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How to get Playerunknown's Battlegrounds FOR FREE PUBG!? - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (2017)

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Text Comments (90)
GTA Mester (2 months ago)
clickbait shit
streammania (3 months ago)
Tomas Gaming (5 months ago)
you say it's free but it's paid! delete this video or remove "FREE" from the title
StillHere (5 months ago)
thanks for the feed back i will try :)
Skyy Gamez (6 months ago)
You're a fucking idiot
CJ SMITH (6 months ago)
thanks so much help NOT
Andor Bandi (7 months ago)
u sad u can buy the game here or on steam u dumbass How to get Playerunknown's Battlegrounds FOR FREE PUBG!? - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (2017)
Enes Daci (7 months ago)
fuck you
iiKNiiGHTONii (7 months ago)
How to get views using clickbait?
Owen Simpkins (7 months ago)
I figured out how to get it, it might take some time tho Get a job and buy it yourself you poor cunt.
StillHere (4 months ago)
i approve your comment
Potato Punches (7 months ago)
Piece of shit with ur goddamn tags
Siah Blake (7 months ago)
Ew, your intro sucks.
Lee sin Plays (7 months ago)
Pedja King (7 months ago)
i like how the kids actually thought they can actually get playerunknown's battlegrounds for free
StillHere (7 months ago)
ikr kids r so fucking stupid
GamingPem ;3 (7 months ago)
''free'' are you sure ?
Chris Official (7 months ago)
jose luis pedralta (7 months ago)
If you want steam codes FOR FREE, I have the solution; https://dwnlds.co/9282aeb
Gabriel Maran (7 months ago)
wtf is this shit read u r commebnts
Good Gamer (7 months ago)
I have an archive of STEAM keys (about 100)! lotteryfreekeys1.blogspot.com If necessary, take it. I do not need them).
SHaDow (7 months ago)
Im reporting this video for misleading title. You said its FREE, and in the video you show that you have to BUY IT. Retard.
MisaGaming6 (7 months ago)
If you actually want it free (and not this crap that this video shows) I found a working crack. Didn't work for my friend unfortunately, but it worked for me http://gamecracks.online/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-full-game-crack/
NoSwxeat (8 months ago)
This kid is honestly retarded. In the title it says how to get it for free, then proceeded to tell us how to pre order the game. Just clickbait. And when people comment, calling out his bullshit, he replies with some shit like " this is how you know a kid commented LOL KID" Like seriously dude. End your fucking life.
Glitchin Bros (7 months ago)
kys m8 C:
Raiden (7 months ago)
StillHere (8 months ago)
lol kid
Sedrik Nguyen Thanh (8 months ago)
I like monkeys
jack madden (8 months ago)
wtf is the point of the vid
Antonio Dražević (8 months ago)
Apsolute legend
Colosseum Games (8 months ago)
Come on man... you can do it... BE A BIGGER ASSHOLE... It suits you...
Mike Buton (8 months ago)
what a goof ball
Chicken Wass (8 months ago)
Dafuq? It said for free! Full of crap
the dark slayer (8 months ago)
Wtf is this shit
FootLongSubway (8 months ago)
To be fucking honest. What the FUCK did i just watch?
Armbenj Gaming (8 months ago)
How to get Playerunknown's Battlegrounds FOR "FREE" PUBG. WTF FREE YOU STUPID ASS BITCH
GrandpaGohan (8 months ago)
Guys dont make fun of the kid. He just doesnt know what free means.
Aman Bhatia (6 months ago)
Mikasun (8 months ago)
Fizzle Agario (8 months ago)
OMG IT WORKS! The dislike button, IT WORKS!
Potato Punches (7 months ago)
LOL GO FUCK YOURSELF doesnt matter if its a kid or an adult
GamingPem ;3 (7 months ago)
+StillHere atleast try something new other then ''LOL KID'' for you, everyone here is a kid, like thats sooo normal isint it ?
StillHere (8 months ago)
how u know its a kid commenting on your video LOL KID
George Bougias (8 months ago)
this kids just wanna get views omfg so fucking mediocre
Liuon (8 months ago)
Title says free pubg key and you show us how to buy it. Are you fucking idiot? Go suicide please autistic kid.
TheXxdaknessxX (8 months ago)
You suck man, honestly kill yourself.
