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Battlegrounds - GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL Crate Opening! (PUBG Crate Opening)

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PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds Gamescom Crate Opening! Pubg Gamescom Invitational Crate opening! :) Source: https://battlegrounds.gamepedia.com/Gamescom_Invitational_Crate 10% Off FPS Freeks - http://www.kontrolfreek.com/?a_aid=ENGAGE TWITTER - http://www.twitter.com/EngageTutorials FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/EngageTutroials Want to add me on Playstation? PSN is "EngageYT" Want to add me on Xbox? Gamertag is "Engage YT" Hope you enjoyed this video by EngageTutorials / Engage Tutorials
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Text Comments (181)
Elijah Erwin (1 month ago)
your so calm man its nice
BLOOD (2 months ago)
Guys will the gamescon crates be re-released for 2018? ( the exact same crates?)
Pc Master Race (2 months ago)
People actually spend money on this garbage 😂
VAG INA (3 months ago)
sorry for the crappy crate man. your awesome for keeping a cool.
Trending Videos (3 months ago)
Give me your trade url I will give you key
Peasant Destroyer (4 months ago)
Pubg crates are the biggest ripoff ever
Piak Piak (4 months ago)
yes i want this piece of crap.
Dank Submarinegold (4 months ago)
This is how you do cosmetic items
Chris R. (4 months ago)
I have a quick question about Steam marketplace and PUBG game. If I purchase a GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL CRATE I know I will not be able to sell it on the Steam Market but if I go to PUBG and open it the crate, would the items I get from the crate I will be able to sell it in the Steam Market?
Panda Smasher (3 months ago)
Andy (4 months ago)
When this cases are available again ?
Exony (5 months ago)
Mr Hitler (5 months ago)
Why i only have survivor crate and wanderer ?? How can they buy gamescom with BP
Edor Prime (5 months ago)
I have three of these bad boys they have almost profited the game for me
Edor Prime (5 months ago)
omar Atti im pretty damn sure not
omar Atti (5 months ago)
is it possible to get more of gamescom crates in-game now ?
Winterfell (5 months ago)
HA, you thought they were expensive 6 months ago?! there over 8$ each now, good thing I saved 29 of them
JWC art (6 months ago)
These cases are such a rip off
Leonid Scheffer (7 months ago)
I got the black skirt!!
JJONG (7 months ago)
AHAHAHA Noob :(( I got a two Mini-skirt on 5 cases and I got a Camo Hotpants on 2 cases :(
Lui Rog (7 months ago)
you get only shit dude you pay 15 doller for 0.1dolelr skinz rip yourself ;D
Mr. arikodus (7 months ago)
your opening is too slow, sorry ..
15beginnings (7 months ago)
I've sold two crates and got about 4-5$ free Rn it sells 3$ but it used to be 1$ It might become rare so I'd save the crates, I only sold them because I admit I was impatient but I have 5 crates worth 3$, Easy 15$ to sell it sells instantly. I should save them tho
HowTheHell (5 months ago)
Dream Platform now 8 dollars each
Alex (7 months ago)
that case turned people into banana
Riley Blue (7 months ago)
Do the keys cost money
Eks Dee (7 months ago)
Riley Blue yes
Theo James (7 months ago)
honestly these crates paid for the game lol. If you sold all of them throughout the event, you get close to 40$
Mark Koschwitz (3 months ago)
1 month later and I guess not. Even with the bump from 1.0 launch, they're at $6 now after dropping all month. People know the drop rate on anything good sucks, so they aren't paying more for them lol
HowTheHell (5 months ago)
Theo James now they get you 8 dollars and I know they're going worth more and more
TheQuantumAlex (6 months ago)
Theo James you pay for it with your time.
Jm Neehoi (8 months ago)
Im willing to trade dota 2 gears for blue skirt
64024 battlepoints wtf?
JustQinn (8 months ago)
This games drop rates are rediculosely low for any thing decent.
Alpha (8 months ago)
those are not new
Adonis Garcia DLF (8 months ago)
Rip 15$
KOSOY (8 months ago)
I got camo hotpants, how much are they worth do you guys think?
