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Using "Buy Hatke" Chrome extension in Xiaomi Mi3 flash sale on Flipkart! 1080p FULL HD

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We tried using "Buy Hatke" Chrome extension during flash sale. The extension promised to add the phone immediately to the cart , as the timer ended. Watch the video to see if that was successful or not. Good Luck for you purchase. (Y) Buy from the link here, and will surely promote your purchase in the process. Good Luck! http://goo.gl/zQDA1t Also, Like and Comment your experiences below. :)
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Arjun Bahadur Singh (3 years ago)
same happened for me ...!!! kind of cheated..!!! same green small window came ..!!! but i was not directed anywhere..!!! the green window was still there..!!! eventually  i refreshed after 15 minutes and the green window changed to orange one displaying some other disappointing message..!!! I should have tried myself directly...!!! :(
DURGESH KUMAR (3 years ago)
thanku bhai i got it and thaks a lot buy hatke
Shelly Agarwal (3 years ago)
You refreshed it at the wrong time, the green pop-up came coz it clicked the button for u, but u refreshed as soon as it clicked and flipkart redirected u to the home page before it could add it to ur cart !! Buyhatke extn worked !.. u should have followed the instructions properly! Money can't buy u everything.. but BuyHatke can!! ;)
prat33k (3 years ago)
No. My last refresh was at when it was about 15 seconds remaining. And I was just ready where the buy now button came. But don't know what it was? I was keen to get the phone and excited at the same time for the flash sale. I'm not any of BuyHatke haters but just recorded and shared my bad experience. :/ Lucky you if you got it! I'll try my luck in the next sale. :)
Prashant Singh (3 years ago)
Hey, as soon as it clicked "Buy Now" button , you refreshed it. So, the click was of no use . Why were you refreshing it at the last moment ??
prat33k (3 years ago)
I did not guys. I refreshed it lot earlier (about 15 seconds), why would I refresh when there were just 2 seconds remaining and I was waiting online to get the phone for 1 and half an hour. :/ Unfortunate me.

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