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Most EXPENSIVE Items in PUBG [PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds]

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This video is powered by Alienware - http://www.dell.com/en-us/gaming/alienware-desktops Join the community at http://pubg.gamepedia.com some players are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to give their avatar the right aesthetic, these are the most expensive items in PUBG [PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds] Follow us so you don’t miss our next video! https://www.twitch.tv/curse Follow Curse: https://twitter.com/cursenetwork https://www.facebook.com/CurseNetwork Follow our Hosts: Mitch"Dash" D http://twitter.com/dashstarwars Thanks for watching! Enjoy the game.
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Text Comments (66)
PheonixSlayer24 (13 days ago)
I got the hotpants on console
Kebab Remover (21 days ago)
The school uniform is free on pubg mobile light speed version
I am a noob at this trading stuff but is all this worth real money?...
Raccoon Playz (1 month ago)
lol $1,000 for some graphics and code that someday you will regret paying for... Wait just imagine the dude that cashed out $600 on that item xD
Mtn- Dewgang (2 months ago)
I sorta wish i preordered the game, not to sell the items, but the bandanna to complete my outfit.
ツCocoMartsa (2 months ago)
Yaikun (2 months ago)
The one who bought it are clearly youtubers
The Renautians (2 months ago)
Like those who buy those expensive skirts never ever seen a girl wear those....
Unholy Corn (2 months ago)
i unboxed a blue skirt this week tho :o havnt sold it jet lmao
RELOADIAK (3 months ago)
Opened my first case with a key yesterday and got the cloth mask leopard right away :D
ethan (3 months ago)
Nichael Core (3 months ago)
Bye Bye insane CSGO prices
D Hop (4 months ago)
Kinda lame video. Quotes only steam non cash prices and ponders why people spent up to 1000US on an item when csgo has been selling 2-3k cash (5-6k dreamland steam) for years. That is also not counting the 30,000US fac new dragon lore souvenirs that sell as well. "Btu btu that is like a nice car"...not if you drive a mclaren p1 and hop on the Jet burning 30k in fuel for a 150k short cheap weekend getaway. Rich adults can go spend 42 million on a jackson pollack no one understands or gazes at lovingly each Night. A stattrak Fac New Karambit Night pixel corner for 10k...is much more fun.
Tr0pic (3 months ago)
D Hop csgo fanboy detected
gamerp0pstar3 (5 months ago)
My favorite YouTuber and his Twitch streamer buddy managed to unlock the camo hot pants and white school skirt respectively, both from the Gamescom crates.
l1ttleice (5 months ago)
Dislike bacause of misleading thumbnail, good otherwise.
Hunk the Junk (5 months ago)
Pff peasants. I have the entire PU-Set 8^)
Nick (5 months ago)
If someone spends over $5 on any cosmetic in any game they should be committed.
musicman12395 (5 months ago)
Oh shit I have the purple tux set, did not know it was rare
King Raven (5 months ago)
and the say console players are peasants. -_-
St08 09BG (5 months ago)
why i didn't preorder this game.Kill me
Schlestes Remake (26 days ago)
The chance that somebody would've bought yours would be so 0.1%, because everyone pre-ordered it :/
ayy lmao (5 months ago)
haha, so many losers wasting cash on these. Must be the same idiots that spent money on gun-skins in csgo.
MadTom (5 months ago)
Hmm, seems it is a good time now to put up that Twitch Prime stuff I have for sale
First CS:GO and now PUBG
Meme Lord (5 months ago)
Why tho.
Lil Miss Jay (5 months ago)
If you're going to spell out "[PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds]" in the title, what's the point of abbreviating "PUBG" right before it?
Ivan Pusirev (2 months ago)
yields more searching results
Project Soul (5 months ago)
wow.. people are stupid.
Sergio Marquez (5 months ago)
shit can i still redeem my twitch prime one or is it too late??
Aaron (5 months ago)
900$ for pixels LUL
JayNL (4 months ago)
it's actually a JPG texture. No idea why it's worth that kind of money, because it's so rare? Guess it's like cryptocurrency!
Charles Hodge (5 months ago)
You’re telling me I have a $1000 in my hand because of a game... memories of my mum saying you’ll never make any money playing video games 😂
HOKAGE SAMA (5 months ago)
I've spent over 800 dollars on smite skins....😐😐
HOKAGE SAMA (5 months ago)
Ryderr's Garrison I know....I'm ashamed
Ryderr's Garrison (5 months ago)
crawford1990x (5 months ago)
The Balaclava is only £9.29 for me. Where the hell are you getting your prices?
Nezzen (5 months ago)
I get scammers adding and messaging me all the time trying to get my school outfit sets lol
Espix (5 months ago)
It's just a skin....... why?
Chris Pulsar (5 months ago)
How much higher do you think the exclusive pre order skins will be?
Neffy (5 months ago)
You guys should make an official Instagram that you use
Chris Mylar (2 months ago)
Sell 2 of these items you can buy an 1981 Dodge ramcharger.
PEEP〰 (3 months ago)
Neffy nice bro
Curse Entertainment (5 months ago)
What would you like to see on that spicy gram?
This games cosmetics are WAY too overpriced
aaronCapricorn I meant the cosmetics
aaronCapricorn (5 months ago)
I bought it for $40. we will be crossplaying with xbox players and there will be 400 player drop next year
FaithInHate (5 months ago)
i still dont understand where is the fun on this game.
The last prodigy (5 months ago)
Why tho
Don Berico (5 months ago)
Why should I Buy i Skin when i dont See the skin while playing in 1stPerson?
Don Berico (5 months ago)
Curse Entertainment Feel You guys
Curse Entertainment (5 months ago)
The age old dilemma!
Curtis Fitzell (5 months ago)
xyzHero (5 months ago)
People just like to dress up their females.
Tyler Holt (5 months ago)
I love customizing my characters glad to see that's dead now
MizuSkru 水好きる (5 months ago)
I Never knew people sold that crap
Ben Dover (5 months ago)
when they said girl clothing is more expensive than male clothing they weren't kidding
Curse Entertainment (5 months ago)
ozdergecko (5 months ago)
This is totally crazy. You could buy several of the pieces irl. Sure, I love hot game characters too, but I'd never spend even 1 € on this.
Project Soul (5 months ago)
ozdergecko exactly! 1000 bucks for a game that looks super buggy and laggy. You can buy so much shit with 1000.. lol 1000 things off the dollar menu..
Minitte (5 months ago)
time to sell items for that sick $600+
Jens Cornegoor (5 months ago)
Chris Pulsar (5 months ago)
I pre ordered the regular version rip. Still bought red high tops at $6 though 😀
xd (5 months ago)
i bought it 2 days after launch rip money
hugo Caldera (5 months ago)
Jens Cornegoor ha you lost a gold mine😂😂
Gints Edvards (5 months ago)
Holy shitttt 😂😂

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