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[Eng Sub] PUBG Rank 1 - Rip113 - 43 kills [AS] Solo vs Squad - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS #133

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Full game: https://youtu.be/9gVamPfAxJY Credits: Rip113 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ZrJztrzMeW0N9SvBHHqsw Rip113 - solo vs squad game with 43 kills in playerunknown's battlegrounds! You can subscribe to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ZrJztrzMeW0N9SvBHHqsw 🎯 Help me to reach 200.000 Subscribers!: https://goo.gl/5hB4Rg Have any win match with high kill? Send me here: [email protected] Want more videos? Watch the playlist: - 🏆 World Records: https://goo.gl/fjepbK - 📹 Split - Cam: https://goo.gl/wc1Dav - 🚩 New Upload: https://goo.gl/C4qcLc ★ New PUBG Rank #1 videos everyday! ★ Send me your replays at [email protected]ail.com ★ LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if u like it :) Intro & Music: https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/media.pu Tags: pubg rank 1,rank 1 pubg,pubg,pubg solo,pubg #1,pubg rank1,pubg kills,pubg rank,pubg 1,pubg top 1,playerunknown's battlegrounds,battlegrounds,pubg kill,pubg solo squad,pubg best player,pubg top 1,rank 1,pubg most kills,most kills in pubg,best pubg player,pubg fpp
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Text Comments (8357)
Rip113 (5 months ago)
*thanks for Uploading and Watching*
fatboygallery (10 hours ago)
Rip113 savage lol I like it
Dzung Pham (12 hours ago)
Fuck you dumbass! He's a Vietnamese!
Official Eren (29 days ago)
Rip113 нι υ fσит ¢нєѕт яιgнт?ℓσνє υя gαмєρℓαуѕ
Ganes Hatra (30 days ago)
you're fcking insane dudeee
Binh Nguyen (7 minutes ago)
Watch hold videobefore saying some shit losers from NA, that how Vietnamese kick American with strong cannon from their country
Rizqy Irsyad (1 hour ago)
So, AKM with no recoil eh?
Bill Lam (4 hours ago)
nong chet me ma mac cai ao....thang lon lol
Fire Ant Productions (8 hours ago)
yo how the fuck
zgsoad (10 hours ago)
Looks pretty staged. Either everyone else is plaing with 5 seconds lag or are just completely retarded. You dont run over people like that if you don't play against some sort of bots. Also: Runs over mate, stops 10 meters after, heals, goes back, everyone is looking into another direction. Wtf is this? You rush people doing that. If not staged: Wow, what a round! Was alot of target practicing and some hilarious drive-by's.
mushtaba dambora music (12 hours ago)
Javier m (12 hours ago)
This the game thats played by all.those chinks?
chlin (13 hours ago)
nice AK shooting
Leandro Dias (19 hours ago)
puro macro, ai até eu kkkkk
kris shaun (19 hours ago)
43 kills and a chicken dinner and only 2450 bp. Rewards suck in this game.
rusty nuts (22 hours ago)
ツJotage (23 hours ago)
Rip113 um mito.
Gabriela Valdovinos (23 hours ago)
Asi no vale rata
babaro13 (1 day ago)
caralhow, o cara exterminou metade do mapa sozin
Niels Huisman (1 day ago)
Damn hes a good player here in holland we call it people with no live at all .... or addictive haha but DAMN! He good
Osman Yüzbaşı (1 day ago)
Wow best player
Sayed ZiaUlHaq (1 day ago)
Irineu (1 day ago)
Jew Mad (1 day ago)
Pff this is nothing, My records 86
Efe Akarken (1 day ago)
Ânh Hoàng (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC7BCHLfOxA RIP113 Solo 1 vs 8 Event Mode l TOP 1 27 kills Impossible =)))
IAHGamer (1 day ago)
If you guy think Rip113 is cheater,I think u guy better watch this https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=4s&v=t2VjkY4Kol0 ( Rip113 solo Squad 8, top 1 with 27 Kill 😉 )
xXXFirestorm27 (1 day ago)
Rip113 gonna break a world record
David Quiroga (1 day ago)
WOW but fortnite rules.
Aditya pradana (1 day ago)
B aja
HKN A (2 days ago)
Sesini sikim oc
Ace Fabay (2 days ago)
Wtf was that
Khắc Sang Nguyễn (2 days ago)
Quá hay
Sairam Ram (2 days ago)
So nice
TriO G4F (2 days ago)
Why it has Vietnamese Sub?? :)))))))))))) Who did that? :)))))
Divky Chandra (2 days ago)
This is T-rex dinner
Hiếu Nguyễn Quang (2 days ago)
I think NA player smarter than Vietnamese Player. No they think they are the best, annything WE did is hack and marco and ... You are so ocschos NA player. Fuck your mother
xXXFirestorm27 (2 days ago)
wait i just realized hes smurfing
xXXFirestorm27 (2 days ago)
why is he so chill, besides he is also mocking people of
Rupalim Sarma (2 days ago)
Rupalim Sarma (2 days ago)
Romix 936 (2 days ago)
Jonathan Morales (2 days ago)
A true legend
NĐT Electronic Muric (2 days ago)
Rip113 is the Vietnamese record holder bubg 43 kills
NĐT Electronic Muric (2 days ago)
NĐT Electronic Muric (2 days ago)
LnwZa Channel (2 days ago)
ExoL Forever (2 days ago)
LnwZa Channel lmao.
