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How to disable blue ticks in Whatsapp! (Successfully) | Android only! 1080p

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Note: This hack is no more valid. You can do the same straight from WhatsApp settings. Blue ticks on Whatsapp has been able to create a lot of buzz in its users and social world in a day of its release only. Still some users don't know what it actually means. We can tell you in simple words that if you get a blue colored double tick on your sent message, it means that the recipient has already read the message or has opened your conversation. But guys, its not the end of the world. You can still get back to the old days if you not-knowingly updated and now regret. Download Mirror links: Just watch the video and the download link of whatsapp from my Google Drive is : http://goo.gl/lpcIsI or Dropbox : http://goo.gl/5TW08L P.S. Of course this is a temporary solution to the issue and you can continue using this version till Whatsapp guys impose a force update to the software before use.
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I Have Accessed My Desired Whatsapp Number, This http://hack-free-whatsapp.tumblr.com?pidid=5e5d51b3-8f78-42e4-a755-3a48e7be926a is Really Awesome, Bookmarked!!Enjoying :) How to disable blue ticks in Whatsapp! (Successfully) | Android only! 1080p
Prateek Sachdeva (3 years ago)
Worked yeah thanks
Terniel Stvalle (3 years ago)
worked perfectly

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