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Light Gas Gun CGI demo
Just a not half bad video - hey at least it has CGI! Leave a comment if you want me to make another video on something.
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building surface experiment package (on the crawlerway)
quick before the crawler comes along!
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Nuclear war - The end of the world (chilling music video)
Got the inspiration to make this from a few other videos - I really whish I never see a nuclear war though... http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap - how safe would you be?
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Homing Cycle and control on my CNC router
Some more work on my Chinese-made aluminium frame CNC kit. finally got the homing cycle to run!
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using 3D printer  as a plotter!
a quick and dirty video showing a Chinese clone i3 3d printer drawing a vector image. ........ since the information out there is pretty scarce: here is how I did it: I used a free vector drawing program Inkscape to trace a image ...... I then used the built-in gcode to path function of inkscape and imported that gcode directly into my 3d printer software. NOTE: make sure to run the printer in one of 2 ways --- 1: measure and make a separate printer setting based on the pen tip (offsets on X, Y and Z so it knows where it is...) 2: FIRST move the pen down to where you want to start drawing .... insert a G92 X0 Y0 Z0 block at the start to make sure the machine 'thinks' that is its correct zero position so it will follow the gcode path correctly. A alternative method involves making a special 3d file which the slicer can handle but that is slightly more cumbersome. this is necessary if you want to get correct scaling since a outstanding bug in the recent version of inkscape has a weird conversion factor for inches/mm stuck in the code somewhere.
Views: 25 Kevin Miedema
a lot tougher then you would think though! (fyi that was a failed print)
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Shorting out a 100F supercap
not as much sparks as the capacitors electrodes excitingly glowing red hot in mere seconds. ... yikes (looks like these things will be perfect for my spot welder project)
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space engineers #2: CANT ... BREATHE
we set our ship down on a nearby asteroid and start work recovering what we can .... but we realize we have to get down to the planet if we intend to survive because in space .... nobody can hear you suffocate!
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Minecraft Infinitech #1
In the first episode we start to scrape together some materials but things take a turn for the worse as night falls... Time to do something else! I got a tiny bit bored with my other lets play so I got back into playing some modded minecraft. We are branching out and building a space program in minecraft!
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space engineers #3: Lets Scrap this!
(IF ANYONE WANTS TO DO COOP SURVIVAL I HAVE A SLOT ^^)we quickly start work on a small ship for landing on the planet after we find that space is quite hostile indeed ... next time we will finish it up and decide our course of actions to get to the crash site!
Views: 9 Kevin Miedema
Space Engineer #4-5-6: Furious Scrapping
this one is a little longer, combining all the work towards finally completing the small escape ship, salvaging what we can and ....not dying from meteoor storms and oxygen deprivation!
Views: 11 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep1: im new at this.
im totally new for this so im sorry if its a bit crap, I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions or feedback... id love to hear! be sure to tell what you think of the video.
Views: 30 Kevin Miedema
Spacestation deorbiting and explosion
it had to go ... we needed to collect the insurance!
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Lets Play Kerbal Space Program ep16: Help is on the way!
No Kerbal left behind...
Views: 3 Kevin Miedema
3d printing timelapse: White cobra sculpture
30 second timelapse - 54 min 3d printing this experimental model I made in blender with the 3d printer I got for my birthday!
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Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep17: This Girl is on fire
We finally bring back Machel Kerman - unharmed!
Views: 3 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep4: Morbid Speed Demon
Jeb blasts off to fulfill his burning desire to go fast .... but things don't go exactly as planned!
Views: 5 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep30: Test gone wrong
We try to send up rescue pods to get our 3 kerbonauts back from space after a game of monopoly went wrong and they ran off in separate ships.... the test doesn't go as planned though!
Views: 2 Kevin Miedema
Space Engineers Survival #1: disaster in space!
... its space engineers time ... and things start off with a disaster and now at least 2 survivors off the mothership are dead and 1 is missing in action (presumed dead)! .... a single signal is picked up from a small ship that escaped ; we will investigate next time!
Views: 15 Kevin Miedema
Destination: Minmus
A short video of me launching a spacestation bound to minmus, with some voiceover at the start ..... enjoy :D i used two sound effects, thanks for the great free resource guys! robinhood76: rocket-start cyberkineticfilms: rocket-start-up
Views: 7 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep28: V2 Vengeance
Third time's a charm - or so they say because we almost die with the newest V2 design, but in the end we make it! We suspect a very jealous jeb might have sabotaged the controls....
Views: 2 Kevin Miedema
New year Exploding Capacitors (Gone wrong!)
Blowing up unvented capacitors for new years day! The results may surprise you.... (also don't try this at home without precaution, exploding capacitors can be very dangerous!)
Views: 4 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep34: Your delivery Sir!
After some more things pop up and go wrong we finally manage to get our repair package to kenrod kerman .... at least its more interesting this way!
Views: 9 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep32: Hang in there guys!
We save one of the 3 'monopoly' survivors and plan to do another cost saving combined mission for the other 2 .......... as usual it doesn't quite work though!
