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PUBG Top 5 Places To Go Afk

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thanks for watching hopeufully you enjoyed the video
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BrendanD15 (5 months ago)
You just replaced your groza with an M16, BOI
goldenDien (5 months ago)
"Nobody will ever know you are here" Well now they will lol
Meatus (5 months ago)
you missed one in the top right corner of the prison area there is a hidey hole which you can prone into and its really deep
General Justin3 (5 months ago)
sirpwnsalot9 thanks man I will check it out
JIM JOHNSON (5 months ago)
I'm glad these are becoming known free kills regularly
PikseliPekka (5 months ago)
if ur strugglin to get Top#10 in solos just use these spots
General Justin3 (5 months ago)
PikseliPekka they're also really good spots to get kills
TheLecolShow (5 months ago)
nice +sub
General Justin3 (5 months ago)
TheLecolShow thanks alot man glad you enjoyed

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