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Discussing LMGs and DMRs - Rainbow Six Siege

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It's amazing that we have five different types of primary weapons in Rainbow Six Siege but what a shame that we only ever see the rifles and SMGs used most of the time. Ok, sometimes we get shotguns as well but the LMGs and DMRs seem woefully underused. In this video I will be hosting Prodigio Pete and Get Flanked as we discuss our thoughts on these two types of primaries. Are they really that bad and what could be done to improve them and make them competitive? Also, I have discovered an odd quirk about the M249 thanks to a tip-off from a viewer. It can actually function just like a shotgun and it can fully breach walls and hatches... but only in T-hunt mode... Get Flanked: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOuZzay70AVqiV_fnTGjqw Prodigio Pete: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProdigioPete The infamous spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QF72f4Bm7PfbWeSWbl8R8uL0mOzXpG_1vOjqEjXcFGk/edit?usp=sharing Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD
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Text Comments (1165)
B0neyKingofN0where (1 hour ago)
I love using Ying, but I will agree that she should have gotten a better gun in replacement of her LMG.
OmarRPG (16 hours ago)
no mention of Finka and her Laser Machine Gun
OmarRPG (17 hours ago)
shouldn't these guys have your spread sheets open, or you know have seen the videos....
Ryder Colclough (2 days ago)
You didn't know that they are buffing the LMGs?
Hypeknight (2 days ago)
I've been doing really well with the Russian lmg recently, with and without finka surge even at close range
Mr Jamimo (4 days ago)
did you say the MK 17 is bad? i do better with that then any other gun
Miguel Carrasco III (4 days ago)
What I believe should be done is that the LMG should get a damage buff and be able breach wall with a decent among of the mag while getting a higher ads to compensate for the damage and maybe a higher recoil as well
Henry Holloway (4 days ago)
Just straight up remove the range damage falloff for DMRs. Boom. They're all viable now.
Louie DFN (5 days ago)
Also I don’t use lmg’s because the recoil with acogs is horrendous
Louie DFN (5 days ago)
Dokkaebi’s dmr could be close range. I was experimenting with is with a reflex and the one grip I forget the name it was surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting much but I was happy with it
DrBonesFolo (5 days ago)
The 552 commando does 552 DPS? #mindblown
Blaring plane (5 days ago)
What if the m249 had its irl fire rate of 800 rpm but lower damage?
The Nerd Endeavors (5 days ago)
I find buck's dmr better but that is mostly due to recoil. Even with a compensator I find the AR difficult to control. Recoil tends to affect which gun I use.
Jack Moore (5 days ago)
DMR user here, my use of Semi-auto rifles above full auto's comes from a long history of a "slower" play styles. Where two well-placed shots are far more useful than being able to throw ten rounds and hit four. Seige is probably one of the only games that have shaken this mindset-- and its because of the gameplay. It's face paced sudden death where being able to panic-mag-dump is far more viable than controlled single round fire. That said DMR's have a place in "strange" angles of attack, setting these up, however, is difficult, and unless you're on your a-game can be countered by the paintball-style " duck-pop-spray-duck" wall peak.
Ben Hamrick (5 days ago)
I only like the CAMRS, MK. 14, and SR25. No LMG's are worth it.
Seth Walton (5 days ago)
Thank god, a ying buff, don’t make it OP, but sure as hell don’t leave them so bad
Seth Walton (5 days ago)
Dokkaebi is so fun to play because of her side arm, it’s reliable at close ranges, and her DMR is reliable at mid to long ranges. Also they should make LMGs with slow rate of fire have less recoil and more damage, and make them dependable at holding angles, maybe give them a bipod. And then high rate of fire LMGs have a lot of recoil but are dependable in CQC. With a lower average damage but ridiculous Rate of fire
Warner Moczulski (5 days ago)
Mk14 and CAMRS can be spam fired so easy so they are viable in my opinion. With the shield up I find the SR-25 better than the SCAR-H. But yes they are balanced at this point anymore they would be OP any less your sidearm is a better gun all the time. Now, LMGs, where to begin worse than ARs and basically everything else either due to recoil or DPS. Except the RU one, it’s pretty good. Oddly, I like the M249 but not comparatively, it’s just fun to shoot everything (also I used it in T-hunt, so maybe that’s why I enjoyed it). Speaking of T-hunt all LMGs (not LSWs aka modified ARs) should be able to do what the M249 can in T-hunt. In PvP LMGs should be able to do what you suggested a dumbed down version of the M249 in T-hunt, like secondary shotgun. Sustained fire should tear down a wall and imo that would help Capitao since he doesn’t have breaches.
