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Thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe if your new for weekly videos. REMEMBER GUYS I UPLOAD MY VIDEOS AT 9:00 PM. DOWNLOAD LINK - http://cswarzone.com/csgo/ •CALLING LETHAL PHANTOM Ghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGwMQbUz5ocONE WRONG! *HE ACTUALLY ANSWERED OMFG!* - •SUBSCRIBE for more videos! https://www.youtube.com/c/XpertGam3R •Add me on snapchat! - omarriaz1234 Stay Connected Follow us on: •Twitter - https://twitter.com/XpertRiaz •Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/xpertriaz/ •Steam - Xpert Gam3R •Twitch - ? •Snapchat - omarriaz1234 Xpert Memebers V3NOM - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0-... xpert Shadowz - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLbojhJhpbziQ4q6oAbPUvQ Xpert FusionZ (LEADER) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC91ldaOdhl0n9zeDWIBjaIg ►Use the code "Xpert" at check out for discounts ◄ Website - http://www.lalaydezigns.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/LalayDezigns?lang... Background Music BY NCS youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyri... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NoCopyrightS... Twitter - https://twitter.com/NCSounds Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/nocopyrightsounds Intro Music Blackbear IDFC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxE4ngu78Ro remember to leave a like if you enjoyed! thank you for watching
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Text Comments (2403)
gjorgi tasevski (36 minutes ago)
XD pornhub tab at the start of the video
KazekDM (16 hours ago)
Andrey James Andres (21 hours ago)
This vidoe suck
Eric Dyachenko (1 day ago)
why you watch this
i love anime (1 day ago)
i see porn lol busted
Alex Avram (1 day ago)
i like how it says multyplayer but plays with bots
Kral Mama (1 day ago)
Nafri (1 day ago)
hahahahha is there a pornhub tab hahahahahah
ZerkYT Official (2 days ago)
adrian lopez (2 days ago)
pornhub yes
Nikko Trillana (2 days ago)
Porn master=kian gusan
mhamed tekaya (2 days ago)
thx :) :) :) :) 2018
App Mau (3 days ago)
lawl lawl (3 days ago)
mitali Chakraborty (3 days ago)
Hey it didn't work i tried 6 times it always failed they wanted the update but whenever I updated it deleted everything not working 😡
mitali Chakraborty (3 days ago)
Why's it lagging so much?
mitali Chakraborty (3 days ago)
Hope it works
Aniq Zharfan (3 days ago)
that is csgo crack noob
Sovan Punlork (4 days ago)
free porn
Mr Paul (4 days ago)
jeez pornhub 100% cs go 10%
thefushi gamer (4 days ago)
thefushi gamer (4 days ago)
0r1ginal (4 days ago)
stop whit dat shitXD
thefushi gamer (4 days ago)
Porn!! Yeah!! 😃😂
Mare (5 days ago)
nedas lt (5 days ago)
nooob idiot you played with bots you lier I'm gonna dislike and you watching porn you are idiot
Ognjen Šmigić (5 days ago)
Dont work missing some shit file
insick (6 days ago)
nice intro bro
[SSK] A.B JR (6 days ago)
220 mb?
Team Logangster (6 days ago)
Your Watching PORN!!!!! WTH!!!!!
Pokemon Pikachu 2 (8 days ago)
what the hell bro are u serious omg seriously you did it on purpous anyway i subed ya!
Jaypy Sanchez (8 days ago)
why is there a pornhub tab?
Bize Oyun Yakışır (8 days ago)
Dovin Valentino (9 days ago)
lol porn hub
Fortnite Central (9 days ago)
hes been watching porn lol
getoar emrullahu (9 days ago)
I installed it correctly and update it but when I'm on matchmaking it says Matchmaking UNAVAIBLE ! pls help
SJSion (9 days ago)
Does multiplayer work?
Luka Maric (9 days ago)
I downloaded it anf it works, you only cant play cometetive everything else works
Gaming Spot (9 days ago)
This guy see porn videos
Anik Tanzil Islam (10 days ago)
i can't understand what you are saying
lastcake ever (10 days ago)
free porn VID WOW what is that
LTU Balys (10 days ago)
i think without opened porn website it wont work :D
beb 225 (10 days ago)
boy you fucked up big time man
Zed RufinYT (11 days ago)
I saw that thing porn hub what is that ?
