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How to get PUBG for FREE 😍 [XBOX/Steam Key - Online] - [Player Unknown Battlegrounds FREE]

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Thanks for watching guys my guide on how to get pubg for free! Also working for pubg free xbox, pubg free steam, pubg free pc 2018! Hello, and thank you for visiting this video! We will be showing you a rather simple way to get player unknown battlegrounds for free. The process is very easy, and only requires you to follow a few instructions, which are shown step by step in this video. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are always willing to help others out. We try to make things as user friendly as possible. Enjoy, and don't forget to like and subscribe! This also works perfect for those looking to get pubg on PC/Mac for absolutely free with online working (steam key)! Socials: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/ https://www.facebook.com/playbattlegrounds/ https://twitter.com/pubattlegrounds
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Text Comments (1558)
Homer Simpson (6 months ago)
yup can confirm just got it: https://i.imgur.com/GbOqEDk.png
Water Junkie (13 days ago)
Didn’t work
Modern Gamer 123 (30 days ago)
Help me pls https://steamcommunity.com/id/spodermeister15/
Yang Hsaing (1 month ago)
Colditz (4 days ago)
Kys fag
Mahir Daiyan (7 days ago)
where i have to put the key man?
Anthony Angelastro (7 days ago)
Is this a hack sorry
Daniel Harrod (8 days ago)
For some reason I cant do this, can someone send me a key? My name on steam is [FL:RP] Pat
Voatschi6 (8 days ago)
No email even after 2 days.
Monick Verma (9 days ago)
Not working
SkullSparrow (9 days ago)
how do i die
Efe Emir Ülger (11 days ago)
a loots of bot
Aashit Agrawal (11 days ago)
This was only applicable 2 months before, so it will not work now. :(
Ebony Guy-Villon (12 days ago)
NOPE. Didn't work. Tonnes of BS involved. Apps ask to subscribe. Then no email.... :/
Nikola PK\FR (12 days ago)
Can someone get it for me my gmail is [email protected]
kyru games (12 days ago)
it says install and open 2 apps to complete.... but there is only one app to install ???
Hadi Shala (12 days ago)
Don’t work idiot 🙄
Nikola PK\FR (12 days ago)
Please help!!! I'm not recieving my email [sorry for the bad english]
LUV DA HAMSTA (12 days ago)
"No install bs" fucking lier i bet he privated the comments exposing him. "Hacking the pubg data base but its just a STEAM key" cant even lie.
Farmer Ozai (12 days ago)
Wow that's a lot of bot accounts in the comment section huh?
bionic link (13 days ago)
lol when I tried it gave me a servey
Tracey Moeke (15 days ago)
Hellow RyzaTV How would i do this on pc, i have to verify through surveys
EchoMinecraft (15 days ago)
all of this free steam key app download bullcrap I freaking hate it. I know there will never be a legit way to get any game on steam for free.
FatCat919 (16 days ago)
does this actualy work?
Donald Trump (16 days ago)
like boost bot
jonathan martinez (16 days ago)
This isn't working for me
Thomas Anil (17 days ago)
you earned yourself a sub man
Teena Abraham (15 days ago)
Arun T I live in India, surveys don't work here
Teena Abraham (15 days ago)
Arun T hey, it didn't work sorry. I commented before I did the method of getting the key cuz I knew it would work by the looks of the video
Thomas Anil (16 days ago)
Arun T (17 days ago)
Thomas Anil hey did it work
David shaw (17 days ago)
Nitroprime that’s me also I’ll confirm if it works in a few minutes Ok I can confirm it works but it’s not working for me :p can someone do it for me and message it to me on steam or something pls? I’m (once again) Nitroprime with a green ball thing symbol and yes I have 220 hours on tf2
SexyPineApple (17 days ago)
Didn’t work 😥
shad bin (18 days ago)
but it tells to install 2 apps .i have only 1 offer in bangladesh
Ferds Z (18 days ago)
Todd D (18 days ago)
Straight fucking loser
Rohit Binjola (18 days ago)
not working i tried it 3 times
BLacK GamING (19 days ago)
Freekeydontwin lol
Josip Boban (19 days ago)
Not working any more
Josip Boban (19 days ago)
laurence Balneg (19 days ago)
Ryan Graham lol nice cover at 4:04 and the subject is "TO ME" lol
Damar Firdawan (20 days ago)
Are this is work?
Sujal Kothavale (20 days ago)
is this legit?