LnwZa Channel (2 days ago)
I killed 1000 in one game. He is NOOB
Jairo Gonza (2 days ago)
Bots :v
Aniki TM (2 days ago)
How he do that?
CrazyCraft (3 days ago)
He weared a Green tshirt... with a Green Screen in the background... hes stupid
ipe frias (3 days ago)
Se ve a leguas que son bots v:
MY video (3 days ago)
In 1 game
MY video (3 days ago)
My record is 50 kill relly
Jeff Roberson (3 days ago)
but it's third person =/
D0m460j (3 days ago)
*khm* asian *khm* servers *khm*
L3GT CLAN (3 days ago)
My highest is 23
L3GT CLAN (3 days ago)
Add me on Pubg S4FY4N
Abdul Rafey (3 days ago)
World shall know your pain damn you r awesome akatsuki guy ..😘
Bryant Jr (3 days ago)
He's a bad mann
Luis Uresti (3 days ago)
Issa modzz
Raden Kripayana (3 days ago)
Afaq xD (3 days ago)
Think what will happen when shroud and this guy do. Duo...insanity will be crossed😯
Logan Brooks (3 days ago)
*clapping intensifies* 18:08
trafalgar law (4 days ago)
what if shroud.andypyro. chad.grimz the squad who was play in there? itsa trap!
ka fai Chan (4 days ago)
死外掛 鎖頭
Arab rajbahak (4 days ago)
Hw to survive from blue cloud can anytell me
At Star (4 days ago)
Irfan Akarsu (4 days ago)
43 kills st asien server is like 20 kills on eu
Clyde Mara (4 days ago)
Asian Rambo from Akatsuki guys
NickH 915 (4 days ago)
New Shroud?
Nathan Choi (4 days ago)
luanzc u failed 17 people
Quang Supreme (4 days ago)
Tự hào là người Việt Nam :)
MUS TOPER (5 days ago)
Sultan Qaybalıyev (5 days ago)
What????43 kills??You are best PUBG player.But please play PUBG mobile.It is not easy!!
HAIKAL PGM (5 days ago)
Tipu, kau babi dan kau akan masuk neraka
Jefin Jafar (5 days ago)
Nice auto aim bot
Costantino Lenzi (5 days ago)
Incredibile! Pc game?
Kiên Huân (5 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue there's always an asian better than you
Chori Ho Gayi (5 days ago)
For the shortcut of pub g please watch this one ....really helpfull video ..after watching it i achived easily rank one in pub g https://youtu.be/Y97lCeeCvHE
Daniel Pfannenstiel (5 days ago)
Says hes not accurate gets 4 more kills without missing a shot. Legend
BanefulFreakGaming (5 days ago)
Amazing man... 👌👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
JhonkGaming (5 days ago)
skill pro
Matrix Alvarez (5 days ago)
vietnamise so noob
hff dff (6 days ago)
Toàn gặp mấy thg ngu
Zecuencia ☣ Games (6 days ago)
The half are static players.
Bindu kn (6 days ago)
He killed half of the players in the game
Erdem Widd (6 days ago)
adam resmen bordo bereli
Rajput Abhi (6 days ago)
Hats of to you bro 😴☝️
rocky ranger (6 days ago)
abe ye kya hua 18:116
mmogo com PUBG Skins (6 days ago)
This game is too hot
Reza permadi97 (6 days ago)
Pubg iklan ros kampret dah
Arie Kdg (6 days ago)
Sweet Dream (6 days ago)
Rama comedy (6 days ago)
Noooo u r member of akatsuki
Demenzar Gaming (6 days ago)
Hey guys! i m making some videos on pubg mobile can you pls check them out thank you all :)
Pied Piper (7 days ago)
MisfitSquisher (7 days ago)
He just singin
Phát Lý (7 days ago)
Ghê vậy (oh god)😧😧😧
albarex (7 days ago)
All I can see are freekills.. to be honest..
Fatih Alfaiz (7 days ago)
vivek banik (7 days ago)
Damnnn u r insane!!!! 😱😍
Chee Kiong (7 days ago)
How much he can earn for a month for playing PUBG?
Q&Tchen nồ (7 days ago)
Thế là người Việt Nam 😂
Gamer Nefarious (7 days ago)
Kiet Duong (7 days ago)
so pround im from vietnam too

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