KOSOY (8 months ago)
oh wow, i just checked on opskins, they are going for 130+ i wonder if they will go up in price, since those creates wont be available in the future..
aswad (8 months ago)
CrimsonChin (8 months ago)
Maaan you got that bandana I'm so jealous
Ionut Moisoni (8 months ago)
PUBG Crate Simulator on Google Play. :D
Sergeant Kartoffel (8 months ago)
opened 4 crates camo hotpants lol
moor (8 months ago)
чот одна херня выпала ему , мне лучше выпало))
Zusmorito (8 months ago)
I dont get it why people pay money for this skins? I have a 300$ csgo inventory but in pugb? nah. I sold all my crates that i had, nice little profit right there ^^
Zusmorito (7 months ago)
Benneification Kinda yes xD
Benneification (7 months ago)
So you understand people buying skins for CS GO but not for PUBG?
Spaghetti Esketeet (8 months ago)
Zusmorito he is lieing he did it on the test server where it gives u a free 100k to buy all the crates
Tabby Shaw (8 months ago)
i opened 2 crates and got a yellow jacket, then the black skirt lmao easy money
trevor56561 (8 months ago)
who's idea was it to play shitty music while you talk.
Michael McAuliffe (5 months ago)
toxic comment alert
Rick Sanchez (8 months ago)
too distracting for you while you masturbate over the sound of his voice?
NoemSis (8 months ago)
I only got shit and a pleated mini-skirt in black.
Elit Ghost (8 months ago)
Anyone know if you willbe able to buy keys even after you cant buy the crates was thinking of stacking up on crates and selling after the event
Nathan Fisher (8 months ago)
Elit Ghost yeah u will still be able to buy keys
Javier Kokott (8 months ago)
I got a School Jacket, do u guys know what price it will cost on market? sorry for my english.
kovacsistvanhetfield (8 months ago)
school shirt is a new negev xd
Ru Mx (8 months ago)
U have a very bad luck dude, i opened 2 gamescom crates and i got 2 mandarin jacket black
zwitterionic (3 months ago)
Ru Mx you fkn lucky mdafkr
Spirit Chef (8 months ago)
Camo hotpants after 3rd crate. Yessss! Got blue trainers, and a mandarin jacket. Have spent $25. Gonna make a few hundred I reckon ;-)
burnwell racer (8 months ago)
when i click on buy keys Notthing happends why ? no windows pop up
Prodigy xZ (8 months ago)
for better performance
Ayoody (8 months ago)
who the fuck turns steam overlay off
burnwell racer (8 months ago)
i had steam overlay OFF
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
I have no idea. I see a few other people having the same issue. You ever get it working?
MarshalONE Gaming (8 months ago)
worst skins i would not bother getting them...waste of money, better to buy another game for these 10-15$ that someone would spend on shitty skins... Imo
MarshalONE Gaming (8 months ago)
yeah thats for sure, but those guys who just wanna have them, can get them ingame, last night ive killed someone in yellow suit and took it, 5min later 1shot from kar98k and im dead, guess my yellow isnt favorite color anymore :v
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
+MarshalONE Gaming Honestly bro...I kinda agree with you lol. Not much of anything good. The only glthing good about these is they will go for some decent cash
Alexander Cowley-Malki (8 months ago)
The Buy Key function isn't working for me lol. . . I don't mind giving a few bucks to charity but it's not letting me =(
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Ahh man. Did you ever get it working?
J Roc (8 months ago)
I got Blue High Tops :D
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Awesome! Nice pick up :)
SpaceCat77 (8 months ago)
The coats are like $70+ for a common item you can find in-game it's crazy
zwitterionic (3 months ago)
FeelsBadMan now you can sell them for 35$ xD
Karan Jaggi (4 months ago)
$30 rn lmfao
Bernardo Rodrigues (5 months ago)
hey, look at the market
FeelsBadMan (7 months ago)
yh sold them, too bad only for 7.50 thought they would have crashed in price but no.. Q_Q oh well..
DuckletShwag (7 months ago)
dude the pants are like 10 bucks now xD
11doso11 (8 months ago)
NOT A SINGLE worth item. That's why I sold all my 12 crates.
ES JONNE (3 months ago)
11doso11 haha idioy
scorfatchu (5 months ago)
lance? (5 months ago)
2,20€~ x 12 = 26,4€ almost. but on steam only about 23€~ when you had them right now it would be 85€ + xD
Edor Prime (5 months ago)
11doso11 dude they are like 8€ now, how much did you get?
Daniel Keem (8 months ago)
You sold them just as they are rising in price. I bought 3 crates cause they will not be available and will rise in price forever.
Kevin Duong (8 months ago)
Where do you get the key for the crate?
