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Person of Interest Sniper
Just showing how interesting badass snipers can be. And Person of Interest is a nice TV show! Really would like to see it as an unlock in Battlefield 3 :D
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Battlefield 4 MP7 unlock
To unlock this you need to have 3 anti-vehicle ribbons and one destroy with portable AA.
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Diablo 3 PTR 2 4 Black Rock Ledger Pages test
You can do only one by one and they transform into Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages.
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Diablo 3:  Barbarian - Set Dungeon of the Might of the Earth
Main recommendation here, don't go to high with damage. I crafted quickly a Blade of Tribes, non-ancient, without socket just to be able to not kill elites to quickly. Main issue, since mob spawns are still random in set dungeons is when you get back to back elites, but not all your cooldowns are ready to do the "within 6 seconds use 3 skills) requirement. Possible guideline here (I went with something different): http://www.diablofans.com/builds/70141-set-dungeons-barbarian-weight-of-the-earth-set Ask if anything is unclear. Build and gear I used shown at end of video.
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Diablo 3:  Crusader - Set Dungeon of Rolands Legacy
For this dungeon you actually need damage. As I did this in season where I didn't have a decent Golden Flense yet I used a one-hander and Golden Flense in cube. I tried the spend less Wrath rune in the AS law, but I couldn't manage 5 300 Wrath spent in 10 seconds. Since I had many tries with 1-2 mobs left and I couldn't find them in time I decided to go with fire rune on Sweep and Fire Akkarat champion, so I got the burn effect on mobs and usually they got killed even if I moved away. Possible guideline here (I went with something different): http://www.diablofans.com/builds/70659-set-dungeons-crusader-roland-set Ask if anything is unclear. Build and gear I used shown at end of video.
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Diablo 3:  Set Dungeon - Witch Doctor - Jade Harvester
Basic Guidelines that I used for completion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3zx70u/24_set_dungeon_compendium/ The build I used: http://www.d3planner.com/848651168 Basic guidelines: Before trying it out with Manajuma set I always had 1/2 monsters missing (well it's invisible snakes). So I just use that as movement speed. I had all ancient gear, and had to watch out not to hit to hard with Locust Swarm (so that they would die before I Haunt and Harvest them), but if you lack damage, use Quetzalocatl in cube instead (or on you + RORG). Recommended to do this dungeon without follower. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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The Division: Survival - Solo vs 6 Hunters
I actually planned to farm a bit more in the DZ, then I got trapped in that situation! Might be boring to watch, but I was proud of myself - to survive!
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Battlefield 4 Gun Master 2 Pistol set up
A 9:23 minute game. Almost perfect (for me, the old sack) xD
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Star Trek Online - Rear Admiral 5, top ships destroyer
How to use High Yield Torpedo and Viral Matrix to destroy Battleships in Star Trek Online relatively easily. Croatian speaking visitors, please visit: http://ad-infinitum.biz.hr
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Diablo 3: T7 Chest event 389 monsters killed
I just saw it stating it was my new record. So, I share!
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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Assignments
I know I'm late with this, done them myself long ago, but here you go. Spare time Sniper Assault Rifle ribbon x3 Get 20 headshots with Assault Rifles Reward: AR160 Packing a Punch Destroy 20 boats Reward: SR-2 Swiss Cheese LMG ribbon x3 Destroy 3 vehicles as Support Reward: AWS Always Deadly Sniper Rifle ribbon x3 Get 5 kills with C4 on NS maps Reward: SR338 Curve Ball Get 10 kills with an Impact Grenade Reward: SW40 Multi Tool Get 10 kills with UGL Darts Get 10 kills with UGL LVG Reward: M320 3GL Death from Below PDW ribbon x3 Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers Reward: AA Mine
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Battlefield 4: Road to Mastery Dogtag -  RPG vs Chopper
Had a lot of old clips lying around on my HDD. Those are most of my RPG vs chopper kills on the road to my RPG mastery dog-tag.
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Diablo 3: Monk - Set Dungeon of Inna's Mantra
This dungeon was more or less straightforward. This thread helped me with mastering. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/143424-set-dungeons-mastery-monk-builds-and-videos Ask for anything that might be unclear. Gear and skills shown at end of video.
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Diablo 3 Crusader Season 1 GR43 Ranked
Armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MadTom-2218/hero/47409923 If you see Compass Rose and Travelers Pledge combo with Nemesis Bracers, it's only for T6 farming. Pushing the end of season, hoping for an Ancient Blade of Prophecy to drop!
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Diablo 3:  Crusader - Set Dungeon of the Thorns of the Invoker
I did this early in the season, probably with a to high ranked Boyarski's chip (the Thorns leg gem) you could have issues with the get hit by spears part, since you might kill the spear throwers to fast. Possible guideline here: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/70626-set-dungeons-crusader-invoker-set Ask if anything is unclear. Build and gear I used shown at end of video.
