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CS:GO With TheCrew (Full Competitive Gameplay)

4497 ratings | 170774 views
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheG18 Spreadshirt: http://theg18.spreadshirt.com/ Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/theg18 The Crew SideArms: http://www.youtube.com/user/SideArms4... Deluxe4: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDeluxe4 Jahova: http://www.youtube.com/user/jahovaswi... Speedy: http://www.youtube.com/user/speedyw03 Nobody: http://www.youtube.com/user/NobodyEpic D20: http://www.youtube.com/user/Deluxe2O Shadow: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowBea... Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeHkgO8ADuA Outro Song: Vanic X K.Flay - Make Me Fade https://soundcloud.com/djvanic https://www.facebook.com/djvanic https://twitter.com/djvanic Outro Made By: https://twitter.com/SynTHellven
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Text Comments (384)
Kevin (1 month ago)
Large penis *😂
ARNOLD PVP (1 month ago)
shit memès connoisseur (4 months ago)
Woah D4 @27:51... im offendeded
exoticplayz exoticplayz (5 months ago)
4 k people must have big peniusis
Jaoob Is Weird (7 months ago)
Wait we're you able to talk to t's on that update?
exotic_ sk11s (9 months ago)
I wasn't gonna like originally ....but you know your boy colossal penis420 gonna hold it down ;)
frostydude243 (11 months ago)
PC setup?
Derek Miller (1 year ago)
37:20 does that gun get shot in mid air?
Myxa the Dog (1 year ago)
Dragon Lord (1 year ago)
I've always thought G18 was a dolphin
callumZKS 1902 (1 year ago)
i enjoyed the video!
Nora (1 year ago)
it's a blessing when we can see G18 actually use an AWP instead of throwing it to someone else
Kraco Gaming (1 year ago)
What recording software do you use to record your comps with your friends?
Alex Foley (1 year ago)
ur a noob
Nimble Fish (1 year ago)
Doesn't a different youtuber have the exact same intro?
CHROME (1 year ago)
What map is this ?
YodaVFX (1 year ago)
Surreal (2 years ago)
I loved the video!!!!
TransPirate (2 years ago)
Nice vid! New sub! Check out my CSGO vid aswell if its ok XD
Ayo Ashh (2 years ago)
I liked because large penis.
Ajinkya Naik (2 years ago)
does anyone know such servers on cs source which uses mic and a lot of fun...
Demise Flight (2 years ago)
Good Shit The Fucking Dong Man
Dj JrEaDs (2 years ago)
Jesse Johnson (2 years ago)
they all copied kyr with the intro
ramcy (1 year ago)
it was originally hovies intro for the whole crew but.. who the fuck calls speedy kyr
Al26 L (2 years ago)
g18 doesn't talk much but hes a csgo god
Zenco Killz (2 years ago)
Hova: Dads mad... We didn't pick up our toys lol
Energy (2 years ago)
I didn't know dongger was G18 lol
EXO7ZERO (2 years ago)
what were the rankes i didnt get to see :(
Caddy024 (2 years ago)
Love ur vids
xBlazar (2 years ago)
love your vids my dream is to play with you
Adreatic Damell (2 years ago)
Why doesn't he talk?
TackStash779 (2 years ago)
wet de fuk did yuh say today?
lenny (2 years ago)
G18 word count: 18
Leonid Sedloski (2 years ago)
how can i disable the weapon skins?
Duhrover (2 years ago)
rey917 (2 years ago)
Celery, Celery, if she don't cum you tickle her bum with a lump of celery.
DustyRaider (2 years ago)
27:55 he was one off an aceuu :(
Stephanie Bull (2 years ago)
I love g18 knife moment at 17:30
Floris Hooykaas (2 years ago)
Urg someone scammed me using your name 😭 I thought it was you and now he has my Asimov 😭😭😭😭 things are always too good to be true
Patrick Nyrud (2 years ago)
Does the dong ever talk ???
Anthony Garcia (2 years ago)
That outro hits me every time
John carter (2 years ago)
Good shit g your a blast to watch keep it up
Kyle Simmons (2 years ago)
Jahova was humming the Overworld theme actually speedy...
AlaskA (2 years ago)
I think G18 turned into a cat-dolphin hybrid... meow :3 xD
Dayton Davis (2 years ago)
kyle bryant (2 years ago)
He buys so fast. I'm so jelly
Braydon Leamer (2 years ago)
G needs to go pro or something because in csgo for example one of his worst games is probably 20+ while a decent amount of people are lucky to get close to 20
Jimmy Hartwig (2 years ago)
He used to play pro at one point. Not majors obviously. He was in one of the lower leagues.
Panda King (2 years ago)
He wouldn't get destroyed I was watching penta and I saw one of them and another playing shooting at each other for about 3 seconds with rifles before they got a kill. I mean g18 would have to practise knowledge and he'd need a team but with the right training he could be :D.
MaybeANoob (2 years ago)
he'd get destroyed in pro
JazzyZapFTW (2 years ago)
Where can I buy Dongerade
Ben Taylor (2 years ago)
I love you
TheIgnitionable (2 years ago)
all those new weapons thoooo <3
Zurita Zuritax (2 years ago)
That fap in the end😂😂😂
jouri evers (2 years ago)
I like the m4a4 dongermov
jouri evers (2 years ago)
Nice dongermove
Quemb (2 years ago)
FusionRushTRUE (2 years ago)
What's all the numbers and stuff on the bottom of his screen?
Pwnage (2 years ago)
I wish I was mg cost deluxe is an mg,
GibbySwag25 (2 years ago)
lol i was redgoblin on the other team
Markus Kjærner-Semb (2 years ago)
Whos Maikalele? i only know the dong!!