Zachary Barkey (6 days ago)
As capitão I actually often do create vaultable holes in multiplayer. It's certainly not that effective, but pumping 3/4 of a clip does do the job. Plus, the continued fire through the soft wall is an excellent distraction while providing an addition peek hole
The Red Hood (7 days ago)
Am i the only one who mains dokkabae
Ma' an (7 days ago)
*cultured r6 men conversation intensifies*
Sam Schultz (8 days ago)
Am I like the only person who’s a Plat II after having this game for like three months that loves using buck’s DMR with an ACOG and suppressor, and consistently dropping 2-4 kills a round with it? I think it’s a beautiful weapon and I honestly can’t take the suppressor off of it because I love it too much. (I also run the 6P41 but I have black ice for it so I have to use it when I can.)
Patrick Cox (8 days ago)
Maybe the m249 could be magazine fed?
Yao Zexi (8 days ago)
Hmm. Just a thought. What if we gave DMRs the destruction potential of a shotgun, so you can open up visual holes easily with a DMR. Unlike Buck or Sledge you would be actively giving up an AR for a DMR, which would be a support weapon for your team. It would also allow you to break barricades from a distance and open up sightlines easier, thus making it possible to use the DMR at its effective range. For Buck it would mean that you can use the ammo in your DMR to break open non time sensitive walls and save the ammo in your skeleton key for actual fighting, since the skeleton key is a much better weapon in those <10m engagement ranges. Not to mention the quick switching means that you mitigate the biggest weakness of a DMR, getting caught at close range with it out. Alternatively you could make DMRs an effective 2 tap even if you hit the legs (except for 3 armor chars) For LMGs I was wondering what if you could rotate them to a more teamwork based weapon than ARs. So they get a massive accuracy buff when prone or crouched and aiming down sights. (An LMG when prone for instance would have basically 0 recoil) So you set up on a wall, have an ally breach it for you and then you can unload a hail of continuous and accurate fire that suppresses the enemy and forces them to stay behind cover, letting your teammates move in. In exchange they have a long ADS time and a slower TTK, meaning that they need to be used in a supportive manner where they are already aiming down sights before the engagement. (i.e. they should never be used as pointman) The above changes would mean you would still be using an AR if you are solo qing, but if you have teammates you can work with and trust, then you can make the most out of a DMR and/or LMG carrier in your team. You still want most of your guys holding ARs of course, but it gives the weapons a place in the game instead of directly competing against ARs.
FonderCrayon966 (8 days ago)
I disagree with a defender having an LMG. That would kind of defeat the purpose of Tachanka.
xXTheLoneSniper (8 days ago)
What are you talking about....I know the mk17 isn't the best since it has slow ADS times but its still a great weapon. Even though I am better with the DMR when I use the MK17 I get so many kills with it, but i also know it depends on skill level. But you should reevaluate your stance on the MK
Makaio Bolton (9 days ago)
i like dokas dmr alot
Ryan Marchese (9 days ago)
They’re both trash
Ayoo B (9 days ago)
You guys mind checking my channel out? I’d appreciate it but great content I learn so much from you.
xXTheBennyXx (9 days ago)
Would be good, as Capitao have no way of breaching in at all and because his flame arrows are more unreliable than yings flash granades
Rawvvy (9 days ago)
please make a video about the new mouse and keyboard input option in r6s
Zachary Flanagan (10 days ago)
With dokkaebi you have a secounds rn smg for close combat and you have the dmr
SwimmingTurtle247 (10 days ago)
Rouge, don’t you know that the lmgs are most likely getting a buff, I mean, you did a video on it.
