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TERA : How to Get to Necromancer Tomb
Simple Img, If you have teleport point : http://i.imgur.com/hc582.jpg Some people were interested in how to reach the dungeon, Necromancer Tomb. I am unaware if you are given the teleport points without first discovering the locations so I included how to get there completely by foot.
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Ronnie Coleman Plays Battlefield 3
Aint nothin to it but to do it. If you are not familiar with Ronnie Coleman I suggest a quick youtube search, hilarious and amazing. Thanks to Cloppy and Hypez for clips.
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PUBG: Get More BP (~200/min)
Reupload with VBR instead of CBR. Probably doesn't even matter. All my BPM estimates are anecdotally factual. Music: -my computer fan -http://www.bensound.com -wolf street -first google search result for "record scratch mp3" -that song by the who -the yelly WWF guy -ghostrider OST
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PUBG 37 Gamescom Crates $190 Crate Opening
• Oldboy's Pants http://imgur.com/7kfzDNk • Open for business • Won't be there • Bc I'm dead • Music: Rei is best girl OST • Skip to 00:57 if you don't care about LORE
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PUBG: Quest for the White Skirt 1
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e-Mo_NUOEg
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CS:GO The Trashmasters 1
Trashcanning kids since 1991
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Golf It! Review and Gameplay
• I never actually used a ti-83 • because it was for the smart kids • maywetter v mcgriddle • watch this after
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Skyrim : No One Escapes Cidhna Mine Bug/Glitch Fix
How I got around my problem with the Cidhna Mine quest. I realize this may not fix everyone's problem but every "fix" I saw seemed situational and this remedied my situation. TLDR : Problem - You accrue a bounty from completing this quest when escaping Markarth. Solution - Go to last save before you exit Cidhna Mines (Quest is not completed yet). Sheathe weapons and DO NOT ATTACK ANYTHING. You will have zero bounty and still complete the quest/escape.
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Hyuna [현아] - 4th Mini Album Trailer MV Reaction
Hyuna is on the comeback with a video that is sure to have people talking. Here are some of my opinions on the trailer.
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SWTOR: Overload Saber GCD Bug/Glitch /w Fix
**As of 12/31/11 or before any issue I was experiencing in this video is now resolved. It should no longer be a necessity to right click after overload saber to ensure your next attack will land, ASIDE from some occurrences which I still notice in Warzones** *If I am simply overlooking something please tell me, I have tested this for a while and just can not seem to find a solution aside from right clicking* I made this to display a problem I have been experiencing with the move "overload saber" and a few other spells that are off the gcd. Problem being, the spell which is cast immediately after activating overload saber will wiff (more like not even register at all) but you will be put back on the gcd from that spell. The only solution I have found is right clicking the mob after use of overload saber or other abilities I have, such as rebuke. I dont fully understand what is happening, as you can see at 2:31 when I do not right click but my zealous strike connects. This led me to try a variety of timings as well as different ability queue windows, all which still seem to have around a 90% failure rate when not right clicking.
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TERA Dungeon Guide : Necromancer Tomb
A dungeon guide for Necromancer Tomb, a level 41 instance in TERA. Video contains footage of each boss fight, along with a brief explanation. Need help getting to NT? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG6z6RU6Io4 NOTE: This is a quite simple dungeon, so this particular video may be more of a demonstration than a guide. However, it is my goal to make a video guide for each dungeon as I level in TERA. Expect much more detail in future dungeon guides 00:00 Trayzadius 01:39 Dalmanak 05:06 Mutated Kaidun 07:23 Vedilith All music is from Volor Flex, off "Tramp" : http://store.darkclover.ro/album/tramp
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TERA Dungeon Guide : Sigil Adstringo (Part 2)
Location : http://i.imgur.com/YdtP1.jpg Part two of my "guide/runthrough" of Sigil Adstringo. An increase in difficulty over Necromancer Tomb, but still leaves much to be desired. Music from Volor Flex off "Tramp" http://store.darkclover.ro/album/tramp Thank you for your time in watching, I will continue to release runthroughs of every dungeon up to level 60, from there I will focus on creating more detailed guides (by a stricter meaning of the word) of the hard mode dungeons. 00:00 Tungkan (Continued from P1) 05:23 Skulregnath
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Girls' Generation 소녀시대 Lion Heart MV Reaction
Here is what we have been waiting for folks! SNSD is back with Lion Heart and it doesn't fail to deliver! Thumbs up for Gilr the lion!
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Civil War Warzone: Get to Mid From West/East in Under 20 sec.
