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I don't know how far the shot was because the kill couldn't be secured. :/ You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/AculiteGaming ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Aculitegaming ►Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/Aculite (don't stream much) Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com https://www.youtube.com/WeAreEpidemicSound Song: Fight For Glory - Niklas Johansson Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) http://bit.ly/2mEacP0 Intro/outro is a template from RavenProDesign that I've edited. http://www.RavenProDesign.com Settings and Equipment: http://bit.ly/2nHTspq Please report any hate speech/rude comments.
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Text Comments (1247)
sarthak khanna (17 hours ago)
U did not take the compensater for the awm r u serious??😲😲
Amadaoues Fox (17 hours ago)
did you know when you get the smoke of care packages on your car it will turn red
Thomas Jackson (3 days ago)
Hey add me Takeoffmigos96 I’ll play well squad solos
gg pro
dipanshu kumar (4 days ago)
Nice .... But you have to try Android mobile Gameplay.....
Youssef Styword (5 days ago)
1:25 😎
fuck you ramen (7 days ago)
that was 1km shot
Yavor Kotsev (9 days ago)
You are so good at this game
Tristen Qulity (9 days ago)
10:43 I won in that spot to
Tristen Qulity (9 days ago)
10:34 I won in that spot
Brandon Mejia (10 days ago)
But you all should add me on snap @brandon_1246 😊😊
Ethan Vaughn (11 days ago)
Wibu Gaming (11 days ago)
Please teach me how to long shoot like that 😍😍
bozkurt adam2 (13 days ago)
Anonimouz (13 days ago)
Awesome Game play man
Rohan Khan (14 days ago)
4:31 Vector victory*
How do you get those skins man
Li U MAAA (16 days ago)
Ickyarkman (18 days ago)
why 3rd person :( lol
HuNtEr je (18 days ago)
Nice to met you
SUPERNANO 120 (19 days ago)
Jerrick's FB Chanel (19 days ago)
I wish I had a Xbox or Playstation to play on but I have to play mobile and it's so laggy
Hesten (19 days ago)
Hos many meters?
The Gaming Otaku (20 days ago)
I was expecting a chicken dinner xD
Keith Boyle (21 days ago)
Best pubg player
Mattu (21 days ago)
Gabriel Montesinos (22 days ago)
Ryan could've used a frag to sacrifice Aculite to win!!!
omar mussa (22 days ago)
Can I play it without steam
xxH4PT1Cxx Xbox One (22 days ago)
Teach me your ways!!!
SLD VIPER GAMEFARM (23 days ago)
Can i be on your team.. coz damn!! Communication is very vital with this game
Ipoeng Joss (23 days ago)
Good you
Erick Blue (24 days ago)
good show man
The fri God 58 (24 days ago)
That was good
Itsyoboy HaramBr0 (25 days ago)
I got a kill with a mini14 with 4x scope at over 900meters. Got a clip of it on my xbox captures to prove. Single shot headshot
Jeremy Langford (27 days ago)
Are you Tim Ferris?
Kakoii Yatco (28 days ago)
Is this auto crosshair?
Cranial Dilemma (1 month ago)
3rd person takes no skill. I’m not impressed.
Lwandile Dlamini (1 month ago)
(1:37 into the vid )if u connect that shot u will be greater than Simo hayha(excuse spelling of the name)
Posman Sihotang (1 month ago)
Nice team
Jesus Martinez (1 month ago)
1:32 wtf is he aiming at o.o impressive.
KZ Causey (1 month ago)
The new frankie
Freddie Patel (1 month ago)
end rough announce kngbtgl effectiveness meaningful online suit luck support crew buyer alcohol.
Ikubaru 6 (1 month ago)
"omg he hit my pan". what a way to be discovered.
Jupong Gaming (1 month ago)
this is a good job brother, i'm INDONESIA thanks :)
Harry Akbar (1 month ago)
Pokeystar101 (1 month ago)
Best pubg youtuber
Pokeystar101 (1 month ago)
You are amazing
Bobo Rara (1 month ago)
Is aculite a pro player or just a youtuber?
septyan sam bayu (1 month ago)
So fun to watch
2face (2 months ago)
the distance was about ~990 meters
Radivoj Maric (2 months ago)
LoL this game is garbage compared to Fortnite BR
Josiah Perino (2 months ago)
How was it in meters?
