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Donate stuff to me here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=3931903&token=KJxJ6Zru PART 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT7NJ_2cBuw&feature=youtu.be PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vttULafF6Dc NEW TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Gr1mb3L_CSGO 100% Cheating: Byali my vid Subroza my vid flusha my vid shox my vid Kjaerby my vid K0nfig my vid denis my vid fnx my vid (SKYTTEN) - was cheating http://on-winning.com/csgo-cheat-or-skill-top-10-suspicious-csgo-pro-player-moments/ (koosta) - was cheating http://on-winning.com/csgo-cheat-or-skill-top-10-suspicious-csgo-pro-player-moments/ Im sure waaaaaaaaaaaaay more pros are cheating, banning all these "Legends" would most probably scare cheating away from the pro scene for a very long time. There are more clips on the linked page but they are probably just luck or coincidence, these guuys listed here are 100% cheating. Thanks to people like DanM and Moe for promoting my video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Xnrnzy8F4 FREE CHEATS FREE CHEATS FREE CHEATS PAID CHEATS PAID HACKS PREMIUM HACKS WALLHACK AIMBOT PRO HARDWARE HACK PHONE MOUSE Thanks to this guy for helping me make this video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwq5dfyX_m85eT4wfid-mRQ
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Text Comments (6223)
GrimbeL (1 year ago)
Part 3 right here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT7NJ_2cBuw&t=303s
XYGO C_ops (1 day ago)
GrimbeL byall is really hacking lol
A1R YT (1 month ago)
GrimbeL truth is no they arent your just bad and dont wanna waste your time to get better so u make a dumbass excuse about why u think pros are cheating it happens to be a great deal of skill and luck combined but hax are bot involved
Chris Goh Su Hong (1 month ago)
Fly 6
CloudBlood #Plaz (2 months ago)
GrimbeL. You know none of these clips are any proof, yes some slightly shady but even those I've found explanations to why they've done those things that are "proof" they're cheating even some like the flusha shots, him jumping around the terrorist in inferno, that was just a lucky shot, I've done that too and I don't cheat just luck, and most others are coincides and stuff like that, have playing what 10 years+ you can't say not a single clip isn't suspicious, message me back if you want to test me then I can prove all the clips are legit if not you're just caught up in your own ego that you can't admit you were wrong
Kyle H (3 months ago)
GaelProGamer (13 hours ago)
can anyone tell me the music of the start of the video
21rems10 (13 hours ago)
Shox in d2 use sound no cheate !
Smokey! DK (17 hours ago)
Bunch of fucking cheaters..
mdil123 (1 day ago)
that subroza clip is shady on mirage a few others are shady as shit meaning after the snap, or the sound trace maybe, they then aim at a retarded location that someone of their level would never aim at. or they snap in times where it seems like their snap is an otherwise check down like the cache one with a deagle. he makes it seem like his deagle spam is a smoke spam but there was never an enemy tag and no one at that level just gives away their position like that. especially in a smoke. given their skill, they wouldn't do such things. at least players who are legit wouldnt.
MKUltraLVS (1 day ago)
Rigged competitive e-sports isnt something new, it isnt even original. Every major sport allows this to happen to some degree. Why you ask? Revenue and entertainment. You see all those fans at these events? Thats why. People come to be entertained, they dont care if its legit or not. A scam as old as time itself, sell them their own ignorance back to them. Thats a fact of life, people dont want to do the hard work, they would rather live vicariously through some team logo. Its the same with the NFL, NBA, MLB, whatever acronym you can think of.
Voice Muted (1 day ago)
No hacks, just a gaming program that makes them see through walls and lock onto every enemy.
Slipknot villa (1 day ago)
Stupid video
asdator[t] (2 days ago)
just fucking kys retard
GANTZ100pts (2 days ago)
Its really pathetic that some pros are actually using hacks. And it really makes you question, which of the current "Pros" are using hacks or not.
