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Fortnite Highlights - Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Some recorded live on the stream. Mostly just messing around. Merchandise can be found here! ►https://aculite.fanfiber.com/en You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheAculite ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheAculite ►Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite ►Discord - https://discord.gg/aculite Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/spam comments.
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Text Comments (272)
klenzgaming (6 hours ago)
I'm a fan, but i boycott all fornite kiddie videos. sorry.
emilio roman (1 day ago)
your a fuckin god
Asuna YT (2 days ago)
Do more plz I can’t wait until next video
armst012 (3 days ago)
8:48. If this was PUBG, I would have had no clue where he was shooting me from..
Cockka Cockk (3 days ago)
them moves 👌 i might learn something 😉
Eirik Skjørstad (3 days ago)
fookin hell you have some insane sniping skills
JagginGaming (3 days ago)
Stick to this game bro the skill cap is so high and ur insane. You’ll definitely make it to 1 mil if u keep postin vids like this
Doofus (3 days ago)
What's with the elbow thing? Is there a backstory there?
John_808_ZA (3 days ago)
Please sign the petition for a south african server region in fortnite.. We south africans really struggle with the latency in eu servers
Riki Syahputra (3 days ago)
Aculite should be banned man, or put in special server he's too good jk
Cosmos (3 days ago)
Damn I remember when you just started to get popular with pubg. Now 400k subs? Nice work dude
Clip IT! (3 days ago)
Dpi and ingames sens ?
ela_ragnar21 (3 days ago)
Better than ninja tb
Cetinum Sky (3 days ago)
John wicks better watch out Aculite is in town
DaRealHuncho Tv (4 days ago)
The best Battle Royale YouTuber imo 🤟🏽
Dani Vakero (4 days ago)
Like for this "Un momneto porfavor" I'm spanish and it sounds so hilarius
HyperGrid (4 days ago)
Can i please have your recording settings for OBS? I beg you,i just can't get my quality to look even decent,would be highly appreciated.
GypC (4 days ago)
Hey Aculite could u please do a video or attach a link to your keybinds/sensitivity for fortnite and pubg? i think many people would like to have a loot to see how you do what u do and im only just getting into fortnite and is interested in seeing your keybinds for the game. :D
Ur a god...
Luis Bernardon (4 days ago)
"um momento por favor" damn it's cool to see u speaking some portuguese, We like you down here in Brazil
melon scope (4 days ago)
Honestly a great YouTube keep up the no click bait and great content
FrigZ (4 days ago)
1:05 Have fun doing that after the update
Dylan Rogers (4 days ago)
You should do gameplay videos on fortnite more often
Ray Clemenes (4 days ago)
Personally I don't like Fortnite.
András Gyarmati (5 days ago)
that intro.. :D
Tyler Laymon (5 days ago)
My jaw was nowhere else but the floor for this entire video. I wish I could be as good as you
Shav (5 days ago)
I love when you greet them after you kill them, "Hi my names Conner nice to meet you!" 😂
A Card (5 days ago)
Play more fortnite please
Jelemiah (5 days ago)
how are u so good at every game??
Austin Michael (5 days ago)
I don’t really like Fortnite but when you play it’s different👌🏻
Joshua Johnson (5 days ago)
Here's my problem with Fortnite. It's not the building or the cartoony style... it's that everything eventually just comes down to everyone building the same tower to try and get vertical on their opponent and then shotgun swap spam. That's boring to me but I understand why other people apparently love it.
Yue Hei Yeung (5 days ago)
More fortnite please I love you man
HiVe - Agar.Io videos (5 days ago)
Ur actually insane at sniping
yachit khurana (5 days ago)
O MY GOD..Why are u not in esport team bro!! Ur god at fuckin pubg nd in fortnite too
Daniel janák (5 days ago)
Aculite, i thought you will be like good player at fortnite when i saw you first. But now you are god.
kmilo makz (5 days ago)
Could you please just stop doing videos of Fortnite. This game is just wrong.
Aldebaran (5 days ago)
You're a Beast, Aculite! a BEAST!!
TheRutajit (5 days ago)
Very cool highlights !
Flynn Woosnam (5 days ago)
Ok after wtching this video Aculite you are better than Ninja, CDNThe3rd, Myth, highdistortion, dark, summitoneg and EVERYONE!!!
Flynn Woosnam (5 days ago)
Meechie GotGame (5 days ago)
Good sht my boa , yo style smooth and cleans asf 💯🐐
Daddy Doggo (5 days ago)
Is it okay If I like Pubg.. and Fortnite? They are all unique and focuses on different things
Ethan Carr (5 days ago)
Why doesn’t he stream he’d be great!!!
captain fury (5 days ago)
way better than ninja
Farzeen Motadeli (5 days ago)
dude ya sick af
TeriyaKi (5 days ago)
Lol! Un momento por favor! jajaja the best!