Calvin Johnson (2 months ago)
Great Teamwork Mates!
Trent Pattillo (2 months ago)
The worst part about these PUBG videos from people like Stone or Aculite is the god damned Chinese bootleg mobile knockoff “rules of survival,” nonsense. Great content, though.
Sesenai (2 months ago)
Daryl John (2 months ago)
Great video
Paul David (2 months ago)
i really want this game
Joomla Gaming Templates (2 months ago)
Ultimate Hackers (2 months ago)
King Vape (2 months ago)
nice teamwork
Rinas Nachy (2 months ago)
damnn it was all ur fault
Oscar Pratt (2 months ago)
When the game was good sigh
Ansh Jain (2 months ago)
Best playa ever ❤️
cory riggs (2 months ago)
a guy named EliteInsomniac has the record for kill on xbox. its usually the last video he has playing on mixer.
Chase c. (2 months ago)
God level reached
Lean Cup (2 months ago)
I guess that wasn’t really the thumbnail
Tin Tin Cambodia (2 months ago)
this game looks awesome
Minh Võ (2 months ago)
O_O really?!? you could shoot that FAR?
XGN Mizmo (2 months ago)
A real butt clencher?
Eirik Terland (2 months ago)
Why are u using 4x __
Dennis Miller (2 months ago)
Good teamwork!!
Patrik Angger (2 months ago)
One of the best teamwork ever i see!
Ah K’mab Official (2 months ago)
I Really Like your Channel:) I Already Subscribed Your Channel:) Please Subscribe Back :)
Thomas Kendall (2 months ago)
If you close the doors they won’t know your there
Bengt Johansson (3 months ago)
Hi Aculite. Thank you for the video mate. Do find it more useful to play in third person than first person? One thing that come to my mind when I saw you in another video with crossbow, and that was when you sit close to the wall with your crossbow. The reason is that in many games it's a glitch that make the weapon or peace of the soldier stick out on the other side of the wall. I started play online with Call Of Duty United Offensive and there I always kept that in my mind so I didn't come too close to any walls.
Smiffdogg init (3 months ago)
Fffffffff unlucky guys!!!!
ThePr3acher TV (3 months ago)
how do they jump like that climbing up the hill so easy?
sokocul (3 months ago)
Elaina Jacobs (3 months ago)
Gold. Mmh wondering if this comment will hit the generateor as well...
Shaun Comino (3 months ago)
Ai Ai (3 months ago)
Your voice is so soothing. ☺️
Norwiking (3 months ago)
bike sound?
Sherwin Valdres (3 months ago)
Better luck next time
Matthew Seltzer (3 months ago)
That pan shot tho
Matthew Seltzer (3 months ago)
Victory? You mean VECTORY??
Joey Caccamo (3 months ago)
8:03 *fires three shots* , "two tapped"
CrisVlogEverything (3 months ago)
how can i download this game plssss
Colby Taylor (3 months ago)
Why do I lag when I shoot. I mean 30 fps. I have i7 7700k and 980ti classified. I have all settings low.
Papito Vidal (3 months ago)
whats 1 95
Ian Playpayon (3 months ago)
Thats awesome, im new to your channel, I'll definitely suscribe after the video.
xXMAGNUSXx lords mobile (3 months ago)
rendering distance in these type of games it's a big problem.... people hide in the grass but if you are far away you can see them easly cause grass disappear
Gudix Riven (3 months ago)
Fucking tpp noob Player's bleeeeeh
David Gevorgyan (3 months ago)
nice game guys!!!
Carmela delos Reyes (3 months ago)
hey alcu im your new suscriber hopeu notice
[^R0]OstasRoman (3 months ago)
Redo Guswanda (3 months ago)
Best game play
Toni Petkovic (3 months ago)
Need more Pubg players https://discord.gg/ZTckCr
Zidane Zidane (3 months ago)
U make it look so easy
Ryan Brice (4 months ago)
Also, Look at whom I never bump into? :P <3
Ryan Brice (4 months ago)
I literally just went ahead and purchased this game. Thanks to this video xD #FeelPrivileged <3

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