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Me and some buddies were playing squad's in PUBG, and forgot to take off auto matching, we get paired with a random player who turns out to be a hacker... and... well... kills everyone in the game by himself...
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mambisquickRob (3 hours ago)
Was that Shroud? :0)
listen2meokidoki (17 hours ago)
Why not live. I mean, why not live the game? Of course you'll probably die. But hey. Only a coward plays a game that can't hurt. I once met a man 30 years younger than me who had never seen a grass hopper. And his wife was screaming in terror because she almost stepped on one at the front door. He didn't know what to do. So I went in, picked it up, took it away, and released it. Young people must always be supported and trusted to do the right thing. But I truly worry because they are too often not growing up. They should be making kids tougher because Peace and prosperity is always just the calm before the Storm.
TheMemeLess X (19 hours ago)
It's probably just the chair.
Doge the racer (1 day ago)
Whats the point of hacking in battle royal games like there is no point of hacking if you just have to survive
Matt Newcomb (1 day ago)
Disliked for false advertising
Kampfarsch (1 day ago)
30 fps i feel you man
Hypernova (1 day ago)
*thats me*
NickStone68 (1 day ago)
seems legit
TheRaellz (1 day ago)
"He's not hacking, you're just bad. Git Gud!" -FPS players
he didnt hack he jast have a realy big Mouse pad
NotSoGoodGamerR (1 day ago)
Should of team killed him and made the game fair
MUTANT_OCTOPUS (1 day ago)
I just had the same thing happen, its lowkey funny I died instantly 55Kai_Ge6 i think everybody on the server reported him
logan taylor (1 day ago)
What a cunt😂
Sandeep Nath (2 days ago)
One Bullet One Kill AF
Raging Potato (2 days ago)
Definitlt not hacking its just unfottunate u gotpaired with Legend27
Kelly (2 days ago)
And this is why I don't play any game on pc anymore.
William Bass (2 days ago)
Should have killed him.
Itz David (2 days ago)
You should have teamkilled
InoueSasuke 3 (2 days ago)
He just have a good gaming haircut.
ScurvyLee (2 days ago)
Yet yall just let him go on with it in your game rather than taking him out yourselves....
ItsRoskull (3 days ago)
How every Russian plays when the Soviet national anthem comes on.
DoubleDownAce (3 days ago)
I blame China
Darkkangel (3 days ago)
Fuck you for not killing him and for finding it funny!
Kevin Dragontail (3 days ago)
And then these cunts finally try to kill him after he already carried them to the finally 8
Norman Sigurðsson (3 days ago)
People that say there’s no fun in hacking have clearly never hacked a game and probably are not even able to. IT IS CUNTING FUN !! Killing everyone knowing they will be pissed and insulting you it’s just pretty damn satisfying plus listening to all the nerds that take the game too serious is just so damn good and even better... THEY CAN’T DO SHITE about it.
Shiana Lamont (3 days ago)
This is so funny... hold my beer
LegitTweaks (3 days ago)
i mean u coulda killed him at 34 left
Wolf robo (3 days ago)
I mean i wiped out 2 squads back to back a couple times but this kid is hacking foshooo
VladiSSius (3 days ago)
He's not hacking. He just have a nice gaming chair.
zenon martyniuk (3 days ago)
Hes just better
you got lucky
ViciousBond (5 days ago)
He’s got the new and improved PUBG with none of the shitty rendering - Case solved
Kaptain Madd (6 days ago)
Anybody count he kills?
Eliad Buchnik (6 days ago)
I would seriously shot him even if he is in my team the moment that I would have seen him.
Mr. Baileys (6 days ago)
This is why we should nuke china.
Dwayne Brooks (6 days ago)
Waited for the win to attempt to kill him
Frank Z (6 days ago)
He ate a snickers bar
Cimarev N. (6 days ago)
Most hacking videos are just people getting mad over losing to a good player but this is literal hacking
It Is I GOD (6 days ago)
lol, he not a hacker. hes a pro player. get gud :>
Kazuma Yagami (7 days ago)
They could have kill him but you know they also want to win so they didn't kill him even if they wanted to
outSider Cain (7 days ago)
the new GTX is INSANE ! It's serious sharingan shit. He sees in the future.
Gyeonaji (7 days ago)
he got dat 399 chair. hmmmmmmmm
D C (7 days ago)
you should be banned along with him for helping him out. you SHOULD have killed him yourselves and moved on.
Zombie Snipe (7 days ago)
hackers push gamers away from decent games, the more hackers play the less gamers want to play the game and causes the servers to shutdown
Tete F. Tusing (8 days ago)
May be he is deadshot
Nah just a good gaming chair
JoeDaBroTV (8 days ago)
MidNight /GamerX (8 days ago)
He had DRUGS before playing the game
Queen Of Randomness (8 days ago)
Marco Esteban (9 days ago)
This was lame
Space Ninja (9 days ago)
Well I play pubg mobile and wipe 3 full squads and I don't hack..