Paul Nguyen (10 days ago)
Lmgs huh how about tachanka when i think of his gun it needs a nerf on the accurately and also its shield its like black beards old one
IM JUST XTRA (10 days ago)
lmgs being able to make holes....as long as they don't make buck or sledge useless thats fine, except for lion cuz that will be way too OP especially if he has a clear line of soft walls to a detected defender
dirty saucepans (10 days ago)
Dragonfly Plays (10 days ago)
I personally think the russian LMG is the go to weapon if u want an lmg. Good damage, nice mag size and a good recoil
IamTheseEyes (11 days ago)
Lmg’s suck in outbreak because of the reload time
Tickleshits (11 days ago)
maybe weapon type should affect movement speed (on top of their already defined armor/speed stats)? shottys, smgs, and pistols would be fastest when equipped. ARs and DMRs would be middle. LMGs and attachments/specialties (hibana, zofia, buck, etc) would be heaviest/slowest when either is equipped.
NotME (11 days ago)
"The Designed Marksman rifles, being the LMG's and *DMR*" What do you think DMR stands for?
Christian Fuller (11 days ago)
bucks DMR is amazing, and dokkaebi kit is soo good
Nugget Playz (11 days ago)
Flanked forgot about C75
TheNabbster 99 (11 days ago)
IM very surprised that they didn’t once mention Bucks DMR... would’ve thought that that was the best example LMGs need to have conditional recoil, less based on your position (standing crouching prone) because they do have bipods and are used in the field to provide a steady stream of fire from a STATIC position, and Tachankas needs to have little to no recoil (it’s mounted to the floor ffs)
Aintgot Nophd (11 days ago)
The 417 has half the magazine size og the other DMR’s... I don’t think changing that would make you chose it over the F2, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt and would make it more fun to use. Having to reload every time you kill one or two enemies in a hectic situation is annoying
JDMGAMER 807 (11 days ago)
I love the vid, and if you get a trigger finger with the mk14 aka dokkaebis dmr, you can ether throw on a reflex (trust me it's good) and call, then rush is quiet op, or you can put a acog and counter spawn peaks, peaks, and if you can get down pointing amediatly at the head then the mk14 can be good
Hazoish ? (11 days ago)
I like shotguns
Hazoish ? (11 days ago)
There should be exclusive attachments for lmg and dmrs like a new sight, bipods, special type of bullet, etc.
Jack Mcquiggan (11 days ago)
I think the LMGs should be able to destroy walls like the m249 in terrorist hunt but should not be able to break the struts/beams. This would mean they could have the utility to light up a wall but not to the point where you could get through the wall.
SilentSniper1252 (12 days ago)
Blackbeard's DMR is definitely better the his AR
Camrs for da win #buck main
Oppiko (12 days ago)
The only good DMRS are Bucks and Dokas. They are laser beams compared to the others even if you have a suppressor their recoil is manageable during rapid fire.
edgy boi (12 days ago)
I love DMRS especially buck's
Rogue Turtle (12 days ago)
I hope that the M249 keeps the breaching capability. PLEASE UBISOFT KEEP IT. You can take out the hatch destruction thing but keep the rest.
Purple Tuna (12 days ago)
@Rouge-9 could you check out the clips on my channel pls
Rogue Turtle (12 days ago)
The CAMRS and maybe the SR 25 are the only good DMRs.
Alexandra Rostislavna (12 days ago)
I like dokkaebi's DMR alot with reflex sight. But will use it as a "secondary" and the SMG-12 as the "primary". NOW the real question is why Ubi only makes ONE viable weapon loadout. Dokkaebi's machine-pistol has god awful ironsights, so why would you use it over the SMG-12? - This applies to a majority of operators btw.
finley shanks (13 days ago)
On PS4 the dmr are good as. But the LMG is trash because of the recoil
Justin White (13 days ago)
I love DMRs, yet LMGs suck. DMRs are only on characters with good guns, Twitch - 417<F2 Lion - 417<V308 Buck - CAMRS<C8 They just suck, Blackbeard - SR-25 They are on operators that are way to situational, Glaz - OTs-03 Or they are Dokkaebae, M14
PowerOfThePick (13 days ago)
I honestly don’t watch get flanked for one reason. He says bucuz instead of because. That’s it.
