airdrop challenge why are you looting dead people?
Giftedtugboat (20 days ago)
Who else saw the guy in the grass 7 seconds before him
Buckyboy81 (20 days ago)
10:17 how did you not see that
mej Jag (20 days ago)
10:16 There is someone in the grass at the right
Vince Sy (21 days ago)
Brooo you failed it you looted ded people your suppose to only loot air dropsss
Euro Skullz (22 days ago)
There was someone crawling near the truck when there was him and 4 others
zooly (22 days ago)
10:09 anybody see something strange in the right corner in the grass?
Maxxi G (23 days ago)
The reason i prefer a Dacia than the retarded motorbike
Mykolas Slezevicius (23 days ago)
10:17 a person crawling how did you not see that
psycho wow (24 days ago)
10:18 the guy crawling
Ugandan Knuckles (24 days ago)
Anyone know where snipers often spawn?
SeahawkNation 05 (25 days ago)
I know it's late but is it just me or does the m24 look like a vss when he is running
Owl2059 (25 days ago)
10:17 OMFG there was someone in the grass in the right of the screen! AHHHHH
Maly Pivo (25 days ago)
In 70 games I probably have not seen a single proner except for myself once - realized its suicide and didnt do it again:d Where do you play dammit, I want to massacre proners too:)
Genio Razzaq (25 days ago)
Why you switch backpack lvl3 into lvl2
cosgrove360 (25 days ago)
Most impressive part of this video is not flipping over and dying on the bike.
Thompson Kirkpatrick (25 days ago)
Was anyone else triggered that he didn’t boost up when there were 3 alive?
Rasool Abrahams (26 days ago)
At 10:18 how didn't u see that guy proning
TheVocoderGuy (26 days ago)
10:18 that's the first time I've screamed at the monitor in a while
Syndicate Kush (27 days ago)
You are f!cking blind bruv 10:20
RubberYodeler 291 (28 days ago)
Your Awesomeness in every game u play no matter how hard it is,its just to tad ez for ya *whispers DESERVES A SUB
TheGamingPot (28 days ago)
Go for every single drop and don’t loot the people you kill
Your Pride (29 days ago)
dude you are cheating... :(
Kei Shirogane (29 days ago)
I use your videos to help me sleep as I find your voice quite.. I don't know the right term, uhmm.. how do I say it..
Albeen Xymon Macaraig (30 days ago)
i lke turtles
REBELiGAN (30 days ago)
Top8s (1 month ago)
10:15 someone prone beside him how does he not see lol
FatCobraGaming (1 month ago)
U fukin suck at this game
Prokzam (1 month ago)
10:19 oh god
Andrew Clifford (1 month ago)
10:18 mid-right
Tony Crump (1 month ago)
Awesome dude try going to the zone without picking up a weapon only meds just an idea maybe melee only
Amang Candelaria (1 month ago)
its so damn hard!!!!
Alan Orozco (1 month ago)
Oml minute 10:20
LarSumaNiomai (1 month ago)
He's really good..
Lakalut Alfa (1 month ago)
i like ur "ok"
Sharky gamer (1 month ago)
lol he switched his level 3 backpack for a level 1 one haha
Jared Bryan (1 month ago)
Dude, you played like ass in this game... hahah
Zaivo웃 (1 month ago)
how can i drop loot or what ever is that and get amount of it and type how much i whant to drop idk
Pensionarul (1 month ago)
10:17 he was in front of you
MrUnexpectedname (1 month ago)
Why did he drop all his stuff
Stavros Xalkias (1 month ago)
How you are changing the zeroing distance when you are aiming?
aulia avi (1 month ago)
Haha entertainning
0verfly97 (1 month ago)
10:15 You saw the person crawling RIGHT BESIDE YOU
OddieNA (1 month ago)
10:16 bruh, really? xD
17 (1 month ago)
the way you move your aim/mouse look like you playing on controller
David Kim (1 month ago)
every one love pubg not all people

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