OASIS_YHG (9 months ago)
I do feel a bit sorry for you that people are hating on you, but this video was a bit pointless sorry man. (just advice)
iKonds (9 months ago)
Subscribe? All you did is you went to the fucking PUBG webiste and told us how to buy it lol, delete this video its giving me cancer.
iKonds (9 months ago)
Do you even know what that car in your background is?
StillHere (9 months ago)
ty for telling me what i did
xForgeHouse (9 months ago)
Bruh most the time i dont get mad when people post videos like this but nigga you just sound disgusting af like you burped 4+ times in less than a minute and then posted it on youtube.... dirty ass nigga
Кирилл Танов (9 months ago)
wtf man?
onehitt a (9 months ago)
I found that extraordinary helpful, subscribed, thank you so much! :D I'm not sure if you made this video as a joke or not but it's pure comedy gold how you set this up 0:30 in combination with your weird voice it's just perfect :D
Anis Hamici (9 months ago)
lol no shit sherlock
Axxie (10 months ago)
Lmao xD
Not Anymore (10 months ago)
This is why I support Pro Choice sometimes
Mukhesh seetaram (10 months ago)
Why dude? I mean, Why?
Berat (10 months ago)
Lmao hope you die soon u peace of shit. 111 Disslikes haha POOR MAn's Asshole
Historical Comparisons (10 months ago)
aq malı eleman troll. Stillhere that was a quite helfull guide vide thanks for your effort
Berat (10 months ago)
RoFL Try to make an good VIDEO BabY! Then you can be a good YOUTUBER!
StillHere (10 months ago)
lol this kid believes lance kys kid
john gu (11 months ago)
i know how to get the for free.you download the sideways version of the MWK an you forward the hash to M94.#00121453867 thx
The Blu Light (11 months ago)
The title said FREE PUBG but i don't see that it is free. This vid is the worst i have ever seen
MadBox (11 months ago)
Thats mental disablity and its not just for today.
David Rodarte (11 months ago)
STUPID.... IT is not for free it is to buy it STUPID ASS
Mimou Chiron (11 months ago)
Lol my life changed after watching this video, I feel like I became much smarter than I was.. You have my thanks
Aman Bhatia (6 months ago)
same here
Yahyah playzz (11 months ago)
? wtf is this vid?
Willyarie Wibowo (11 months ago)
ngapain ya tadi cuma basa basi doank :v
Battlegrounds Plays (1 year ago)
Good Content man :)
Anne Gallagher (1 year ago)
Like wtf is this video.. how is this helpful? and dude dont make videos if your voice is that shitty even if its just that your sick then dont record while your sick... like cmon
Battlegrounds Plays (1 year ago)
Good Content My man :)
Blink (1 year ago)
great content. keep making them vidz!
Battlegrounds Plays (1 year ago)
Great video mate! Keep up the good work!
Battlegrounds Plays (1 year ago)
Great video mate!
Trey Engen (1 year ago)
the dumbest video I have ever watched. Why did you post this?
EasyTech (6 months ago)
u r the dumbest guy/kid i've ever seen in my life!!!
Face Palm (8 months ago)
becoz he a kid also...
IM A Jr. (9 months ago)
how you know he a kid
StillHere (1 year ago)
yea ik kid
James Maas (1 year ago)
_______-________\ '|________________\ .............. ( ' _' ) | | | |
Primzy (1 year ago)
Lmao that voice crack
robert dippie (8 months ago)
oSwiftg It's also funny how your "little brother" who is apparently only 10, knows how to use such big words.
robert dippie (8 months ago)
oSwiftg Is that why you posted a comment on here yesterday?? I'm also not salty, it just annoys me reading illiterate moronic comments. :)
oSwiftg (8 months ago)
salty this is an old video dumbass and my little bro posted that he is only 10 lol
robert dippie (8 months ago)
Let me fix this extremely illiterate sentence that you just wrote: ********Are you retarded? You can't even spell, fucking idiot. A voice crack and a cold are 2 different things, go back to grade 2 to learn how to spell. You're a fucking idiot.******** Come up with a different insult other than "retarded" and "fucking idiot". You're so ignorant, that it hurts to read your dumbass responses. Next time, don't start a sentence with a conjunction you ignorant dunce. I'm hoping that your first language is not english, because if it is, go back to school you illiterate cuck. Thanks. :)
Muhyun Kim (8 months ago)
r u retarded when you have a cold ur throat can hurt and it affects ur voice

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