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Everything you need to know about the Vector - Far Cry 5

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With the current event in Far Cry 5 (Arcade Dawn), you can earn yourself the Kriss Vector .45 ACP. In this video I will provide you with a full overview of this gun, including its strengths and weaknesses. The in-game stats would suggest that this gun could be one of the best weapons in the game but when you look beyond the listed stats and consider some of the hidden stats, the Vector's weaknesses become more apparent. Join me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/RogueN9 Discord! https://discord.gg/rogue-9 Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Rogue.9er More Rogue-9! R6 Gun Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7b_pqdIu5g&list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1A8z3g9f0OFj2O2sMLMVOa Battlefield 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q3F7Oj-hF0EFFma-l2hy5UD Far Cry 5 Guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP2MwDk1r3q1Tyy1AbOTsoSmxwQCGgE-z
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Text Comments (281)
Emily Hill (11 hours ago)
can just buy it from the shop
Rogue-9 (11 hours ago)
Must have been added since then, I guess! Good for them, would have been a shame if people missed out
Slightly burnt (12 hours ago)
I got the classic vector what?
João Borges (1 day ago)
Ubisoft tipical stuff... It is a great game indeed! But what is really the point of making a weapon like the vector and only give it to online players on a limited period of time?! Is it for me to buy the game? (Already did) Is it for me to go back in time to get the game?! - I honestly don't think so. THANKS UBISOFT P.S: As I've heard in another video, I don't agreed that the weapons are a minor part of the game, they are one main tool in the entire game, my point: I just would like to have some more guns in the game, not only because some of them look the same (in stats and feel) and without giving the quality up, Ubisoft could have achieved to put it in more cool weapons for us to play... Thanks for your time.
Vanhove Yarne (1 day ago)
They should add barrel, grip and stock attachments to increase accuracy on R4-C. I can even outgun that AR with a pistol. Why is that a thing?
Jäger Main (1 day ago)
Wonder if they have the 416 with an ACOG....
Darth Sidious (1 day ago)
I still like the Ar c better
Retr0 (2 days ago)
i just finished the game today it fucking sucks that you cant win
xXGhost DragonXx (2 days ago)
Farcry 5 lacks a few guns, I feel 3 and 4 had more variety of weapons. Is that just me or....?
Rogue-9 (1 day ago)
There's definitely a few missing and I hope they'll be added over time and that the DLCs will bring even more that you can also use in the base game
antony french (3 days ago)
so whats better ak-ms or vector???
UnaSolida (3 days ago)
For a crumpet you're pretty gun knowledgeable. You earned yourself a subscriber dude.
Fabiuu (3 days ago)
i think that ubisoft have to do more arcade events so we can unlock fc4 weapons, like the snipers, bizon and other stuff...
Rogue-9 (3 days ago)
agreed, I'm really looking forward to more guns being included in the game
Sandwich Anomaly (3 days ago)
Personally I’d go for the mp40... cause it’s an mp40. Gotta love the classics
Kevin C (4 days ago)
Don’t front. Best smg in game
Madolite (4 days ago)
Actually, I've got the Vector and I've never played anything in the Arcade. I think the reward comes with one of the weekly challenges, not the Arcade. (Unless I have a Vector with a different skin, I didn't pay attention). But yeah it definitely didn't come with the base game.
john firerazor (4 days ago)
You do not need a explosive weapon every vehicle can have its driver shot out of i recommend for a loud loadout for a ak m a m249 and either a sa 50 or a vector but a spas 12 is not very needed since lmgs can still be very usfull at cqc
Kriss Vector (4 days ago)
u can buy it now bruv
Reza Santoso (4 days ago)
I think it is now permanently available in the game, but the Color Fun variant is removed. You can buy the standard variant now with in game money or silver bars, which is the same thing minus the unique paint. It is a fun gun to use, but of course you shouldn't be using SMGs for long range. I just wish this gun can be fired while driving. You can carry this weapon with you all the time if you don't like the bow, just use the burst fire for stealth kill.