Check out teambalancegaming.com for more in depth info Hey all, it recently occurred to me that you can make the jump up on the side wall of the central structure in mid in order to transition from a side base very quickly. This route shaves about (~10) seconds off your commute (excluding all movement speed buffs). The fastest I was able to reach mid from west on my Sentinel was about (~15) seconds. I haven't seen anyone else do this yet for some reason so I suppose it is quite unknown at the moment. Although it appears you may not make the second jump up on to the slanted wall it is very easy to do. *Skip to 0:37 for route *Btw If you have trouble jumping like I did in the vid you can use the protruding darker grey object on the side to get up on the wall as well.
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Guide to Full Daedric Armor (Daedra Hearts/Ebony)
Here is my guide to crafting a full set of Daedric Armor quickly. I will go through how to acquire Daedra Hearts and Ebony Ingots. 1:10 - (2) Daedra Heart, Enthir in College of Winterhold (2nd lvl, Hall of Attainment). Purchased for ~1k gold each, respawns 24-48 hr. 3:10 - (1) Daedra Heart, Living Quarters in Jorrvaskr (Outside Whitemanes room on a plate). Free, respawns in unknown 4:50 - (4) Daedra Heart, PREREQ: Museum Quest (Which starts from "Museum Pamphlet" from the naked courier, seemingly obtained once level 20 upon entering Whiterun) the next part of the quest leads to Dawnstar (Leads eventually to Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon). Free, respawns in ~2 weeks or so, outside guards appear to take longer than inside. 8:57 - (Many) Ebony Ore, Gloombound Mine (Near Narzulbur Orc camp southeast of Windhelm). Free but need to do quest which is received when running up to Orc camp, respawns in ~1 month time. **You can also get (2) Daedra Heart when doing the "Waking Nightmare quest from Dawnstar in the Laboratory located inside Nightcaller Temple (believe you must be on quest to get these).**
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Wonder Girls [원더걸스] - "I feel you" MV Reaction
This is my first time doing one of these, but I have wanted to for a while and just purchased a microphone. Any and all feedback is of course appreciated, thanks!
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CANT STOP ME I CAN ONLY BE CONTAINED -- www.twitch.tv/lugiencircle/c/2272383&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=lugiencircle&utm_medium=youtube
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Top Gun.
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CS:GO REAL hacker, with REAL hacks, REALLY getting banned.
Thanks largely in part to X-Files and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and not VAC or Overwatch, a REAL HACKER has been banned. However, how many poor souls fell victim to this man's wrath, while money was invested into new gun skins instead of robust anti cheat. We may never know...
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SWTOR: +5 to Ass (Even on the Elderly)
Check out teambalancegaming.com for more GG Bioware, just make sure I have the option to make my female sage look like this and we are all square.
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Basic Guide to Tribes Ascend (BETA)
* PLEASE NOTE: This video was made during BETA and much has changed since then * Hey there, Nikolaos from Lanista Games and Team Balance here. Tribes Ascend is a game I have high hopes for which has great potential (especially considering its f2p micro transaction model). My only fear was that new players will be turned off by the fast paced nature of the game and its reliance on aiming skill. So in this video I give new players a very basic outline which will assist in their entry into Tribes Ascend. Thank you for watching and enjoy.
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The Secret World : Impressions From Beta Weekend #1
Just some quick impressions of The Secret World beta. I touch on things such as the story, environment, skill trees, and combat system. However, I dedicate a large time to theories on the game's business model, based on assumptions drawn from its competition and pre order packages. I will most likely write a more coherent and focused article on why I believe The Secret World will be free to play in a years time on my site at, TEAMBALANCEGAMING.COM
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Jean Kirschtein Steal Yo Girl
Im not the kind of person that should be making this crap...
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This is why you spot (Battlefield 3 Beta)
Just a PSA: This is why you spot, this is why you spot, this is why, this is why, this is why you spot. Thanks for the spots team, actual footage coming soon.
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Cherry Blossom Ending Acoustic (Simple tutorial)
made this for a friend, not meant to be comprehensive e| - - --------------------------| B| - - ----- 5-------------------| G| -7--7--7--6--4--2--------| D| -7--6--7--6--4--2--------| A| - ---7--x--x--x--x--------| E| -7--x--x--x--x--x--------| [[ (1) (2) (3) (-slide down-)
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The Unwritten Book of PUBG
Follow the rules of the road
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Jun Hyo Seong(전효성) _ Find Me(나를 찾아줘) Reaction
Made this for a friend as a bday present because he is the only one that likes these videos I sometimes do... Apologies to Mr. D.Action, great name btw, who I did not know was featuring in this song.
