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OMG - Far Cry 5 - Part 24 (Let's Play / Walkthrough / PS4 Pro Gameplay)

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Text Comments (228)
Mahendra Karandikar (1 day ago)
faith is dangerous
Gerard Julien (4 days ago)
the one with the flowers
Jonathan Connor (4 days ago)
Trevor why didn’t you build a DAMN FORT
XZavier Harris (4 days ago)
Hey Trev is Faith still cute?
Huskie (4 days ago)
TrollButHonest (5 days ago)
Hey how does it feel like to steal millions of dollars by deceiving your viewers? And yet you keep playing games for a living feeding off of the same fanbase like the shameless man you are, Tmartn.
Numbr1 Kill3R (5 days ago)
Jesus Christ his eyes sent shivers down me spine 😰
Claudia Hoyda (5 days ago)
Faith go! Faith used Double Team XD. Pokemon move.
gaming master (5 days ago)
i feel bad for josph
Cybersh0t_ 50 (5 days ago)
Get the third slot for weapons
Benno B. (5 days ago)
Get a silenced sniper rifle
Abhirup Das (5 days ago)
Colton Park (5 days ago)
Can't wait for the Finale. Love this game, the story, and the ending is incredible, can't wait to see your experience.
Gerald LJY (5 days ago)
Im just sad that the series is going to end
Kevin Witt Da Hoodie (5 days ago)
God bless u tmart 🙏🏾
Retronic08 (5 days ago)
Weakado (5 days ago)
What happened to the marshal
Leandro Perez (5 days ago)
Bro i like your vids put i hate the way you play u don't think your moves why u play like a noob?? U have been playing in console your entire life!! Like if u agree...
Pronab Sarker (5 days ago)
21:44 I thought I knew God’s plan I do too.
famoussasjohn (5 days ago)
You've probably already wrapped up the game, but listen to the radio while you're driving. Some important info when it's playing a newscast.
Dhruv Jain (5 days ago)
Great vid, just a suggestion, though. Can we see some better weapons please? something like a better AR or shotgun or something? I like the vids but it would be nice to switch it up a little.
Brody Loftus (5 days ago)
I’d be down to go into the Bliss with Faith 😏
kakgoblin (5 days ago)
I need another episode
Error Name Not Found (5 days ago)
There’s two endings you can resist or walk away if you walk away you can re do the ending again and you then you can do the other ending
The gaming Bear (5 days ago)
katherine Aubrey (5 days ago)
the expressions on your face.thats what got my like
Faizzi (5 days ago)
Is it bad that every time I have the LMG I just spray and pray 🤔😂😂
Anthony Galon (5 days ago)
IDK how he got that weapon tho but u know that he has a trump card Waiting fulfilling the need of...
Anthony Galon (5 days ago)
Whatever don't resist or gonna get even but also ended up as he's servant
Lianna Doocy (5 days ago)
Fabeian Rodriguez (5 days ago)
drakes god's plan is ready
797 wolf (5 days ago)
For the ending I did both but I think the walk away ending is the best definitely better than resist
Lianna Doocy (5 days ago)
On the screen to watch this he looks posesed
TheDell01 (5 days ago)
Faith is a creep.
comtech intl (5 days ago)
Brandon Hillgoth happy bday bro
Michael Banahne (5 days ago)
Jacob is in the bible it talks about a men of false storys
Unknown Hyper (5 days ago)
Nice syndicate shirt !
Ch4ZnU JR (5 days ago)
Nice Video but when I play Far Cry I'm not that agrresive
Jordan Hightower (5 days ago)
That was crazy
VeLocity (5 days ago)
Dude I love this game so much!!! Trevor is the perfect person to host this series because he doesn’t talk to much and he just lets the game play out by itself😄thx trev
The Tech Center (5 days ago)
Why did you leave us on a cliffhanger 😭😢
callum bloys (5 days ago)
Nice video please play the ending tonight loved this series cant wait for the dlc's 👍
Vapor Sucks (5 days ago)
Will Tankersley (5 days ago)
Best thing to do is shoot her with a rpg
angelo glasgow (5 days ago)
what happened to trev and chels
Oof. toxicc (5 days ago)
please change your load out
Benito Dorito (6 days ago)
Why haven’t we been getting fortnite gameplay lately
Paul Winley (6 days ago)
Since you are against Joseph's family that means you don't believe god you don't want to go to heaven or you don't believe them
Simone Peters (6 days ago)
You should really start making more videos with koda and cooper
Dylan Wolff (4 days ago)
Simone Peters he only does them on Sundays
Trap GUCCI (6 days ago)
Love it plz do the next episode
Trap GUCCI (6 days ago)
To day
Alex Johnson (6 days ago)
You should do a live stream trev
Eleuterio Almaraz1 (6 days ago)
@0:18 she tryin to smash or na
RexB17 (6 days ago)
That snot acting though
Tomas Twining (6 days ago)
Just wanna say Trever! this FAR CRY5 series have been amazing man!?! I love your vids soo much Keep it up! cant wait till Next one!
Unwanted Playr (6 days ago)
The fact that that snot from his nose was real...
Jack The90th (6 days ago)
Reppin the OG syndicate Shirt.... I see you Trevor
Cameron Rodgers (6 days ago)
harol (6 days ago)
Where are the Fortnite vids?!??!?
yannick83210 (6 days ago)
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moill caber (6 days ago)
i got 524k vbucks
Jones_ Kickss (6 days ago)
upload today please
Yjii _ (6 days ago)
We want Sea of theifs
J. Smith (5 days ago)
Wait does Trev have xbox too?