John Stoner For Life (13 days ago)
Doki DMR "With AGOC of course " is 1 of the best rifles in the game...IMO "on most maps" my K/D with her is 1.6 .. 1.1 in total.. "Gold II" I hate bucks DMR. ... by the way they could little scale down recoil in her secondary
funny Anderson (13 days ago)
I use LMG every game
John Riley (13 days ago)
The mostly CQC dominant gameplay doesn't allow DMRs to shine at all times. If the game had more maps that offered long range combat then DMRs would be. They're like shotguns.
Jakob Sullivan (13 days ago)
i love these arguments but i think dokobi has really good weapons her dmr i use for spawn peekers and the second I enter the build it never comes back out. but you say the smg12 isnt consistant but her cz75 is accurate and reliable the smg12 could also be put in single fire mode and it could be spammed at medium range with dead accuracy. Also fuzes and finkas LMG is fucking op as shit just prefire every thing possible also you cant run it with a acog you nead a reflex. That extra view is ideal. And Finkas boost makes her LMG ideal youll have pin point accuracy
Bear (13 days ago)
LMGs should have reduced mobility
Version_ -_x (13 days ago)
I got this in my notification box on the 11th
Smellybutthole Capaldi (13 days ago)
all of you are using the wrong terms for guns and it's annoying
snakesteel23 (13 days ago)
You should really consider having a podcast
Captain Nyet (13 days ago)
An LMG defender, eh? (Tachanka buff plz) Personally i think that the destruction of environments could be a nice addition to both LMG's AND DMR's. The average kill distance is very short, but if we allow DMR's and LMG's to quickly create holes in soft barriers that opens up more options for long range peeks, and it would even make DMR's more useful in close range as a weapon that can create small murder holes. Personally i think all LMG's are in their current state a bit underpowered because of massive recoil for the damage they deal, coupled with DPS that is always low-end; even Fuze's LMG, arguably the best of them all, is overshadowed by the AK-12, which sports almost the same damage, higher DPS and less recoil per shot, the magazine capacity of LMG's is more than compensated for by their massive reload animations because of the close range nature of the game. I think the damage to the environment could be a nice balancing factor, as it leaves AR's as the kings of head on combat, while also giving LMG's and to a degree DMR's a set of benefits that allow them to aquire a place in the game's meta.
MichDade Michelle (13 days ago)
TacMask (13 days ago)
The 417 has a 20 round mag... and is full auto irl and the fal can be made full auto the fal might be op with the buff tho
Pandy (13 days ago)
I think it’s hilarious when golds get together to talk about the game. absolutely pathetic, pretty much everything they say is dumb.
Bear Gribble (13 days ago)
Ive been cutting holes in walls with lmgs since cs source
fookin lazer sights (13 days ago)
So is my AR33 just going to keep sucking?
josef selander (13 days ago)
I suggest buffing the same with special attachments that only work for dmrs for example you could give them another scope or sight that is a bit more zoomed in or give them a better grip or barrel attatchment
Toeslayer (13 days ago)
Am I the only one who prefers Blackbeards Dmr over his Ar because of ammo management. I always find my self spraying and running dry on his scar but with the dmr I can kill 3 people without dropping below 10 rounds.
Josh Williams (13 days ago)
What if DMRs could be equipped with two sights. Most would pop an ACOG on but that doesn't help much when you get into closer quarters. Having a second sight that is on the side of the weapon could make them a little more favourable.