Nepali Hero (11 days ago)
hahha pronehuuu
Diamond Video Studio (11 days ago)
I downloaded it and i cant press FIND A MATCH buttom in PLAY tab!Help
ExonArtzYT (12 days ago)
why it keeps spamming download microsoft c+++ 2005 - 2015?
ExonArtzYT (12 days ago)
also sometime update fail i try again, then it keeps doing (not rly after some secs) fail..
Unggul Hutagalung (12 days ago)
u watch pornhub?!?!?
jeremy emer (11 days ago)
o lol
Daenne Dumpas Dumpas (12 days ago)
Dude it sucks it won't work?!!!!
Jim Contos (12 days ago)
Jim Contos (12 days ago)
enjoying porn
Magma YT (13 days ago)
"Update the game and wait a couple minutes"....It's at 97% and i had to wait for 9 hours....
DEEpanshu GuPtA (13 days ago)
0:20 he watching porn
joeyboy halberd (13 days ago)
wtf PornHub tab
Roses r red Violets r blue Cs go isnt workin But ur 2nd tab tho😍
2:54 what're you sayin.
kostis10gr (14 days ago)
you had left the Pornhub tab open one the intro idiot
adwaid m (14 days ago)
it says fatal error failed connect with local steam process
Apple Productions (15 days ago)
Loool PornHub Tab 😂😂
Jaydon Bock (15 days ago)
hahahaha everybody noticed the porn
CRAZY CLAN (15 days ago)
Joy Del Valle (16 days ago)
nice i saw porn hub u got an subscribe
Wolfie (16 days ago)
__DaRKNeSs__ 012 (16 days ago)
lol porn :DDDDD
DabbingPanda (16 days ago)
porno u watach prono?!?!?!? WTF
HARDCORE DEVIL (17 days ago)
pornhub seriously lol
Emi Pascariu (17 days ago)
atbrother waratmaja (17 days ago)
dude i saw you watch porn XD
emrah perçin (17 days ago)
fail update
Seanix (17 days ago)
alvaro gonzalez (17 days ago)
lol he serched free porn vids
XPlit off (17 days ago)
Porn Hub 3:32
dot dot (17 days ago)
nice porn lmao
harry 333 (17 days ago)
lol pornhub
Name adris49004 (18 days ago)
Lol PornHub
Poke (18 days ago)
i cant even update it it says keep trying
sdma onkye (18 days ago)
What ist the song at 2:40
MyPKChannel (18 days ago)
Help! Game update failed What to do?
Nozey (18 days ago)
omg that pornhub tab xDD
NICKEY- BRO (18 days ago)
jay may (19 days ago)
porn hub hhahahaha
SpagetiBe (19 days ago)
this is not with multiplayer u retarded kid
christos tsoykalas (19 days ago)
it worked thx men i was trying for so many years and i find you!!!!!
Ironeaglee 116 (19 days ago)
no thanks, I wouldn't want a virus.
Akshar Doshi (21 days ago)
demonetize this s**ty video with PH
DayGames (21 days ago)
ahahah pornhub is open
Bry Rendz (21 days ago)
wtf pornhub WTH
Silent GAMING YT (22 days ago)
wtf pornhub
he says he can not open the file dislike
Milos Lukic (22 days ago)
Jan Pohorec (22 days ago)
pornhub link is the best part
maki nikiforov (22 days ago)
Hey noob look missed on that tab!! you makes a video missed hahahahaha😎😎😱😨😨
Ali Medani (23 days ago)
ur the best, it worked the online also worked. liked and sub
ooooooooooof pornhub i wonder if he did that on purpose oooooooooooooof
Haul Games (23 days ago)
Can someone tell my why there's fucking pornhub lol
huzaifa imran (23 days ago)
this link is not working but porn hub is working lol hahaha
Bobby Chan (23 days ago)
10000 softwares only for one game GG i downloading it now, i think its a virus
Bobby Chan (23 days ago)
the porn is for fun u kiddos lol

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