Kaden Yangco (5 days ago)
Jokes on you I got it with out doing the event😂
Crash 7777 (5 days ago)
Now you can buy it for 7200 as of 04/17/18
brass monkey (5 days ago)
I got the vector unlocked for doing nothing. Just bought it at the weapon store in the game. No skin, is this normal?
Henrik kürstein (5 days ago)
give me the M60 over any SMG
Dean (5 days ago)
Game is way too short to even care about the vector
Why youtube why (5 days ago)
It fucking sucks, take the M60.
Ivanosque Van schaick (5 days ago)
As if yetis weren't bad enough, now we have kamikaze bears 3:40
Kyle Jorgensen (5 days ago)
The real question is why use anything other than a pistol? They 1 shot everyone on any difficulty and anything else I 1 shot with tossed c4 that I make for free. seriously. you run this game on hardest difficulty with a barebones 1911 and explosives which are free. I finished a recent playthrough without spending a penny or visiting the shop once. Its called a MacGyver run. What a joke.
Kyle Jorgensen (5 days ago)
Why would they release new guns in this game when the problem is the stupid simple difficulty. Not to mention guns for hire which can beat the game for you, it has already been done, someone beat the game without killing more than 2 people. there are several videos of people proving what a money grab this game was. Very Disappointed.
ScopeDog (5 days ago)
Still the best SMG in the game, if you check its stats.
Kiri Kiri (5 days ago)
"You can only get this weapon from April 10 to April 17." FUUUUUUUUUUUU
Neon Vision (5 days ago)
I knew nothing about it, by chance scrolled down to the bottom of smg shop and it is there for purchase. And it's in plain colour and can be painted. Go have a look, I have not played any live events or anything.
ZRDattck (5 days ago)
I have the vector but I did not play arcade but it isn’t colorful
Ryan Williams (5 days ago)
Oh wow, Look at this guy using the gun For every situation it's not designed for and complaining about it.... ><
Rogue-9 (5 days ago)
You misunderstand me. My argument is: "Why fill a weapon slot with this SMG, when you can pick a rifle... and why pick an assault rifle when you can bring a machine gun or a DMR?" The Vector is the best SMG in the game but still weaker and less versatile than other weapon classes.
ASAPSnackz (5 days ago)
I feel like this game is worth $30
Urameshii (5 days ago)
I got the Vector but it's not a special skin version, not sure what I did to unlock it but it was not on my list of available guns until just last night and I have never touched arcade mode.
shadowboy813 (5 days ago)
I think SMGs in general are not good in this game. They aren't very well balanced. They're decent at close-mid range but with low damage per bullet (balanced by a high firing rate), the very limited SMG ammo capacity just doesn't justify carrying them. Rifles do more damage per shot, have better range, and you can carry more ammunition. I can't justify carrying an SMG as much as I want to, based on this alone.
wave runner (5 days ago)
Wasn't really a fan of this gun. The LMGs and Shotguns are definitely the best. The A-99 with suppressor and reflex is also a great sidearm,
Ironcladkilljoy (5 days ago)
Vector is fun but not a lot of enemies actually carry submachine guns so it's harder to regain ammo.
Cay Jee130 (5 days ago)
The shovel is the only weapon you need
Lloyd Nix (5 days ago)
I remember in Far Cry 3 it was the best gun ever their was no reason to use any other rifle.
plop766 (5 days ago)
That moment when I found the vector just randomly in my armory for purchase...
datempal (5 days ago)
Wait, but i got the base game vector🤔🤔🤔
Anything is better than everything .45ACP or .40SW
Pvt Ryan (5 days ago)
Far cry 5 arcade multiplayer is better then all newer cod…
Ashers Face (6 days ago)
you can get int the base game i got it doing a mission
bubu mic (6 days ago)
There is no vector ...
SolidSnake19904 (6 days ago)
For a Gun which has no recoil in Rl, this Gun kicks like a Donkey in this Game
** NGS84** (6 days ago)
The guns in this game are absolute rubbish. They are all carbon copies of each other stat wise with different skins. That's all about it. What happened to the signature weapons in far cry 4? Why not implement the gun customization options of ghost recon wildlands into this game?