UmWut (19 days ago)
Doge Maximum (20 days ago)
I am not sure if all of these people saying it worked are bots or they are real people...
vishal shetty (21 days ago)
fuck u
xXgamerXryan123 (22 days ago)
wow the commnts is all bots
InfiniteKickAss (22 days ago)
yea this doesn't work
InfiniteKickAss (22 days ago)
can someone get a pubg key for me and dm me
Shady (22 days ago)
didn't send me the emails.
marc jancel (22 days ago)
dude is this still working ? cuz it have an survey dude please help
Rian Silva (23 days ago)
Vejo muitos dizendo que conseguiu, mas eu não -_-
Kennet (24 days ago)
legit af
Paulbryan 27 (24 days ago)
It not working
bosco chau (24 days ago)
then if it actually works, give me a key and i will like sub and share
kaidancexo (24 days ago)
There's something suspicious about you. You Pin and like accounts that are private (the ones that never show their account created) I think we should report him
Emilio Larzonetti (24 days ago)
2:17 lmao
Vinayak Manae (25 days ago)
The Lucky Gamer man (25 days ago)
Still waiting for my email...
Péter Rádai (25 days ago)
SLuGS GaMing (26 days ago)
load of shit
It doesn’t work I’m still waiting for my email one hour later
Trivers HUN TM (27 days ago)
it says complete 2 more offers :( ind i cant buy the game.. can you generate an other code to me it would mean the World to me... my e-male is [email protected] it would mean so much to me man... thanks for reading.
Trivers HUN TM (27 days ago)
btw the 30sec offer is no working to me
Sirlepepe (27 days ago)
Love how every single comment saying it worked is him
RealMasterLovo YT (27 days ago)
does not work if it works than plzz help me my gmail is [email protected]
im not heterosexual (28 days ago)
Gotta appreciate the fact that all these people are generically named people and literally everyone else who commented got flicked off the fucking comment section
Blagovest Todorov (28 days ago)
Can someone do it for me?
Blagovest Todorov (28 days ago)
Daniel Jung (29 days ago)
can u help its not working
Game Central (29 days ago)
This is bull shit
kris disis (29 days ago)
i dont wnt to download some random stupid games on my mobile
cupcake bysheila (30 days ago)
FreeFly (1 month ago)
Didn't get an E-mail
Przemoro 91 (1 month ago)
dont work
Cy__guy (1 month ago)
bs didnt work for me
Gaming Video (1 month ago)
is't not working for me....
tinymano (1 month ago)
The email has been faked obviously. One piece of evidence is, he blocked the name but you could see the R his yt channel starts with R. This probably doesnt prove much but another thing is when they asked him his email, he didn't put in his gmail. lmfao
Gabriel Paolo Rehawi (1 month ago)
doesnt work now :( 30 seconds is long gone and no email
Tury Gonza (1 month ago)
Liar you retarted
Nemanja Djajic (1 month ago)
Guys i cant understand they say me for Lords Moblie:Install,Open & attackt a level 2 monster.Where can i find that monster??Pls help
wRista (1 month ago)
i wish someone did it for me
İnceleme Ülkesi (1 month ago)
They want's your phone number so they will take this money from your phone and you will take some bullshit.
İnceleme Ülkesi (1 month ago)
THAT'S Not Working. Bullshit
Antonio Alvizurez (1 month ago)
How about if you have a tablet
THE VOID (1 month ago)
Shieda Kayn (1 month ago)
https://www.pointsprizes.com/r/pubgsteampoints EARN POINTS AND CONVERT IT TO STEAM WALLET
Karpet (1 month ago)
Didn't work for me can you help?
张四 (1 month ago)
you are lie
R.T.S. manix (1 month ago)
Do it for me plz [email protected]
R.T.S. manix (1 month ago)
Do it for me plz mannith1²@gmail.com
anant pandey (1 month ago)
sir pls
anant pandey (1 month ago)
anant pandey (1 month ago)
anant pandey (1 month ago)
anant pandey (1 month ago)
pls pls
anant pandey (1 month ago)
pls send me one key at [email protected]
anant pandey (1 month ago)
love that
anant pandey (1 month ago)
pls pls can u get me a key i cant just email it on [email protected] and i just subscribed your channel and liked it pls plspls any body
Benn Jackson (1 month ago)
Can anyone help?
Gab Leonardo (1 month ago)
A ROS ad popped up after this
DiamondGibus (1 month ago)
please I need help [email protected]
chichie (1 month ago)
Fucking piss off doesnt work
Keserű Marcell (1 month ago)
My email is [email protected] please give me pubg.If you give it I will love u xd
can someone pls help me [email protected]
Bilal Awan (1 month ago)
Hello Ryza Please can you do it for me plz send my a pubg steam key plz i cant do it my email: [email protected]
ERNSTIX (1 month ago)
Hope your mum gets blue waffle
Samir Kushwaha (1 month ago)
I get error 403 :(
Jacob Wells (1 month ago)
Can someone please send me a steam key? [email protected]
Sunset Recon (1 month ago)
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