Joseph Hernandez (5 days ago)
Yjii _ *Thieves
Harambe's Herald (5 days ago)
the water looks good but there's literally nothing to do.
That thumbnail 😷
James Laker (6 days ago)
She on drugs
Colton Pierce (6 days ago)
Spend some perk points and upgrade your guy!
Ryan Johnson (6 days ago)
Do more Date Ariane
Dylan Kentle (6 days ago)
Tmartn2 doesn't appreciate his fans if he doesn't pin this
Aero (6 days ago)
Resist at the end
Filipe Maia (6 days ago)
i just realized the sheriff looks just like dickson from xenoblade chronicles lol
Hunter The Man (6 days ago)
Favorite series on you tube so far
Hunter The Man (6 days ago)
Finally I’ve been waiting all day for this episode iv been bing watching all your series for the past 2 weeks
coy grosbier (6 days ago)
Faith has the sadest story of the three she was drugged abused beaten by the father as a teenager
J. Smith (5 days ago)
the protagonist is ruthless man:( faith was dope
Bryan Sherlock (5 days ago)
coy grosbier yeah she seemed way better than john and jacob because she was taken against her will
imicca (6 days ago)
Sadly this is the best part of the story
lordjenn A (6 days ago)
I'm so CONFUSED ABOUT faith what's wrong with her. how is she in that place.
Numbr1 Kill3R (5 days ago)
The bliss is a drug that make you hallucinate all those green things your seeing isn’t real there all a part of the hallucination it basically masks reality.
lordjenn A (5 days ago)
jadon pachunka thanks
jadon pachunka (6 days ago)
Its a drug called the bliss that you go into parts of the game that shes in
Upwarmucle (6 days ago)
the FzCk!
izak diaz (6 days ago)
1 think she liked your character
Tom Barnes (6 days ago)
Just got Far Cry today and im loving it
Jamal savage777 (6 days ago)
notification squad les go Trev you said the end is near so when is the end
Pets & Stuff (6 days ago)
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on Wait a second... WHERES MY FORTNITE VIDEOS! yesterday and today bruh! 😡 😡 😡 😡
Yeetmandem (6 days ago)
I hate the character that you’re playing he never says a word to help nothing like the rest of the franchise (not including primal)
Rageis Boss (6 days ago)
Come on next episode I'm ready
Owen Hansen (6 days ago)
When you go to the church to find josofh seed you have to say no when he says put the hand on the bible
Awesome UnicornMia21 (6 days ago)
Hi peeps!
Elite Dino (6 days ago)
Ok den
Godly ANT (6 days ago)
hey i’m early
jack harrington (6 days ago)
Great game beat this game twice it was awesome 😎
Maxim Wandless (5 days ago)
jack harrington Mk. J. M. J Gigi k. I. T Inge. G
Connor Harrington (5 days ago)
jack harrington nice name
Ausar Weefur-Coleman (6 days ago)
Oliver Fletcher (6 days ago)
Cant wait to see trevors reaction to which ever ending he chooses >:)
R Savage (6 days ago)
Creepy hell
Clintons07 (6 days ago)
Love the this so close to the end
Xkapi12 Gaming (6 days ago)
Tmartn can you please play fortnite save the world?!?!
Ellie Croft (6 days ago)
This is what I ment when I commented on the other farcry video and how I feel so bad for faith, even though she was already taking drugs (cocaine by the tattoo on her arm) because she was bullied then abused by her family. Joseph forced faith to take more drugs like she says "do you think I wanted this, he plied me with drugs, he threatened me I was 17 I was just a child" so joseph took control of faith and if she didn't agree to do what he wanted who knows what he would have done to her. After all she is only his adoptive sister they are not related by blood. I do wish you could help faith and redeem her so she could be your allie instead. that's just my opinion I haven't got to faiths boss fight myself yet and honestly don't want to she is just such a great character and I got very emotionaly attached to her. Plus she was far to young to die she was only 26 😢 💔 R.I.P Faith💕
TheBlizzardHD (4 days ago)
ghost_curse oh ok :)
Reuben Thompson (5 days ago)
She’s a made up character in a game
ghost_curse (5 days ago)
I looked it up, and apparently her name is actually Rachel Jessop.(Lana is another version of Faith)
TheBlizzardHD (5 days ago)
ghost_curse I think her name is Lana. You can find a note in one of the prepper stashes :) I am 95% sure it is a reference to the Faith we have now.
ghost_curse (5 days ago)
We don't even know what her real name is. Joseph said that she was not the first Faith.
Erly Lahom (6 days ago)
Can you atleast use your damn perk points for more storage in the weapon wheel!!!!!!!
Matt Tucker (6 days ago)
Trevor use 9 perk points to be able to get a third weapon it is useful when in gun fights and can help you
Ćevapi Na prodaju (6 days ago)
10:16 Logan Paul content right there boys....
Barry Ritchie (6 days ago)
Do another 360 degree video😝😛 (like if you agree👍🏽)
D and E gaming 123 (6 days ago)
Do an Assassin's Creed video plzzzzzzz
Mason Boyer (6 days ago)
'-' so cool
Zehn Khalid (6 days ago)
Jack Sprat (6 days ago)
Wow crazy
jamal Biscette (6 days ago)
we need more adventure and open world games

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