Larry House (6 days ago)
Everyone keeps saying the vector isn't in the base game. But I'm seeing that it is...
#Hollyhood (6 days ago)
Far Cry 5’s weapon stats are completely meaningless. Ubisoft had that same problem with Ghost Recon Wildlands with inconsistent and incorrect stats. For example the Ak47 and Akm in Far Cry 5 have identical stats except for the Akm having better handling but if you ever used both of those guns you would notice how sluggish the Akm actually is at aiming making the supposedly inferior weapon objectively better. The goes for all the other guns in the game. You have to use them to see if they actually do what the stats say
CMDR Skycoder (6 days ago)
What the hell. I never understand why people think the fact that the firing selector changes depending on what rate of fire you pick is a great detail that not many other games do. Literally HUNDREDS of current shooter games do this. And on top of that, much better than this variant here. They actually bother to have an animation of the selector being switched, unlike this one that just magically changes. It's a tiny little nitpick, but for some reason it really triggered me. It's been building up for almost 2 and a half years now of YouTubers constantly praising whatever game they're currently fanboy-ing over having firing selectors change in game as if that's some kind of amazing detail that only a handful of other shooters do.
dlcplays (6 days ago)
I got to 20 min and it said I had it so I stopped playing arcade. Then I found out I don't have it because I didn't play the full 40. I hate this so much because I love the gun in other games.
AGMORALZ (6 days ago)
I got it and haven’t touched arcade mode
MaceKraaier (6 days ago)
You Can buy the vector now
Jack Schwinkendorf (6 days ago)
The scorpion also moves the selector switch when you change the fire modes!
Derp Brony (6 days ago)
all of the cons can be forgiven knowing it's a beast in CQB and shreds peggies
yahel a (6 days ago)
If your Israel ps4 far cry 5 gamer then join the community far cry 5 israel were active and doing events and maches
Davis Young (6 days ago)
I have this in my loadout, I run m60, sa50, vector, and grenade launcher in secondary
Alessandro Cupolo (6 days ago)
Do a video on handling
Pineapple Pizza (6 days ago)
Denzel Poltergeist (6 days ago)
I use a lmg with hi cal, hunter bow, uzi and this thing with a red dot. It melts close to mid range.
The Jerk (6 days ago)
Pisses me off I can't get it because you have to do a live event to fucking get it
Tyreek Smith (6 days ago)
I used it in campaign before Ima assume it was a glitch
Alexander David (6 days ago)
Bro its a SMG not ar or lmg u don't have acog on a SMG and its designed to handle closes ranges but like any SMG it sucks at medium and long ranges
Compa Mudo (7 days ago)
I tried literally Avery smg lmg gun and none compare to my ak-m, either is that or the m249 m16 is a very good rifle too
Why was I not notified that they added the Vector?
The Sniper (7 days ago)
The vecter 45.acp classic
The Sniper (7 days ago)
And it was a normal version
The Sniper (7 days ago)
Hey um rouge i dont know why but ehen i got the game They let me buy the vector i just had to reach a resistence level but my friends didnt have it
Mr. 2cents. (7 days ago)
Normally I always have a bow with me. The fact that you can shoot fire arrows and explosive arrows makes it very versatile.
Nathan Tavera (7 days ago)
LMAO the vector just kinda appeared for me today and idk why
yea02 (7 days ago)
Vector, vector,, vector...everywhere vector. What about rest of guns, that were in previous FCs? Ubisoft castrated Fc5 from half of the weapons. Excuse me my dirty, ugly English. But lack of guns its a international problem. They gave us 4 mp5s........ What the hell? I don't like this idea of life assignments. Some people got work to do, and they're not able to spend whole week to unlock silly same gun, with a different skin on.. I dont get it. Rubbish.
I_like_shotguns (7 days ago)
Acog on the vector??? Omg!
Night Blade (7 days ago)
Thus is the first time I've heard a toutuber say "dislike if you didnt like it"
Matt_E_Whiteboy (7 days ago)
I still have the vector classic
I like it, except I hate how it burns through ammo and it’s got that ugly camo.