Lance Clipper (13 days ago)
I think the best weapon in the game is glaz's dmr for the simple fact that you have a thermal scope and can kill anyone with 2-3 shots, but there's no lmgs or other dmrs on my top 10
Bigduck9000 (13 days ago)
I like LMGs and DMRs more than the nasty SMGs and Assualt Rifles because the game is too easy with a SMG or Assualt rifle which is why I like to use the LMG or DMR more. Last can we remember that no matter how you look at it this is still just a game😂😂😂. Plus I get a lot of kills with Ying. Easy to get headshots with that many bullets. Ying has a good gun you peeps just don't know how to use it. Sorry but I have to dislike this awful video.
Von Millard Manalastas (13 days ago)
About LMGs, what about this LMG? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimax_100 and what about it's latest Variant, the Mk 8? https://www.stengg.com/en/products-solutions/ultimax-100-light-machine-gun http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-V0GyNa6vbxo/VmBpmoA4z1I/AAAAAAAACKE/WGPGLvx4qE8/s1600/DnS2015-254.jpg
Setteric (13 days ago)
About Dokkaebi i think the majority of the players hate semi autos and also dont find her gadget that useful, if she had a regular pistol then almost no one would even consider using her at all.
Mika Oppermann (13 days ago)
Also dokkibae she is underrated AF she is flexible its the best dmr imo and her secondary is only good in close quarters which basiccly says dmr mid/long range and smg close range
Mr. Weebfanboy101 (13 days ago)
Glad has a short sniper rifle
Mika Oppermann (13 days ago)
Maybe something nice for DMR’s would be like a optic simulair to glaz that u can swap between close range and long range
aronboy98 (13 days ago)
just an idea, if we had the option of equiping a bi-pod on an lmg where you are able to mount it on window frames, the floor and holes inside walles and making it so when mounted they have alot less recoil like when you have finkas boost it would maybe make them more interesting.
Giordano Cerrano (13 days ago)
The 3 Best Rainbow 6 youtubers to date! So awesome to see you guys getting together!
Ethan Sparks (13 days ago)
I'm starting to realize how DMRs are good especially on blackbeard. But what if they gave DMRs hybrid sights?
Mamadou Segpa (13 days ago)
Prodigio Pete squad here
Tulga Gençal (13 days ago)
SMG-12 covers anything a dmr can't, and bb has a headshot shield, which forces to fights on body shots where dmr excels. For the lmgs, finka with her gadged and mediocre rifle, lmg is the best choice as long as you can keep her gadged up on fights.
mario pena (14 days ago)
in real life a gun is a gun even the smallest gun in the world is "overpowered" , one shot and if your not dead your on the ground wishing you were :) lol. rainbow sucks because they don't make it hardcore. at the very least for the game to be truly realistic and much less frustrating they need to make it one shot head shot , instant down one shot anywhere else.
PeachCobbler (14 days ago)
Give DMRs the suppressed effect without nerfing the damage and still allowing for a muzzle attachment. Idk, maybe it will balance it out a little bit
Tyler Williams (14 days ago)
omfg I'm getting 8min unskippable adds.......-_-
NiTEWoLF259 (14 days ago)
Idk why people hate Ying's LMG so much, I've gotten alot of kills with it, and now with Finka's recoil reduction boost, it's a laser beam with high capacity
Mark J (14 days ago)
Buck and BB both have the most powerful dmr rifles in game. It is solely reserved for higher ranked players because you are trading melee instant kills for precised shots. After playing Glaz so much, I stopped using Bucks C8 simply because I can place good shots instead of randomly spray into a door that they will come in from. Even in close range(less than 10m), even at a disvantage going dmr can win against smg if you dont panick.
shamwowguy5656 (14 days ago)
The semi auto shotguns are so much worse then all the dmrs and lmgs in the game why does no one ever talk about how bad they are?
Seth Crane (14 days ago)
make more battlefield videos
Ching Chong (14 days ago)
Dmrs should do atleast similar damage as glazs rifle.... just sayin
Speech Less (14 days ago)
Love these discusión videos
Scarle Speedste (14 days ago)
Only bad for is 417
Scarle Speedste (14 days ago)
Iq elite is the best!
Waffles (14 days ago)
Lmg on defense seems like a rly good idea

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