CTCreepers (3 days ago)
how to do the mouse cheat? thanks if any one responds
Luke BS (3 days ago)
Ur so retarded
Christopher Ortiz (4 days ago)
Sucks, i guess it makes sense but sad, maybe this is why I never bother watching pro games. But as someone else said, welcome to reality.. NOW GET F*#!&D!!!.... Seriously though, games suck ass
Adyy (5 days ago)
This video is full of stupid shits
SimAnge CR (5 days ago)
Not correct reason of cheat ! (Sound not precised in the video !)
THE FIRE SQUAD (5 days ago)
This channel owner is a silver dude
THE FIRE SQUAD (5 days ago)
Only flusha is cheating
Chappie (6 days ago)
Most retarded video ever lmao
BQNG (6 days ago)
In my opinion pros have too much money on the line to risk getting caught. so i think most are legit.
Sasha (6 days ago)
its all a script
ann craig (8 days ago)
Valve needs to be VAC
ooOmegAaa (8 days ago)
lmao, cheating in a game on a pro level should be death penalty. shroud talking about the hacks, dude changing out the mouse all sketchy like, taz going oh shit when the phone gets disconnected, you have to be a fucking fool to think that they people arent both insanely good at this game but cheating also. anyone whos ever used a cheat before knows how easy it is to fuck with people and make everyone think you arent cheating. and its always the best players who never get caught, cause they can turn it off and still smoke you.
ooOmegAaa (8 days ago)
also the dude who changed the mouse out took a swig of energy drink afterward. how the fuck you gonna compete legitimately with caffeine shaking your hands?
mikerin07 (8 days ago)
I knew it
Dennis Arp (9 days ago)
great, if that is your only evidence, then better go and jerk your noodle off.....this is total bullshit, you are total bullshit, you can keep your conspiracy-theories for yourself....
Yung Vurbed (10 days ago)
hate people who post these videos
John Caetano (11 days ago)
1. You made the video quality worse so its harder to tell if the crosshair touched thr heads. 2. And when you can see where the crosshair lands, it usually is very close to the head but not hitting it. 3. And are you trying to expose my man Shroud?
Ludwing Van Beethoven (11 days ago)
Yo juego en esea y tengo entendido que hay un control miy fierte de cheats. Entonces por que hay videos de esea
Fenlort (11 days ago)
gapple 1
Devious Verendus (12 days ago)
It is almost as if they're good at timings, flick shots and anticipating where the enemy will be after hearing or seeing them o:
Matěj Charvát (12 days ago)
Nobady cheating
Perversion (13 days ago)
all pros have or do hack because hacks like aim really show you what you need to be aiming at like when i got aim lock it showed me that i was aiming to low for headshots and now my headshots r way better, sucks tho that everyone hacks now rip
du Bb (13 days ago)
what they need to do is have 2 big sound proof boxes that only the teams go in, no team coach no nothing, only the players. and each box there is an official for each player that watches them to make sure nothing is switched, and have a keystroke program on every computer so after every match they can see what was went into if anything was into. also before every player goes into the sound proof box they are searched.
Illicit Films (14 days ago)
What's with everyone in the comments acting like it's impossible to cheat in Cs: Go?
Uwais Achmad (15 days ago)
No they just have good gaming chair
Chris OG (16 days ago)
truth be told... all the pros of today are all shit period... think they are good, wish they are good but end of the day 80% of em know they are fuck all... id play anyone of them anyday on an even playfield and make them all my bitch
JINXtheGamer (16 days ago)
Actually, Byali saw the barrel of a guy on the highway and he just reacted.
Rogério Freitas (16 days ago)
Not bad silver 😂, learn play bro -rep
Lucky Fifa (17 days ago)
this video hahahahah so fucking bad
Matt Rowe (17 days ago)
I mean, sure you could use the crowd, but I mean what about the flicks and lock ons, it's not like the crowd is cheering at that exact moment and even if they did, reaction time of the human brain is simply not that quick and couldn't possibly stop the motion of their hands at that exact moment.
