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KyKy & Rascal RELEASED by DALLAS FUEL [Overwatch League News & Highlights]

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Roger J (7 days ago)
As far as Rascal is concerned if you don't have the work ethic the team expects and you won't communicate effectively with the team during practice or in games then you don't deserve to have a spot. KyKy being released is probably a good thing for Dallas overall. Every year in other sports you see coaches getting fired when their team is underperforming and esports should be no different. I wish both Rascal and KyKy well but I won't be losing any sleep over Dallas letting them both go.
Henry Lu (6 days ago)
Actually, Rascal wanted the team to work harder but Kyky didn't approve of that and he couldn't communicate well due to his language barrier causing him to have frustration. If you watch some of the in game voice clips, he tried to be the shotcaller but Dallas was a mess. Watch the game where Dallas play NYXL in stage 2 and it shows what he brought to the team.
mark angelo Garcia (7 days ago)
look at miro's face???? its the same asian face wtf
YAG ENT (7 days ago)
Snillo and eqo is a godsend for carpe
Bet spitfire a salty that they didn't let BoomBox and Carpe have a place on Spitfire.
Elmoji (7 days ago)
No Rascal, no win.
Roger J (7 days ago)
Even with Rascal they weren't winning so not having him isn't going to hurt them any.
SAMME (7 days ago)
but wait they released rascal because he cant speak english, and they got a new korean coach wtf?
Roger J (7 days ago)
Rascal speaks English, not well but he does speak the language. He refused to speak English and was uncooperative in general. Oddly enough there were reports of his behavior when he played on the Spitfire too, but him only wanting to speak Korean wasn't an issue since the team was all Korean anyway.
Elysione Loh (7 days ago)
SAMME Dallas is suppose to have a Korean translator, Violet, I believe. But Violet's role on the team is rather vague according to a lot of people. Also Rascal was apparently benched for 'Pushing the Korean Tryhard culture' onto the underperforming team. Yet Hastr0's statement said Rascal wasn't trying hard enough. Dallas still has to pay Rascal his full salary till his contract ends AND Dallas can't sign new players, yet decided that firing Rascal is more important. This leads me to believe that Hastr0 personally dislike Rascal.
SAMME (7 days ago)
is rascal back to London? or Dallas fuel just fucked up his entire career
Roger J (7 days ago)
They didn't fuck up anyone's career. Yes the signing window is closed but he's still getting paid by Dallas until his contract expires at which time he can be picked up by another team if they think he'll be a good fit. But since he had issues with two team so far I'm not sure he will be picked up by another team.
Akito Heartfire (7 days ago)
they fucked up his career, the window to hire players is over, so he can't join another team during season 1. Maybe he joins a contenders team? idk
A SKELEMAN (7 days ago)
Korea's falling behind
backup368 (8 days ago)
That hipster play by play is so annoying.
backup368 (8 days ago)
DreamKazper's earnings: $90.
Cliff Lin (8 days ago)
I couldn't really understand what the crowd was yelling when Shanghai Dragons were playing. Does anyone know?
Tronikk (8 days ago)
Ohhhh, so that's why I haven't heard of KyKy. He's the coach, not a player"
alanb:) (8 days ago)
I really hope Shanghai gets their first win this week
haukilex (8 days ago)
Dallas is a "great". they are falling apart and salt is growing within their own team...
Jesse Sanchez (8 days ago)
the match I'm most looking forward to? The one you didn't mention.....THE BATTLE FOR TEXAS!!!!!!
NxL (8 days ago)
Soul needs to get rascal
Adam Block (8 days ago)
Considering Rawkus was sick and he still performed like he did, they could have beaten NYXL if everyone was 100%
Adam Block (8 days ago)
The Houston NYXL game was the best by far. Game came down to clutch plays. Very nail biting game for both sides.
JVI (8 days ago)
Seagull playtime LETSGO
Stanley Barwick (8 days ago)
Pine's multikills make me laugh uncontrollably.
Jetra Virsai (8 days ago)
Not to say I know everything about OWL, but with another Korean coach and players, why does NA even bother to compete when a majority of these rosters are just imported? Maybe the entire region should just stay out of competitive gaming altogether if we can't even hold against ourselves on the lowest levels of play.
amerika* (8 days ago)
You do not get better unless you play the best and figure out why they are the best and work towards it. Other regions, include NA, have been a "joke" in their respective games. Then, over time, things do tend to equalize. I've seen it in multiple games and even multiple sports. Once people start getting work ethic, monetary support and cultural support and respect equalized between regions, things start getting more interesting. Korea has an edge in some games simply due to the countries ability/culture that supports it being a serious profession where most people in the rest of the world do not have that.
Jake Williams (8 days ago)
this is upseting as a dallas fuel fan
Adam Block (8 days ago)
I think it's for the best. I'm a fan too. But they clearly need stricter staff and a stricter practice schedule as well.
Gravity (8 days ago)
Well, gg overwatch
Fittytucks (8 days ago)
I really apriciate the way you bring the news every week, no shouting drama clickbaity bs. Straight to the point, factual and moving on. Thanks!
Kellen (8 days ago)
Fittytucks no clickbait OMEGALUL
William Cruz (8 days ago)
How they did my guy rascal like that is just dirty
double D studios (8 days ago)
well let's see if dallas can get a few wins now kyky is gone
Gito (8 days ago)
fuel needs someone who isnt scared to crack a whip at all the bull shit the players do.
KeiDeePii (7 days ago)
And rein in the egos.
Sarthak Mehta (8 days ago)
Ayyyyy first one :) @curse entertainment who do u support ??

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