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PUBG only loot crates challenge

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In this challenge you can not pickup anything except for whats in a care package i had a lot of fun with this challenge and recommend that you try it
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DayOneNoob (7 months ago)
You got this idea from me? :D
Warrior156 (3 months ago)
DayOneNoob i don't recall him saying that
Michael Orlando (8 months ago)
Cool idea. Super quiet though :)
General Justin3 (8 months ago)
Michael Orlando my bad I will be sure to speak louder in the next video thank you for the feedback
Kristof Kaye (8 months ago)
Kristof Kaye (8 months ago)
oh ok i see
General Justin3 (8 months ago)
PyroShrek I think what I did was try to lower the intro volume and lowered the whole videos volume instead
Kristof Kaye (8 months ago)
yea right now im trying it, also great video but just raise the volume a bit
General Justin3 (8 months ago)
PyroShrek thx

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