Soax. (17 days ago)
Please just play a few matches and record demo. You look so often on Player Models through walls
Soax. (17 days ago)
"I play csgo for 50 years now and everyone better than me must be hacker" The comment section in a nutshell
Samuli Myllyniemi (17 days ago)
They could be like when they lift their mouse or if they just move their mouse and i think atleat part of these were coinsidences
Max Holden (19 days ago)
So fucking dumb they arent hacking
Filip J (20 days ago)
I feel like, sure some1 might be cheating, but seriously? 90% of the time people call out cheats is because they are to shitty at the game and cant do it themselfs. those guys you think are cheating puts down everyday for beeing the best in the world on this game and you still think they will not be better than level 10 on faceit/ global in matchmaking? jesus christ dude, stop crying at pros.
deplo (20 days ago)
Holy shit do u understand wall hacks half the "hacking senes" don't even render in with walls
Baby Man (20 days ago)
How would switching mouse change anything if it was already plugged in also why isnt there any clips of locks after he switches mouse ya daft cunt
Daniel Souza (20 days ago)
LMAO you're so retarded that I don't know if I laugh or cry
Li0nn (20 days ago)
you are just too fucking stupid to understand csgo, go play minecraft kid!
Sevenspent (20 days ago)
If your not cheating your not trying bro
xwm3 (20 days ago)
What rank are you ?
Zeltra X (21 days ago)
Stfu dude......do you even know how to play cs?
kijun kwon (21 days ago)
I can disprove all of your terrible ass claims of cheats. you obviously have no idea of what's going on, you slow the video down and the split second their mouse is over the player you call it cheats. plus, most of these are proper crosshair placement and reacting to the sounds they hear, not cheats
read more (21 days ago)
Yeah I've been watching a few "pro" player videos of late, some of the shots people pick out are to good to be true. There are fast reactions then there is just pure bullshit. Yeah people can have lucky rounds and pic off some great shots, but then there is doing it round after round !!!! Don't get me started on pre firing either, that shit is lame and complete noob behaviour. It's like flipping a coin. No skill what so ever.
Routopia (21 days ago)
this is bullshit no one is hacking in this video
I can use this video on my channel?
Bros Power (22 days ago)
I can't believe all of this legit happen...Im sad now to know pretty much all of this pro player is actually cheaters ;(
Bros Power (22 days ago)
Pro = Noob :-\
Jack Benjamin (22 days ago)
It’s called using your headphones bud, obviously you haven’t played enough csgo
ReganEntertainment (22 days ago)
Are you stupid? When he shaking with crosshair śr wall he communicate/shows/ask teammate about enemy
x_Razkiller_x (22 days ago)
Are you silver one?
Taube Ratte (23 days ago)
Hate all hackers @ earth ! i wish all instant death ! gl all fair players i never play again any online games !
Sebastian Farsø (23 days ago)
U know aimlock locks on to the closest enemy (second lock)
BBCpower (24 days ago)
I am Global and i am pretty sure, that the Progamer are Cheating. CSGO is full with cheater.
S4scH4 My DuDë (24 days ago)
They have 10k ours in game and killed millions ... u rly think u can judge them from 3 scenes ? The chances of it beeing coincidence are 99% ...
王亞磊 (24 days ago)
gambling destory csgo
Tony Gabriel (25 days ago)
Wtf are these 1980 graphics?
woen12331 2342342 (25 days ago)
IF you think about it, every second poses as a chance for a pro to place their cross-hair on an enemy, and this video is only six minutes, out of thousands of hours of footage, lmao, it's just chance
woen12331 2342342 (25 days ago)
If it's aimlock, the crosshair is exactly on the player lmao, silver.
The Rebel (26 days ago)
This game used to be so much fun. But now lot of hackers .
Milagros Orlandez (26 days ago)
Im gold nova 3 but i love playing with hackers because my dream rank is global elite and i cant make it so i will just imagine that im just playing with g.e😂
Alex Ejected (26 days ago)
get real dude
X7RM (26 days ago)
Bunch of hackers trying to sell Lil fanboys pure skills.... Rip cs
Arxus 135 (27 days ago)
I have a suggestion, go to properties for csgo and hit “uninstall”
tonyscivic16 (27 days ago)
Wtf can believe this did any of these guys play at a high rank??