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Diablo 3: Season 8 - Demon Hunter - Curses Conquest
Just started the game and the event was there! Many people say it doesn't work for them, I was lucky it worked for me.
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Trackmania Nations Forever E04 2:02.19
One of the very hard tracks, almost enough for the Nadeo Award (2:01.xx). So, just gold... Will try to beat the Nadeo record, too. The camera is put behind, just to show how hard the track is.
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Diablo 3: Season 5 - The Thrill Conquest - Crusader
Build I used to get the Thrill Conquest. Build description here: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/71190-thrill-conquest-thorns-build-recommendation
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Diablo 3: Season 7 - Witch Doctor - The Thrill Conquest - GR45 no set item
This build is so fun, sadly it can't be pushed into to high GR's! I would love to play a variant like that in GR80+.
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Diablo 3: Monk - Set Dungeon of Ulianas Strategem
This dungeon took me some 4-6 hours to get it done... This thread helped me with mastering. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/143424-set-dungeons-mastery-monk-builds-and-videos Ask for anything that might be unclear. Gear and skills shown at end of video.
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Diablo 3:  Set Dungeon - Witch Doctor - Zunimassa Haunt
Basic Guidelines that I used for completion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3zx70u/24_set_dungeon_compendium/ The build I used: http://www.d3planner.com/188768950 Note on build: Follower recommended, as he will aggro and CC some of the mobs. Additionally I used a lot of "mobs go away" stuff, like Piranhado, Horrify at 24 yard radius, so you just don't get in melee range. Also, to be able to spam Grasp of the Dead, Wilken's Reach mojo is necessary, either on you or in cube, combined with the cold rune of GotD you can spam it freely (it still triggers the 800% Zunimassa set bonus!) Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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TmForever MinniFuttu
A Trackmania Dirt track from the4thduke, one of the greatest Dirt Track builders, and me doing almost the current World record. My time so far 48.90; record 48.89. TMX ID: 1690743
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Battlefield 4: DBV-12 Shotgun on Operation Locker
Just some public gameplay, from flag A to E!
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Ocing Athlon X2 5400+ Black Edition (65nm)
Simple Windows based Ocing of 5400+ BE to 3.3 GHz (would be 6600+ then...). Mobo is AsRock A780GFullDisplayPort
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Diablo 3: PTR 2.4 GR60 Solo Invoker
P400ish enough in season for solo GR60. Mainly used Haedrig gift parts in my set (only one part was ancient). Discussion: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/142295-complete-list-of-season-5-journey-requirements-and https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3ze5th/complete_list_of_season_5_journey_requirements/
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Diablo III: S12 Crusader - P900ish - no augments GR99
Far from perfect gear, but looks promising.
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Diablo 3 Crusader Season 1 GR45 Ranked - Condemn
Sadly, I didn't get an ancient Blade of Prophecy. I had 8 BoP's drop (actually one from Kadala after patch), but none of them was ancient. With an ancient one I'm sure I would have hit top 20... Here my armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MadTom-2218/hero/47409923 Had some GR46 keys, and I was 5 seconds short on one of those, bad luck.
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PUBG 63: 1PP solo chicken dinner in a cheap way
I actually wanted to test if I can win by healing!
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Trackmania E01 Obstacle 45.23
Managed to beat the Nadeo time, hooray!
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Diablo 3: Secret Cow level - Immortal Throne
How to find it: Act 3, Sescheron waypoint, go into Elder Sanctum, find Immortal Throne, voila! I had people in comments check it on PS3 (so probably applies to X360 as well). The event is not available on "old-gen" consoles. Some say you need the Staff of Herding, some say you don't (I had it on me, just in case). EDIT: You don't need Staff of Herding, checked with my seasonal toon now! Also, disregard difficulty, I just picked a non-season char without amulet and leg gems with wrong skills and all, just wanted to check it. Kudos goes to leon0king: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diab... Sadly, the level is kinda lackluster, no chests, not even bosses.
