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Huge Reaper Buff + D.VA Nerfed [New Overwatch Patch]

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Text Comments (63)
RealTalkGaming (4 days ago)
Zen did not deserve that nerf! He was okay. But i guess he needed that nerf.
Darin brown (9 days ago)
ive been saying for years OW hero dev team are dva and support mains still not changing that opinion
PNOR _gaming (12 days ago)
Reaper always works
bang yolo (12 days ago)
I played reaper today not knowing about the buff, and i was so stunned when i 1 shot a soldier.
bang yolo (12 days ago)
Finally i can play reaper again!
jamarre barber (13 days ago)
They need to nerf moria's primary attack range
キティニャー (13 days ago)
balance in overwatch is comedic
Shummer 08 (13 days ago)
I miss the 2016 overwatch
James Lloyd (13 days ago)
Shummer 08 The triple tank only or the reaper nano boost team while 2016 overwatch?
Skyfire Jay (13 days ago)
But Junkrat is still fair and balanced...
TeachMe Senpai (13 days ago)
Thx jeff, zenyatta unplayable in plat now 👎
RealTalkGaming (4 days ago)
TeachMe Senpai agree he was fine already! I might be playing Zen wrong but he has been my main since day one. I might just stick to moira and lucio
James Lloyd (13 days ago)
TeachMe Senpai It’s 15% on his alt fire. It’s not going to do much.
Jon Tarpey (13 days ago)
nice vid, thanks
deyaalkadi (13 days ago)
As a reaper main. I'm pleasured
chainer8686 (13 days ago)
The idea of any changes is to even out their play timw across the whole roster, not drop heros in the trash or elevate others to the point they're in every game. This isn't easy and devs will spend the life of the game constantly making tweaks as they see fit. Hell something small like a faster scrap generating rate on Torb might be enough to make him see more play other than just a throw/troll pick in the eyes of so many in the community.
Sabzi (13 days ago)
Excellent video
Rusty Shackleford (13 days ago)
They also nerfed dvas boop damage from 25 to 10 Such bs leave dva alone
Rusty Shackleford (13 days ago)
James Lloyd idgaf she's my main. The defense matrix was reasonable but this sucks lol gonna have to learn to deal with it
James Lloyd (13 days ago)
Rusty Shackleford DVA is op. Did you see the graph? It’s almost as bad as mercy’s pickrate.
Dysbro (13 days ago)
My main got buffed? Time to return to Overwatch after one year of vacation of all the saltyness
Ali Alslaman (14 days ago)
Jjonak: all according to plan.
Psykroids (14 days ago)
It's sickeningly how many times this man said "COMPETITIVE"
jamarre barber (14 days ago)
Why buff reaper ??? He already has the ability to take u out from like America to Europe
Max (13 days ago)
I’m pretty sure he doesn’t and you’re just bad
jamarre barber (13 days ago)
Reaper can kill u from a very far distance is what I am saying. QUIT TRYING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL AND STOP TAKING MY COMMENT TOO SERIOUSLY
jamarre barber (13 days ago)
What are u talking about
The CookieMeister (14 days ago)
.... he uses dual shotguns. he has no ranged damage whatsoever. if a reaper is taking you out at range, you are probably doing a lot of things wrong
Quentin Giraud (14 days ago)
Finally they allowed the shift cancel on reaper. Genji should receive the same buff too
Jason Marcus (14 days ago)
I wouldn't mind as much, if they would fix his school bus sized deflect hit box.
Quentin Giraud (14 days ago)
my thoughts exactly
xboxpenguin870 (14 days ago)
Quentin Giraud they should let him cancel deflect instead of having to waste swift strike.
Draken (14 days ago)
Probably deflect
Hobzgood (14 days ago)
Quentin Giraud cancel what
Oisin Lynch (14 days ago)
Of course DVA is the most picked hero, she's a fucking gamer girl.
Allan 343 (13 days ago)
im trying to point out that people can find characters interesting for gameplay purposes and not because of their backstory or aesthetics (though i completely sympathize with all 3 types i pointed out) so yes what ur saying is valid, but as shown in the video dva was probably picked because of how powerful she was gameplay wise as all ranks (even high elo which is usually filled with highly competitive people who want to win the game over looking at someones ass)
Oisin Lynch (13 days ago)
Allan 343 you pure innocent youth....
Allan 343 (14 days ago)
its more because shes tanky and does alot of damage and can really move around quickly + 2 lives but yeah sure
BlueLightningSky (14 days ago)
Wait can Reaper fire as soon as he exists invulnerability? That's some good game design.
Toaster (14 days ago)
BlueLightningSky (14 days ago)
The booster nerf to DVa is huge. That's more than a 50% decrease.
Brent Tichon (14 days ago)
If DVA sees a major drop in pick, it will be because of this
Limited Point (14 days ago)
A bit late on it...
Stavri Marian (14 days ago)
Dva nerf wasnt needed . Reaper buff is long time needed . Nobody is going to play Mei still . Zen nerf needed .
Legate Alucard (11 days ago)
Zen is basically a free kill he didn't need a nerf he will played less now
deyaalkadi (13 days ago)
Stavri Marian his orbs are the hardest shit to land
Stavri Marian (14 days ago)
Louis Zeng It depends from which point you look at it , yes , I agree Zenyatta is one of the most balanced heroes but it feels to much of a DPS at high levels .
Louis Zeng (14 days ago)
zen was pretty balanced tho
D D (14 days ago)
Stavri Marian Dva needed a nerf.
József Nagy (14 days ago)
Ye Mei is unskiled shit but dont nerf him no make him stronger
Legate Alucard (11 days ago)
Just cause a hero isnt popular doesnt mean they are bad hanzo is unpopular but he is very popular
Márk Bugya (12 days ago)
Ugye, hogy nem kéne a Mei buff ;D
Plague Doctor (14 days ago)
BatCow i
Plague Doctor (14 days ago)
The CookieMeister thank god
The CookieMeister (14 days ago)
mei is barely picked in competitive environments.
Wargreymon500 (14 days ago)
Omg reaper
M1ndblast (13 days ago)
It's p good. He's not unkillable but definitly a lot more unpredictable. It feels very natural as well.
Mylaisha White (14 days ago)
Mylaisha White (14 days ago)
Why do no one like tgis
First mama I made it!!
Ski Mask The Ugly God (14 days ago)

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