Swag (27 days ago)
That from K0nfig is legit
Orion_-86 PubG (27 days ago)
seriously i cant stop laughing on the peoples who saying "ITS CALLED SENSE" its so fkin obvious dont try to be a pro ass cant u see the fkin locks on head ??????
Troll Home (26 days ago)
Orion_-86 PubG most likely the people who say that they aren't cheating are fuckin silvers who think gamesense can help them lock through walls i mean what the actual fuck... Shox was my favorite pro as well but after seeing this shit.. It seems that pro CS has become a fuckin joke
Troll Home (26 days ago)
Orion_-86 PubG yeah dude... These guys are retarded
JoJoTuBeR (27 days ago)
How do they chat on the tournaments
mattia garzieri (28 days ago)
Io mi chiedo: questi arrivano in finale di una Champions, tutti lo guardano vengono controllati e si mettono ad usare le hack? Sta gente mentalmente è svalvolata per fare così! Qualcuno noterà che fanno movimenti sbagliati e strani
TickleMyPelvis (28 days ago)
Guys, I just downloaded a shedload of ‘Game sense’ and ‘Practise’. Without ever playing CS before, I got to Global Elite within a week, how awesome is that!
irfan saad (28 days ago)
your the noob one its called skill idiot
Nathan MARIA (28 days ago)
When silver discover that thing we called «Crosshair placement»
Nathan MARIA (28 days ago)
In france we say «La parole est d'argent et le silence est d'or» In english its «Speaking is for silver and shut up fucking noob»
Iron bolt (29 days ago)
This guy does not know anything about sound. If you played in game sounds, you would know that they heard enemy in many of those clips. This is just click baiting and hyping up silvers so they think they're the true elite. Disliked
Bill Killernic (29 days ago)
The best proof that "pros" cheat is just their kills they dont aim right sometimes they are off to the air by inches form the player and then boom headshots... no or little spray control yet boom1-2shot kills as if they were playing COD and just aiming the chest
Stormoo (29 days ago)
So basically every CS pro, that is cheating...Hmm makes sense. :-D And I guess that every LoL player is scripting right :D
Outdated Meme (30 days ago)
I dont get how people defends this, Im MG1, Ive never seen anyoje without cheats aim lock at someone in the head through the wall, especially if they're moving and it stays in the head.
Outdated Meme (30 days ago)
NasH Hash (30 days ago)
go fuck your self and die pls
ART?K (1 month ago)
These *TAGS* 😂
Arvind Ashok (1 month ago)
Where's the joy of playing when you cheat cause there is nothing to proud of with no skill.
GOOD SUCC (1 month ago)
your playing 2 songs at the smae time lol
gladsomeant (1 month ago)
People can’t except that it’s obvious aim hacking. Y’all are fucking stupid
Trolleyen adam (1 month ago)
No hacking they are professional gamers e sport league
XanoDor (1 month ago)
Dude, I love you so much, you gave me another wiev of this fucking game, i'm going to stop to play csgo and gonna play fortnite now, this is so useless to be a pro on csgo while cheating, but this is so hard to be a pro while be legit on this fucking game !! You have one more follower and others ones aggree to me. (I'm sorry to do some mistakes in English language, because i'm learning it).
Cool Aid (1 month ago)
I thought shroud was a hacker good thing he doesn’t he’s like my hero
Kenny Gover (1 month ago)
This is sad
Azim Othman (1 month ago)
Some people are just paranoid calling others cheater when u play so bad/noob.Just saying.
Troll Home (1 month ago)
Aderubik 20 (1 month ago)
It s not wallhacking its just prefire
Wolf Diversion (1 month ago)
why shox was doing the shake crosshair thingy is to set off the crowd to make it look like a aim lock and if the crowd goes crazy it tells him hes there

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