Lazar Cavor (2 years ago)
How do you get that FPS stuff in the bottom right of his screen? Would really like to know :) G18 is a beast and a half at games <3 The Dong is Love, The Dong Is Life <3 <3 <3
Its the Internet (2 years ago)
G18 is so inspiring to me when it comes to Competitive matches that Im trying so hard to play like him, but not exactly. I just played my first game a few mins ago, 35 kills-20 deaths-6 MVP.. is that decent for a first time compet?
Luke Saleh (2 years ago)
I wouldn't ask YouTube lol, so many pros who would make fun of u for that :(
BusenBanger (2 years ago)
G18 your my spirit animal
Slooth 2K (2 years ago)
What keyboard does G18 have?
itachirules25 (2 years ago)
31:22 I would've gotten kicked then you would've definitely lost xD
Jack Marks (2 years ago)
How does he get the bottom interface thing that shows the number of who's left instead of the profile pictures????
JCarlos44 (2 years ago)
G18 is better with M4a1-s
Jalyn Alexander (2 years ago)
JewFro Kush (2 years ago)
Dong what's up sensitivity
Slooth 2K (2 years ago)
+Toasted Llama 800DPI and 4 In-Game
James Mitchell (2 years ago)
I got shit on my dick because YouTube is so GOD DAMN SLOW!
FlightOfficial (2 years ago)
+James Mitchell kek
James Mitchell (2 years ago)
+FlightHDFilms I upgraded from 3mbps to 15mbps, and it got worse.
FlightOfficial (2 years ago)
You know others get new internet, but.. Whatever works for you buddy.
CrimZ (2 years ago)
i went to tha link now im scare dfor life
Ben Upton (2 years ago)
is g18 ge ?
Ben Upton (2 years ago)
+V P SINGH hahaha its fine
V P SINGH (2 years ago)
+Ben Upton no I'm really sorry dude I was actually suffering from irl aggriviation
Ben Upton (2 years ago)
+V P SINGH no problem, mistakes happen.
V P SINGH (2 years ago)
+Ben Upton I play csgo rarely I'm a mgs kinda person
V P SINGH (2 years ago)
+Ben Upton oh shit sorry next time type global elite lol
tR Revival (2 years ago)
please post more cs:go
Banana-Ghost13 (2 years ago)
G18, post Destiny content!!!!!
JBaksa (2 years ago)
I LOVE when The Dong uploads cs go! MORE G! MOREEE PLEASE!
SilentZA (2 years ago)
G your amazing you carry everyone love watching your vids you deserve more subs keep it up :)
Igor (2 years ago)
+ᐍSTR8 UPᐎ No probs mate. Keep internet clean of the bad grammar :3
ᐍSTR8 UPᐎ (2 years ago)
+TheSchwaggKing Right didn't see the first "your". My mistake, apologies.
Igor (2 years ago)
+ᐍSTR8 UPᐎ I really hope he made a mistake while typing, but no, he is actually retarded.
ᐍSTR8 UPᐎ (2 years ago)
+TheSchwaggKing I really hope you're trolling.
Igor (2 years ago)
Arveen Singh (2 years ago)
carrying to the max
Swishy Games (2 years ago)
Dong is Bae <3
Steven Kelly (2 years ago)
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ "I have a dong" ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ - Martin Luther King Jr.
Tiago Pereira (2 years ago)
yo donger i love you man but you really need to speak more!! :D
insane yoo!
donger da g
Brett Inman (2 years ago)
Deluxe 4, more like Store Brand 4
WOLF - (2 years ago)
good shit G
OriginalKillface 777 (2 years ago)
Love your videos g18 and i also love the outro.
Dritan Elezi (2 years ago)
Can you do a case opening plz? Like so he can see!
The Scientist (2 years ago)
Do some over watch episodes
Sage of the goats (2 years ago)
"Oh I think that I found myself a bartender... he's a dude.. haha" - Sp33dy Don't worry, I laughed.
Brandon (2 years ago)
Awesome video G
TRIG 0.0 (2 years ago)
can any one tell me whats that farting sound i keep hearing in the video?
Wesley (2 years ago)
G18 should replace pronax from fnatic why? because pronax sucks monkey balls for breakfast and g18 plays cs;go for breakfast
Peter Schwerin (2 years ago)
+Wesley Van Rijn and i think pronax is the IGL and fnatics brain he is the mastermind behind the team.... So idk if pronax is that bad.... and yes one more question: How much?
MaybeANoob (2 years ago)
+Wesley Van Rijn the dong is good, but not pro-level good.
Wesley (2 years ago)
No, im low
ginseng (2 years ago)
Pronax sucks? Are u high
Humbers (2 years ago)
Hova gets so salty in the chat when they play CS :P
Humbers (2 years ago)
+TheClearHD Yeah, his insults in the end chat are the best. DAVID BLANE SUXXXX
TheClearHD (2 years ago)
+TheHumbernator That's why he is hilarious
NatesRates (2 years ago)
G18 sounds somewhat like Michael Cera
Fredrik Karlsson (2 years ago)
Why would you ask speedy to sign your profile when g18 were in the game!!!
Zoomscoping (2 years ago)
37:20-37:26 G18 the savage
Epic Mickey (2 years ago)
You must really like those Asian prank calls, G :)
Dirtbikes95 (2 years ago)
Dong cannot simply throw his flash over the box at cat without himself being flashed, lol.
Stephanie Bull (2 years ago)
You are kick ass at this game g18!
SwedishGunMate (2 years ago)
Speedy has no sound... R.I.P =D lol
Extinct (2 years ago)
Could you guys go sub my channel? I'm a new youtuber Thanksss:D
ginseng (2 years ago)
You sir are a faggot
Zadarack (2 years ago)
If the crew didn't have The Dong they would probably loose every game

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