Gentoshi IsKawaii (9 days ago)
i think i was in that game lmao, me and my squad left
Its Venomz (9 days ago)
Everyone saying kill him thats ban able and at the start they weren't even with him
MavElixir22 (9 days ago)
noob no skill i realy hate hackers !!
AMCENTZ GAMING (10 days ago)
Some hackers don’t play it properly and they wonder why they don’t have any friends cuz they have no life
SealthruX (10 days ago)
I would have killed him
Robin Cunningham (10 days ago)
How come your entire team was the only one left? SHouldnt one of you died?
juan jimenez (10 days ago)
Why didn't they just shoot him??
MrIanD (11 days ago)
Not a quite everyone
Ian Hoffmann (11 days ago)
He must have a really nice pair of headphones
Floating Goose (11 days ago)
It's so fun when it's not happening to you. "This is retarded" after laughing hilariously. Division players
Fox Moulder (11 days ago)
u tards complained that hes too fast as u passed a vehicle
Joseph Borne (11 days ago)
I don't think he was hacking.
Nine Inch Nails (11 days ago)
So....u guys gonna report him or enjoy his cheating ass fuk up the game
Brofare (11 days ago)
it's only funny for you because he's on your squad if he wasn't you'd be pissed as fuck.
Scalp Collector (12 days ago)
Bullshit this guys just incredible at the Game,you should try and Git Gud instead of assuming everyone's Hacking.
Blayne Peterson (12 days ago)
I've gotten like 26 kills but they were all pretty new and it was a lot of grenades meet squad all in one cubic meter
LuciFer (12 days ago)
FCK this, not funny, maybe better friendly fire for hacker....nice guys, i think your first win in this game
"He's not cheating he simply outplayed you" *-PlayerUnknown*
Waru Halliday (12 days ago)
He wasnt hacking, he just had a Holographic
Tyler Oreskey (12 days ago)
Just trying to see if my name pops up in the kill feed like... XD
Benjamin Martin (12 days ago)
I wouldve killed him
U Mad Bro ? (12 days ago)
“He get the M249” I’m crying hahahaha
JaRRudaM (12 days ago)
they didn't kill them caz thet never got a win befor so they tho8ught hey y not get a win trash would of killed him as soon as they seen him at school
Terradice (12 days ago)
Nerf fingerless gloves
ForTheMontage (12 days ago)
These guys know nothing about cheats, spin bot doesn’t aim anything, spin bot is anti aim to prevent other cheaters from locking you
Danny D. (12 days ago)
"he's gotta be fucking hacking" fucking millennials ruined the word hacking. God. Everything they touch it turns into shit.
nearvania vania (12 days ago)
So hackers enters pubg now. Nice.
Soul Avenger (12 days ago)
SEE YAI AYE (12 days ago)
This is why I just straight up TK Chinese players, they're either hacking or speak 0 English and just want to pollute other servers out of spite with their god awful ping because they don't like some ads on their own server. If they communicate in english though they get a free pass, the english speakers are usually pretty good and can do callouts at least, the rest are cancer.
Cruze Willis (13 days ago)
Lukhinio (13 days ago)
Why you didnt kill him? You just let him spoil whole game. You were too greed for easy win... Unfortunatly you allowed to happen this when got a chance to stop it....
CorbinX10 (13 days ago)
whats the point in hacking, if you're just going to get banned?
ishmaboy (13 days ago)
I'm sorry, but ya'll are kinda dumb. You wait until he wipes out over half the server to think "uhhhh, maybe we should like, uhh, teamkill him?" That should have been your first thought as soon as you realized he was hacking. Not like it matters though because...wtf makes you think all of you "shooting him at once" would have done jackshit? lol He's hacking ffs. You don't think the motherfucker has unlimited health and/or bullet collision turned off? C'mon guys. Use your heads. I hope you reported him at least.
Kory Northrup (13 days ago)
just let the cock suck win the game for them and complain. they help ruin the game bann them to
Norwiking (13 days ago)
how many kills did he get total?
PerpetratorX (13 days ago)
SleepingGiant (13 days ago)
Need actual punishment for Hackers like this Heard that there is a country where you can go to Prison for this, we need to steal that Countries Ideas
OliOli251 (13 days ago)
Just should have put an entire mag into him and left him
Ildom (13 days ago)
Hope everyone reported the bastard
Matasaga (13 days ago)
*G A M I N G C H A I R*
Cocisiu Mihai (13 days ago)
I dont get why you guys didnt kill him when you all had a chance!is it for the win?thats quite lame,you guys should be reported as well.
Tom G. (13 days ago)
Dem gamer glasses doe
aka Hydro (13 days ago)
Why you dind't kill that hacker he is on your team ,wtf
Richard Pachuau (13 days ago)
I think that was John Wick 😂😂😂😂
Reid August (13 days ago)
Should have killed him straight away, team kill not a problem with this shit
Ze-Krush (13 days ago)
Your buddy doesn't know what a spin bot is.
Fawxx1O7 ™ (13 days ago)
Let’s not kill him till there’s two people left, then pretend we tried to kill him. Fucking lame
konan obayan (13 days ago)
Ultra instinct

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