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OOOPS! I Shot The Hostage!!! Carrying My Team - Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments & Fails

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Text Comments (36)
Ryan Rubalcaba (5 days ago)
I love that your playing this game Hova
Nixie1200 (6 days ago)
use ur walls ?
Extensi0nK0rd (6 days ago)
Loved your content for years, and weve always wanted to see some R6 love, keep it up! Great shots and recoil control, even tho crouching is mostly silent you move quicker when standing❤️
Veritasateum (6 days ago)
You have so much to learn about this game but I’m genuinely excited to see you learn it! Watching this made me remember how much fun your videos were in the MW2/BO1 era.
Fish Cheeks (6 days ago)
Can’t wait for ranked
evan vlogs (6 days ago)
U just got a new sub ur funny af
I am Groot (6 days ago)
Honestly i enjoy these vids and id love to see you play ranked
Connor Ottaviano (6 days ago)
"If you have mira i can go finka" hardcore players XD
Dylan Kitchen (6 days ago)
play r6 with the crew
HappyEyeBall (7 days ago)
Yo just realized you started uploading r6s, love this game and looking forward to more. Also I recommend using the acog on your weapon, it's so much better, kinda blows at first but it will end up being a lot better
DEVMAR 3815 (7 days ago)
Lol he’s humming and whistling the full house theme song
Demian Davila (7 days ago)
Your supposed to shoot him in the foot for good luck, not the head
Nick Edds (7 days ago)
YES HOVA. You should buy Blackbeard for attacking, I think he fits your play style good but be warned his ADS is terrible. ps use his semi not the scar cuz it's known to be the worst assault rifle in the game, unless you really need something that's automatic
Zenith (7 days ago)
On that first failed attack you guys got in and had man advantage you guys just stalled.... THROW all your stuns in and then push both doorways next time. You have to make a play and you might as well do it with everything you have with the man advantage.
Vicious Oz (6 days ago)
15:04 - 15:58 I like how you guys kept wasting your flashes and stuns by throwing them but not pushing at all. Lmaoo
Biggs Media (6 days ago)
Vicious Oz stratergy
Rahul Makwana (7 days ago)
Hova, love the new content. Pls reinforce walls on defence tho - in that first clip the first guy couldntve entered if u did. Ur gunplay is good tho! <3
Nick Lopez (7 days ago)
so when are you getting the crew in on this?
AnimeeGuy (7 days ago)
Shooting the hostage once is actually a good strategy because if the enemy accidentally shoots or grenades near him he goes down instantly and forces them to push to pick the hostage up
MS PAINT LIVE (6 days ago)
AnimeeGuy untill some dumbass on your team does the same lol
AAG_Jeffy (7 days ago)
You tried that’s all that matters
DeathStalker (7 days ago)
You're not a Real Rainbow Six player before you have killed the hostage a couple of times.... Also, i love these R6 videos! keep them coming :D
Hova Gaming (7 days ago)
I am loving the R6 vids!! Keep up the awesome job!
Hova Gaming (7 days ago)
Ya dad!!
Lil Locky (7 days ago)
Hova (7 days ago)
I started off so great!!!! Then ya know..... not so much........
Eric rivera (6 days ago)
Hova whoever was in your discord saying ranked queue times are faster than casual is a liar lol ranked queue times are insanely long. You can get anywhere from 1:15 to 15:00 to half hour queue times it’s crazy
Okc Native21 (7 days ago)
I’ve been waiting on one of y’all to finally start playing siege
Zenith (7 days ago)
That’s seige man.... Just remember your reinforcements on defense, and in offense I’d recommend you put the ACOG sight on every weapon you can. Makes it easier to win those long range fights. Other than that you just gotta refine your skills and maybe widen your operator pool a bit so you know how to play multiple roles and play styles. Looking good!
Extra Wishes (7 days ago)
Hova you can put reinforcements on the shoot trough walls, makes it harder for enemies to get in
Cole (7 days ago)
first lol I just did that

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