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One Year | GTA V Short Film (EP. 1)
This took forever so I'm just going to publish it now and move on to other videos. At least I learned A LOT through making it. Ep 2 coming whenever I feel like torturing myself again. Shoutouts to fps counters and amd ryzen making this bearable. Also audio engineers or w.e they are called are basically modern day wizards. I don't understand how they do the things they do.
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CS:GO Daily, Dat Deagle 12/7/11
CS: GO Daily, 12/7/11 -- Recorded live on Justin.tv - http://j-tv.me/udR7wn
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Destiny 2 Beta: Escape from Mondo Burger
In the Destiny 2 beta you play as Kenan & Kel and try to escape from Mondo Burger. There might be ads on this vid thanks to LOEN bc of the last song. I'll let it fly since IU is on their label.
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Battlefield 3 - So You Think You Can Noscope? (Noscope Tips)
Hero here, explaining how to consistently hit noscopes in BF3. I have roughly a 70%+ noscope completion percentage and you can too. Remember to check out our up and coming site http://www.teambalancegaming.com/ for more Battlefield 3 and CS:GO to come shortly.
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CS:GO Dust 2 Boosting and Exploration
Messing around on Dust 2 with boosting and such. CREDIT TO: - JustinHit - cr00ks[st] - -_#B1ATSCH!! @ CS:GO Beta - zaHERO
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TERA Dungeon Guide : Sigil Adstringo (Part 1)
Location : http://i.imgur.com/YdtP1.jpg Part one of my "guide/runthrough" of Sigil Adstringo. An increase in difficulty over Necromancer Tomb, but still leaves much to be desired. Music from Volor Flex off "Tramp" http://store.darkclover.ro/album/tramp Thank you for your time in watching, I will continue to release runthroughs of every dungeon up to level 60, from there I will focus on creating more detailed guides (by a stricter meaning of the word) of the hard mode dungeons. 00:00 Evignar 03:32 Harkyriss 08:13 Tungkan
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Battlefield 3 - Leg 1 of Metro, Positioning tips with HERO (Recon)
HERO from Team Balance gives some positioning tips and strategy for attacking and defending on the first leg of metro. Check out http://www.teambalancegaming.com/, for more BF3 and CS:GO coming shortly.
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Completely (Or Almost Completely) Avoid Fire in Huttball
*Standing on the outermost part of the black protruding bindings on the fire platform will make you able to avoid any fire dmg. *In addition, you can avoid fire dmg on top of the four poles surrounding the platform. See what you can do with this, I am convinced with enough precision fire can be avoided nearly completely.
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SWTOR : World Boss Kill (Subject Alpha) 1080P
Who said you cant have fun while getting in last wave:) Thanks to everyone who attended on Anchorhead - Republic. Just a random group formed and this fight was much easier than expected, so go do it! Loot is shown at the end, and more info here http://db.darthhater.com/npcs/14531/subject_alpha/
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The Champ Is Here
Streaming Pikey bare knuckle boxing daily at, www.twitch.tv/teambalance
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Chronicles of the Ragemaster, Part 1 : Welcome to Big Boy Land
The Ragemaster has quickly ascended the ranks to reach leaver level 1 by only summoner level 9. Remember to brew that testosterone before important league matches.
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Bird Feed Battle June 6
Squirrels vs birds
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SWOLE PATROL - Battlefield 3 Montage
The first montage from SWOLE PATROL, featuring HERO and Cloppy. I learned so much about video editing and Battlefield from making this montage, hopefully you enjoy watching as much as I did making it. Although beta is now over, I have footage left and have many upcoming releases. So stay tuned and thanks for watching. - HERO
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Skyrim Fight vs. Dragon and Bear
You didn't think I'd actually fight a dragon and bear at the same time did you? I don't know how this got recorded, but I was getting rid of low resolution footage since I got my new monitor and found this funny.
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the game just crashed
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The Invention of Mouse DPI, by Eric
Too many inside jokes?
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Tribes Ascend : Tactical Strike Triple Kill
Nothing special, mostly testing twitch to youtube transfer. -- Recorded live on Justin.tv - http://j-tv.me/zerKoG
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Usp 4k
getting them heddys twitch.tv/oldboyusa
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Shootmania : Next Level Sandbagging
Trying to get some shootmania footage up as I am streaming it daily at http://www.twitch.tv/teambalance Mostly testing twitch to youtube transfer with this one --
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CS:GO 1v5 Auto Ace
unofficial... twitch.tv/teambalance
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V3 with that FRESH beta
Just skipping half the route like usual.
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On And On
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