Joe Renshaw (7 days ago)
Rainbow 6 siege is fucking wank
Dj P (7 days ago)
It would be great if Mira had Acog
Rayne8689 (7 days ago)
I have 41 min in arcade mode and no vector what did I miss
TLCain (7 days ago)
Sum bitch is using my exact set up lol 😂 btw I made a horror map on xbox called “Get out of hell!”🔥💪💪
MrKaltot (8 days ago)
Dont know if anyone else has this problem. But I'm not getting ANY kind of progress for this challange, so I guess I'll just have to miss out on the Kriss Vector for this time. Surely it'll come back soon enough.
SolidSneakNinja (8 days ago)
Unlocked, used it for an hour and dropped it to revert back to my Go-To MP40. Find the vector needs a reload way too often, often halfway through shooting a guy and need a reload. Clip way to small, feels smaller than Mira’s vector in Siege tbh.
Tavin Rickoski (9 days ago)
I’m just excited that we are going to be getting more weapons, with that MP40 in the game, I hope that means there are historical weapons on the way, BAR, or M1 Garand or Thompson, or Trench gun, please ubisoft, please
Jack Bocock (9 days ago)
The paint job on it is hideous.
cr1tler kek (9 days ago)
Keep making these videos as more live events come out!
Batman1911 (9 days ago)
Imma still use my recurve bow tho
Batman1911 (9 days ago)
Explosive arrows are great
MN Ruskii (9 days ago)
Hi ! I noticed something weird recently (Rainbow six siege) . With pistols you can shoot much faster with a suppressor than without one ! I think it's just feels like it's faster . Works the best on Fbi pistols (or any high cap pistol)
Nyoom (10 days ago)
is it just me or is the gunfire a bit dull? i mean i dont own the game, ive only seen gameplay of it, but i feel, especially with this that i dont see any feedback from the weapons. Still want the game though
simon freeman (10 days ago)
Nice to see you putting the technical view on FC5 weapons. Inspired by the way you look at weapon stats I did a few experiments of my own to see if the FC5 weapon variants differ in ways other than cosmetic and so far have found that in most cases they do hip fire ADS pellet spread moving vs stationary do differ I don't have your skill or ability to accurately measure the differences but for me at least they are noticeable
Doucalion (10 days ago)
Das ist net R6 :(
TheArklyte (10 days ago)
So, how's that BF1 vehicles series going? Hello? Anybody?
Matigungun (10 days ago)
The standard Vector will be released to buy when the event is over
Worst Infamous (10 days ago)
Camo 😓
JohnathanS Facew (10 days ago)
You can buy the normal vector, I used to be able to but never did I think ubi patched it out :/
Kimeters (10 days ago)
is it the high end crafted vector
Johnclark1990 (11 days ago)
unlocked it tried it ...its a fun weapon but got no permament slot in my inventroy for the same reason ...the LMG and sniper rifles are just to good in far cry 5
MajorDirt (11 days ago)
What assault rifle you use?
Sora.N Minakaze (11 days ago)
You know rogue, with this, we know you know we want to know all of the statistics of the guns in Far Cry 5 .
Nico Ramirez (11 days ago)
I dont like the farcry 5 videos :/
Chickenzzz (11 days ago)
Wait there's a vector. Oh its not in base game well that sucks. WAIT I NEDD TP GRT THIS WHAT
Sircade (11 days ago)
I returned this game and one reason was the shit weapon selection of course I get fucked in the arse god damnit now there’s gonna be like a million weapons
It's literally Mira
Nathan Gumpert (11 days ago)
I personally am a huge fan of the vector in any game but this is a very good analysis of the weapons capabilities. In my playthrough I go for a more stealthy approach and only really use my bow, but this is a good fall bsck weapon for me when I need to take out a few targets real quick up close.
Elethio Proskiv (11 days ago)
oh yeah, lets talk about a gun in a game thats gonna be irrelevant by next week. QUALITY CONTENT

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