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PUBG GIRLS WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep# (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Plays)

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The Art of Warfare Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TAWgamingChannel The use of the Seal of TAW does not represent TAW's code of ethics and was used inadvertently. PUBG GIRLS WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep# (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Plays) Do you have any good PUBG moment to submit? Do it here: [email protected] If u have any problem pls contact me: ([email protected])
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Text Comments (843)
RetArm (1 day ago)
04:32 If you google whore. The definition you find there basically describes what this girl is.
Mahmut Arslanhan (2 days ago)
6:42 Duygu tam bir lowsun shdfvchx
No One (2 days ago)
This is pure cancer
ronald tuscano (2 days ago)
Go MESSI MESSI (2 days ago)
Pornhub in the first part wtf
Jod3n (2 days ago)
1:26 god damn who is that !
Ms. Seä (3 days ago)
These girls using the gaming community to feed their attention meter
Rex Ona (3 days ago)
Friendly fire Even in the game you get friendzone :((((((((
Yan Erli Kurniawan (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/qNOxDKSs3oQ 18+ hot
Carlos Valladares (4 days ago)
9:50 who is she?
GaMEr'S CrEeD (5 days ago)
Hey why every online streaming girl thinks that sexualizing their video can gave them more views...man i mean come on if you don't have skills to play why you should even try gaming.. It's just wasting of time...they should better opt for pornographic careers..😕😕😂😂
Triggerd man (7 days ago)
I Sense perverts at the comment section
Gaming Galaxy (7 days ago)
Got my wife
DeadPool (7 days ago)
1:26 Holy shit..
orc slayer (8 days ago)
orc slayer (8 days ago)
John Gotti Jr (8 days ago)
@ 9:08, I'd still hit it. Just wouldn't call back the next day.
Stephen Smith (9 days ago)
Cat ears get ur tits out
I think the car hate his life
DRILLMASTER I.S.V (9 days ago)
One shot one kill no luck pure skill
Samz Adrian (9 days ago)
At the first video, my volume sound was so loud on my phone and then my parents thought i watching porn videos. 😁😁😁😂😂
Will-I-aM. awy (10 days ago)
Woman suck even in video games fucking up guys shit
Ricardo Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Its like a desert.
Kris4u PUBG (12 days ago)
Vittorio canale (12 days ago)
shinji (13 days ago)
the ads holy shit F
1 women player pubg laura lalajo
Fahim Anjarpul (14 days ago)
Fahim Anjarpul (14 days ago)
Saran jngn ajak cewek main PUBG dah klo gk mau gni
Webel-Gamer (14 days ago)
4:31 mmmm
Optimus Prime (15 days ago)
The girl on the left from 8:33 look like combination of Alex Grey and Piper Perri
TrailRipper (15 days ago)
Women are fucking retarded on PUBG
Thomas Smit (15 days ago)
You need a wife
Nakul kumar (15 days ago)
RIP Girls
Sahin Eyvazzade (15 days ago)
Duygu köseoglunuda koymuslar lan 😂
Iskelet Adam (16 days ago)
6:55 Duygu Koseoglu 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Svetlin Stefanov (17 days ago)
Oh look another compilation of twitch sluts
Nipul Bhai (17 days ago)
18+ only
DP ie (17 days ago)
Thumbs up if you paused at 1:28
حمودي الملك (18 days ago)
efsane (18 days ago)
olum bu papc benmde oynamam lazım bu karılar resmen ates ediyor ta ta tam diye hepsi tas ghibi bebek gibi yalarım hepsını dd
zsolt zalan (18 days ago)
WTF 9:18-9:41
rasta cookies (19 days ago)
I need a selfie! Pffff sad bitch
Stefan Van Der Merwe (19 days ago)
Not even all pubg retards!
LoLMeN (19 days ago)
Ahahahahaha 6:45 #DuyguKöseoğlu :D :D :D
Jordzyi 1 (19 days ago)
Stupid people support this idiotic waste of space streamers that want views followers & money, small channels like me make more of a effort to do great videos then this garbage channels I’m 100% calling em out
Bimo Ario (20 days ago)
This is why guys, girls should stay in the kitchen!!