Views: 8 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program ep14: Mun Mission
we tweak our rocket and launch our satellite past the mun .... we also have a little detour watching a rocket booster slam into kerbin.
Views: 5 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep33: Synchronized Rescue!
after we find out a major issue with one of our two rescue pods we successfully rendevouz with both our kerbals in a synchronized fashion! .... unfortunately the 'good' pod has had a fuel tank glitch and its now stranded!
Views: 2 Kevin Miedema
barrel rolling in KSP
this is what I was doing at 0.30 AM ...
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Lets Play Kerbal Space Program ep3: Miraculous Flight!
After some problems with the rocket, we stumble across a way to get the job done! We also start work on a even crazier mission which might even make Jeb hesitate... I switched my setup a little so im sorry that the speech is very poorly balanced with the game audio - I will turn down the game audio next time....
Views: 9 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep12: Orbiting Kerbin
We launch jeb into orbit .... unharmed! The view is so beautiful we take a bit longer then planned though...
Views: 8 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program ep13: Too fast!
we start work on building a space probe with the newest technologies as minmus is calling ... unfortunately our booster packs a little too much of a punch!
Views: 2 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep22: Planes are hard.
As we mentioned a long time ago: planes are hard..... and it turns out to be very true!
Views: 0 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep9: Global warming & cute robots
we launch the stayputnik + on a one-way trip to nowhere, we also build an even more adorable version of our sampling robot to get some science... unfortunately something weird happens after this!
Views: 6 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep26: How did i get here?
We continue the plane thing and find that our design doesn't really work so we then try to make it even more rocket-like, but that's not enough either and leaves our plane stranded in a far place... Be sure to check the message at the end!
Views: 16 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep20: A trial by fire
OKTO 1 is in for a really rough ride as he returns all the way from the mun .... we also wave hi to the satellite that's now in orbit of the mun on our way back. The video is a bit longer too, as the scenery is quite stunning.
Views: 6 Kevin Miedema
Minecraft Infitech #3 - farming & horrible cave
We pimp our little hovel set up a farm and discover a spooky cave entrance right next to our door....
Views: 14 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal space Program Ep11: Roasting Marshmellows
We build a cute sampling robot ... discover a major hole in our tech tree and start work on finally sending jeb to space!
Views: 1 Kevin Miedema
Playing the Terrible Pay-to-win game from my childhood
its worse now. 1 like = 1 chocolate.
Views: 6 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep15: Saving Machel
A mission suddenly pops up and we rush to build a mission to save a kerbal stranded in a orbit which spells certain doom by the mun! outro music is Ryan Li's Absent, I found it licensed under a attribution license on Free Music Archive - thanks man!
Views: 8 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep19: look at those lovely cheeks!
We prepare to send OKTO1 to the mun and back, but park him in orbit for a while because the OKTOBOX satellite is approaching the mun for a closer look....
Views: 1 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep8: Trial and error!
Turns out rocketscience is not easy! Human error and the way aerodynamics works in the game throws us off for a bit, leading to a lot of 'fun' and other hilarious mistakes I make before we finally nail it. I sped up the actual building inbetween tests by 16x to keep the video from becoming very long.
Views: 3 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep37: The valentina kerman experience
our little probe falls prey to the kraken so we instead focus on making the valentine experience into a trip for tourists with a space plane!
Views: 7 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep25: Val is a total Badass
The first X-plane pilot is female daredevil valentine kerman and she finally gets the first observation of our contract in a blaze of glory(quite literally!)
Views: 10 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep21: Jets for Dessert
we switch over to the Dessert orbiting the moon for an appetizer and then start on a quest to build a plane!
Views: 9 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep35: Orbital Mechanics!
We successfully repair our stricken spaceship with the spare parts we launched previously and bring both kerbals down safely!
Views: 3 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep27: Launching the V2
After our little space hop last time we now have the tech to build a better plane ..... so we launch the V2(Valentina 2) aircraft and complete task 2/3 for our contract!
Views: 13 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep24: Head in the clouds
We continue work on our aircraft and finally get our design worked out - the next step is actually getting the final version to fly!
Views: 36 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep10: The little probe that couldn't...
we finish up a contract with a big rocket engine and try to make our robot fly ...
Views: 3 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program ep36: Munprobe
While we wait for the pudding to get to the dessert that is minmus we start work on exploring the fabled cheese deposits on the mun!
Views: 2 Kevin Miedema
Minecraft Infinitech #2: And there was light!
We manage to slay the evil that kept us holed up last episode and after a bit of unintended spelunking we find a place to build our base (in another cavern!)
Views: 10 Kevin Miedema
Lets Play Kerbal Space Program Ep7: today was a good day
time flies when you are having fun .... when you can instantly assemble rockets a lot can be done in a single day though! We finally get a robot out of the atmosphere and unlock some fancy new tech, today was a good day!
Views: 1 Kevin Miedema

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