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
From them, just try to open it and click on the keys to buy them via steam
ITzStarz (8 months ago)
smart ppl wont quicksell :)
Elit Ghost (8 months ago)
ITzStarz yeh cause when these crates arent available anymore they will be worth alot
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Absolutely. I had skins from h1z1 in the beginning and they sky rocket in price. I'm not selling :)
CKBLK Beast (8 months ago)
NeO (8 months ago)
I think black skirt looks better imho :p
Believe Son (8 months ago)
what u think ill get for this black skirt
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
I don't think you have to worry man. You'll get a lot of money for it when you sell it.
NeO (8 months ago)
GG Beast high five fella xD
CKBLK Beast (8 months ago)
Engage Tutorials xD
YoungAJ_ R6 (8 months ago)
Hey my Twitter is YoungAJ_R6
ThePoetPyronius (8 months ago)
Camel coat on my 3rd crate. GG yo, I'm selling the rest of my crates on Steam! x.X
universeClips (8 months ago)
Christmas came early for you this year :D
Aidan Spencer (8 months ago)
Seem like ripoffs
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
I mean, the skins aren't the best I've seen but they are gonna sell for a lot of money lol
Sick Video
InstaPot (8 months ago)
0:23 You can only buy 6 :/
InstaPot (8 months ago)
Every Week
Tiratix (8 months ago)
every week or all time ?
InstaPot (8 months ago)
I agree
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Yeah that sucks :(
Overfed Unicorn (8 months ago)
I wasted $30 on survivor crates in hopes of a coat or better. I got all commons. I swear this shit's rigged lol.
Babybird Oligodendrocyte (8 months ago)
but those school shirts are $25 each?
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
BRO I KNOW! I didn't get shit either haha.
ollie Breen (8 months ago)
U know when they're releasing first person mode ?
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
It's out now! :)
Spicii (8 months ago)
Very cool! can't wait to play the new update :D
Spirit Chef (8 months ago)
New patch (500mb) fixed heaps of the lag server problems for me
Spicii (8 months ago)
Really? well hopefully it will get fixed soon
Yannick Simard (8 months ago)
Spicii idk man the devs said it's going to be a hard fix
Spicii (8 months ago)
No problem man! and my internet is slow, so it will probably be fixed by the time I get it downloaded lol
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Thanks! It sucks right now because the servers are terrible. So much lag and desync. Like, I can't even jump across the shipping containers without lagging off :( Hope it gets fixed soon.
Filip Guntofte (8 months ago)
How do you have 100,000 BP? :)
Filip Guntofte (8 months ago)
Okay, clever. :D
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Nah no worries man! Yeah, I always kinda knew crates were gonna come eventually so I started saving them lol
Filip Guntofte (8 months ago)
Engage Tutorials ahh okay, my bad. Thanks :)
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
I had 64,000 not 100,000 - but I saved them up.
Mcproductions975 (8 months ago)
these cases are not worth it
The Ethical Pixel (4 months ago)
howl is like $800++ crazy lol, around 1 per day being sold last i checked, course i traded mine :( thats how it always goes tho
skaired (5 months ago)
Actually they are, cause when you get a good skill with a good value you can achieve more money than bought in crates. I bought 4 crates, and got tracksuit pants and camo hat.
HowTheHell (5 months ago)
Mcproductions975 i got 2 cases of them (free) and now they're at around 8.50 dollars. And I'm going to wait, cause they're going to get really expensive
ni ti (5 months ago)
House Of Lettuce fuck yeah.... Pubg payed itself... I feel dump that i only bought 4 but hold them up dude.... I think prises are still rising
House Of Lettuce (5 months ago)
bought em at around 3 dollars they are now around 8. ez profit.
AlmightyGlitcher (8 months ago)
Hey bro I love the video man keep up the good work, if you ever find any news of pubg coming to console can you let us know
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Will do! Thanks :)
Zawisza Games (8 months ago)
Great video :)
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Johny H1 (8 months ago)
pumping out the vids love it!
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Sem Hamans (8 months ago)
So you need to buy the case and then buy a keu with real money?
Therlol (8 months ago)
Tomas B (8 months ago)
so you can buy the keys with steam wallet funds, right ?
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
Of course man <3 Thank you for commenting :)
Sem Hamans (8 months ago)
Engage Tutorials Yeah I played cs... I think the system is fair but I don't have very good memories of it😂 Thank you very much for your respond!!
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)
That's correct. Are you familiar with the CS crate market? It's like that. However, the good thing about pubg is you can save up battlepoints to get the crate then buy the key. Instead of having to buy the crate and the key. So, save up battlepoints to get the crate, then buy a key $2.50 to open it.
Sem Hamans (8 months ago)
Engage Tutorials (8 months ago)

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