Krycera101 (5 days ago)
It's Official!!!!! Aculite is better than Ninja👍
Thunderhop's Gaming (5 days ago)
That ending was hilarious
Mhukkadin (5 days ago)
Feels like you stepped up your game even further ^^
Angry Russian Dude (5 days ago)
Man! Awesome accuracy! You’re not human )))
Axel Man (5 days ago)
8:56 más española pls :3 jajaja
Leo Liu (5 days ago)
Rimrock Son (5 days ago)
"Un momento porfavor' 😅 i love it! Jaja!
Pearson Sharratt (5 days ago)
Imagine duo with shroud.
Casual Gosling 68 (5 days ago)
Som kind of beta male
TheMightyStriker (5 days ago)
Just sick. And likeable - which is probably even more important.
Jean-Luc Le Maistre (5 days ago)
Fortnite needs to fix this :/ From 1:24 - 1:27 2 shots from the Deagle and no hit registered.
Anhtu Trinh (5 days ago)
Aculite, the sniper King
Konrad Bochenek (5 days ago)
You are the besttt.I'm your polish fan
Marai de Jong (5 days ago)
Your so good in sniping omg🤯
Nathan Martin (5 days ago)
ACU-HAX! Wtf mate!
Evan Jacobs (5 days ago)
These NA servers to easy try EU
Cheggmen (5 days ago)
Aculite > any other fortnite player
Alex (5 days ago)
Try this challenge. 4 people (squads) 1st person- They are the team medic. Only they can hold bandages, medical supplies, and revive people. (if you medic goes down you cant revive him) cant use guns or explosives 2nd person- they are a sniper. they can only use a sniper and nothing else. 3rd person- they are a rifleman and all they can use is rifles 4th person- they are the shotgunner and all they can use is shotguns *To heal the medic must drop the injured player the healing supplies* Nades can be used by everyone except medic Goal=Victory Royale
FPS (5 days ago)
Dude I love that you play Fornite too!
emily coffman (5 days ago)
Who could dislike this?? Why???
David Dobarganes (5 days ago)
This is by far the sickest Aculite video
Alex Bauer (5 days ago)
You should do a setup video with your configs
Zane Shamblin (5 days ago)
Please do more fortnite vids Aculite. *I mean just LOOK at those SNIPES*
ericmonfrooy (5 days ago)
Nice games!!!
Charlie Church (5 days ago)
who else gets completely satisfied when he hits those sniper shots
Fraser Burns (5 days ago)
Actually make the best videos
Shawn Gannaway (5 days ago)
if there was no building i would actually like this game
Sam Baker (5 days ago)
"That was perfect, good for him"
Ashfaque Zaman (5 days ago)
more please
casualgaming 95 (5 days ago)
Ninja who?
GabrielMC (5 days ago)
wtf... were you speaking portuguese? ( 8:54 )
Kai Thomas (5 days ago)
Connor, I love you and you're nuts... But I think your brain works a little too fast for your building skills. <3
white Monk (5 days ago)
You are the beast man love it 🖒
ooMARLINoo (5 days ago)
Epic shots my man!
Ousstoura Daou (5 days ago)
Those snip shots are so sick nice vid man big fan ❤❤
Codeman4233 Schulle (5 days ago)
You got the snipes from pubg
Garrett Bloch (5 days ago)
are you an architect for your day job and an assassin at night
Meatball sub (5 days ago)
And yall think dakotaz is the best sniper
John Rebollar (5 days ago)
Forget about pubg, it’s all about fortnite.
ethan (5 days ago)
Way better than ninja
Gabe Kijek (5 days ago)
You are better than ninja
Ben Gosson (5 days ago)
More Fooortnite!!!!!
Visionfox1 (5 days ago)
You are insane !
Marlin Müller (5 days ago)
why not play in 4K?
Dougale MacAlestyr (5 days ago)
Goodness.  You owned that game
Tarek Abouhala (5 days ago)
PUBG Beast Fortnite Beast Never rages/swears Best youtuber out there 👌🏼
Melon Yeast (4 days ago)
Agreed! :)
PhasmaGaming44 (4 days ago)
And has no clickbait.
Ashfaque Zaman (5 days ago)
seriously one of a kind
SPARTA Gaming (5 days ago)
Aculite vs John wick skin The meme got rekt
BlinkandDie (5 days ago)
Must feel good to be you.
Stefan Rampa (5 days ago)
They love to walk into your bullets 😂👌💪
Aidan Mathias (5 days ago)
Please stop playing fortnite those kids had families
chris_cartaya (6 days ago)
More Fortnite please!!!
Drakey (6 days ago)
so clean
Zach Huff (6 days ago)
Hey man found you from Stone and i got to say you are one of my new favorites. Keep up the good work.
Aculite (5 days ago)
Thanks man. Welcome. :)
Jac Edwards (6 days ago)
You should start streaming makin dat moo-laaah
ReMiix_Playz (5 days ago)
He does stream :) Twitch-Aculite

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