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Diablo 3: PTR 2.4 no set items GR45 The Thrill (Crusader Thorns)
In Patch 2.3 S4 you could use Focus+Restraint, Shenlongs spirits and similar non-class set items to finish a GR40, they made it a little bit harder in S5, so you are not allowed to use any set item on you at all to finish a GR45. Was not to hard with Thorns (not sure about other classes), but shouldn't be to hard for other classes either. Sadly (even with high droprate on PTR) I didn't have 2 Unity rings at that stage yet, but I recommend to use all you can to lower incoming damage: General: Aquilla Cuirass (if you can maintain high resources in the build you play), double Unity Crusader: block chance with new Justice Lantern ring, even Salvation shield (from bounties) not bad Monk: Spirit Guards Barb: doesn't seem to have additional specific item to lower incoming damage, but can use skills for that (share damage with pets, WotB 50% damage reduction rune etc.) Demon Hunter: get's a lot of new damage reduction items, I recommend to use them Wizard: get's reworked items for better shields, also recommend to use those Witch Doctor: will get new bracers that reduces your damage by 6% for every Soul Harvested enemy, combine that with Sacred Harvester Ceremonial Knife, you get nice 10 stacks of Soul Harvest and 60% damage reduction! Discussion: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/142295-complete-list-of-season-5-journey-requirements-and https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3ze5th/complete_list_of_season_5_journey_requirements/
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NFS: Shift, Aston Martin DB9 London River Race
Just a view on one of the Event races in NFS Shift. It's a replay. I won, BTW :D
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STO-ground combat
Just a little video that shows Expose/Exploit tactics in PvE of Star Trek Online. For Exploit, recommended is a Beam Weapon, so you can hit more targets at once (you can get 3-5 Exposed Enemies down with this tactic easily). For croatian speaking players that wish to join our fleet, visit: http://ad-infinitum.biz.hr/index.php
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Diablo III: S11 - Necromancer -  Rathma set dungeon
Set dungeons used to be harder!
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Diablo III: PTR 2.5 Nagelring Zuni test
As it seems Nagelring explosion is buffed by Zuni bonus. I tried to check if Templar damage is buffed, too, but it didn't seem so (if yes would make a funny Asheara set build). Probably no endgame change, but as gearing up in S10 (Zunimassa is Haedrig gift set) it can help out a bit.
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Diablo 3: PTR 2.6.1 Zunimassa Garg GR100
Took me multiple tries, low gems, pretty low augments.
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Diablo III: Challenge rift 42 - Europe
I recommend Elite hunting for this, don't go nooks and cranies.
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Diablo 3: Season 9 - The Thrill on monk
Did this for the season journey - it's basically LtK LoN monk without LoN. GR45 without any set item equipped. BTW, I realized I forgot to change physical LtK rune to one of the fire ones... Would have done it even faster.
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Diablo 3 Mosquito Swatter
Due to the fact that there was a Conduit, I couldn't enjoy in the Josh Mosqueira kill. Still, here it is. And, yeah, no loot from him...
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Race Driver Grid Demo - Muscle Car
Win after crash in first lap... Played on P4 3.4EE, X1950GT AGP, 2GB RAM
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Defuse after 30.01.2014. Patch (Battlefield 4)
This is a joke, I wondered if there was wallhack on me while I was carrying the bomb, seems it is a built into game engine one now... As soon as somebody picks up the bomb he is spotted for the enemy team.
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Battlefield 4 Perfect Landing assignment
Just the final stage of getting the last Second Assault assignment I had open. First I landed on top of the tower, after that I had a killstreak of 10 with the jet (a lot of hide and seek from the mobile AA included)
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Shattered Horizon Moondust Battle Beginner Tips
Watch me play and comment a Battle match on Moondust, one of my favorite Battle maps in Shattered Horizon, the MP Space Shooter from Futuremark Games Studio. http://www.shatteredhorizon.com/
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Diablo 3:  Set Dungeon - Wizard - Vyr's Amazing Arcana
Basic Guidelines that I used for completion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3zx70u/24_set_dungeon_compendium/ The build I used: http://www.d3planner.com/538542982 This is more or less "classic" Vyr set-up. Templar for AP regen and double Unity used. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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Diablo 3: Monk - Set Dungeon of Raiment of the Thousand Storms
This dungeon was more or less straightforward. If you use Nemesis bracers you don't have to kill all monsters on map since the Nemesis spawned monsters that you kill count towards the global kill count. This thread helped me with mastering. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/monk-the-inner-sanctuary/143424-set-dungeons-mastery-monk-builds-and-videos Ask for anything that might be unclear. Gear and skills shown at end of video.
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Tom Clancy's The Division: Raškova Inkurzija
Last 20 minutes
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Diablo 3:  Demon Hunter - Set Dungeon of Natalyas Vengeance
I had like 12 hours on my DH in season, that is the only reason why I used Traveler's Pledge/Compass Rose combo (nothing better dropped yet), but for the set dungeons it is good enough. You are safe here with using the 8s rune on Rain of Vengeance. The Yang I used helps a lot with Hatred issues. Basic idea for mastering: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/70108-set-dungeons-demon-hunter-natalyas-set Gear and skills shown at end of video. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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Diablo 3:  Set Dungeon - Wizard - Delsere Magnum Opus
Basic Guidelines that I used for completion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3zx70u/24_set_dungeon_compendium/ The build I used: http://www.d3planner.com/827983043 You need Wave of Force to reflect missiles. You can use any source, even shield if you want. Aether Walker is there just for more movement speed, especially when you seek out the last few mobs. I played without follower coz he tends to drag enemies away, so it makes the 30 enemies in one slow time harder to make. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
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