Jesper Risanger (20 days ago)
Is this age restricted
anthony gallardo (20 days ago)
What game is this
white screen (21 days ago)
More like PUBG HUB
Muffin Rage (21 days ago)
3:40 Thank me
Shing Yo (21 days ago)
8:40 you'll die laughing 😂
Zailis 2 (21 days ago)
what game is that at 7:40
Zailis 2 (21 days ago)
never mind, H1Z1, i found it
charles Whitman (23 days ago)
Big fukn titties 😍😍😍😍😍
Arizal Angga (25 days ago)
Zohmangaiha Tlau (25 days ago)
8:33 so funny😂😂😂
Peyton White (27 days ago)
Ran outta clips so u added h1z1 clips lol
Twisted Mystery (27 days ago)
My GF Knocked Me Like '4 Times In A Single PUBG Duo Game'
Johny D (27 days ago)
Why they do a Category for everything in this stupid World
zero sas (28 days ago)
9:47 who is she ???
Kyle Diaz (28 days ago)
How to Play That Game?
Viren Duhan (28 days ago)
bitches can play
R1 Menace (28 days ago)
4:30 is the only reason im watching this
R1 Menace (1 day ago)
God Damn! those nips though. know who the streamer is?
Shawn Davis Gaming (28 days ago)
Jp Wait (29 days ago)
What language is that at 8:37
Luv2 Splooch (29 days ago)
Women of the night
RideVlogs (29 days ago)
4:32 his tits is so visible
Gun Bta (29 days ago)
Slowdown baby😂😂😂
scott Gullion (29 days ago)
Ronak Sagar (29 days ago)
4:33 who is she
Ronak Sagar (29 days ago)
And 7:00
The best moment is -0:01 :v
Simply Lovely (1 month ago)
7:28 wank away
ابو حسن (1 month ago)
لطيفه ومسليه اتخبل
??-E-?? (1 month ago)
H- Gaming (1 month ago)
But in 7:41 is not pubg is h1z1
Some guy From Canada (1 month ago)
I’m sorry I was told I could come and here and see some hot ladies that play pub g but it was a lie.......... In fact I feel like I might have broken a law watching this video. Just what I always wanted. To be the creepy old dude.......
Karol K (1 month ago)
This video is sponsored by PORN HUB
Tyler Smith (1 month ago)
Wow watching these dunces was really a waste of my time
Frankles Notronbo (1 month ago)
Why most of them play just Third Person Pussy mode..... uhps...
Caleb Bridges (1 month ago)
No bra some serious d's bro 04:32
Necrodragn (1 month ago)
lol I like how dumbass dudes will bitch and moan if another dude teamkills them, but if it's a woman, suddenly it's funny and ok. Thirsty little shits.
Ashish Kumar (1 month ago)
First kill and then cure
Dat Nguyen (1 month ago)
At 1:26 what it's her name
SuSu TK (1 month ago)
pornhub XD
robthemule 91 (1 month ago)
“All she had was white rice and chicken”
814NK Gamez (1 month ago)
thanks for the boobs man. **thumbs up**
Svadilfari YT (1 month ago)
08:45 i am disappointed That's not even PUBG
I Dont Stop (1 month ago)
Just a bunch of dumb fucking whores
Darius Pastrikos (1 month ago)
The starting tho PORN hub
04:32 big boobs😂
Sebuš LordDemeg (1 month ago)
1:33 give me her twitch name pls or Just leave a link below my comm
DMX Narzary (1 month ago)
7:31 😂😂😂👍😍😘lit
Eraldo Pajtoni (1 month ago)
This tells that girls aren’t for that game
Der Kaiser (1 month ago)
Stupid bitches
Christopher Jakel (1 month ago)
"I need a selfie".....??? Um.....no bitch, you need fucking therapy. A few brain cells wouldn't hurt either.
your Anime (1 month ago)
vladimir makarov (1 month ago)
I swear some of these bitches are fucking retarded. Like literally retarded!
mr _GAMER (1 month ago)
Why you buyy a fuckingg computerr tell me why give your fuckingg computer anddd gett out of my life

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