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WoT: Epic E8 ace tanker in a tier VII battle!
Hey guys, I'm back! This time with the awesome Sherman Easy Eight on Himmelsdorf! I end up getting an epic ace tanker badge in a tier VII match. I accidentally erased the screenshots of the match, but I wrote some of the stats down. I show them at the end of the video. Enjoy! Btw I fully recommend this vehicle :) Please like, comment and subscribe to my channel!
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R6 Siege New gamebreaking glitch/map exploit on Clubhouse
This just happened to me, Jäger vaulted over the shield. As you can clearly see, the attackers cannot see nore kill him, but he can see and shoot all of us. I reported both players for abusing this glitch/map exploit. Their ingame names are: notWolfyy (Jäger) & ItsBiohazard (Pulse). I already saw a Reddit post about this, but I still wanted to post it so you could see it in action...
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WoT tactical KV-1 gameplay: go left on Mountain Pass
A perfect example of a good tactic: Always go to the left side on Mountain Pass. The right side can also be attacked by tanks on the bridge, and the bridge can be attacked by almost anyone. This is the safest and fastest route. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT British tank destroyers: Valentine AT review
This is my review of the tier 3 british Valentine AT. A very heavily armoured tank destroyer. The best tier 3 TD? Yes that's confirmed! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT: Cruiser Mk.II epic little derping Ace Tanker Badge!
This is one of the best tier III tanks in the game with a very powerful derpgun. All tier III and IV tanks should fear this innocent looking beast and this is why! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT British tank destroyers: Universal Carrier 2 pounder review
I have decided to review the british tank destroyers. Starting with this one: The tier 2 Universal Carrier 2 pounder tank destroyer. Please comment, like and subscribe!
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WoT ramming the ECL AMX like a boss
I was recording part 4 of my Chinese tank reviews when this happened: An ECL AMX ( French tier V light tank ) suprised me and we made physical contact..... Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT British tank destroyers: The Alecto review
Here it is: My review of the British tier IV tank destroyer: The Alecto. This thing is very fast, but it has also got a lot of drawbacks... I did not like this tank, but since it leads to the AT8 ( my goal ), I needed to have it. Enjoy and please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT Tactical spot on Abbey 9.19 compatible!
Abbey always was one of my favorite maps, but now I like it even more! It will only take about two minutes to get to this spot if you drive in a fast light tank. I read the patchnotes of patch 9.0 and the only that changed since patch 8.9 is the 1st island, therefore you can still do this in patch 9.0! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT: Artillery tutorial (live commentary and examples)
*One big thing I forgot: Hold the right mouse button to lock the aiming circle!* Hey guys! I thought I'd make a short tutorial video. A lot of artillery-players forget to (or just don't) use the F8 key and never relocate! You can really help out your team if you follow these instructions. This video should also be useful for the "advanced" artillery-player and it's ideal for beginners. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT Pz III/IV gameplay: chasing down the T50/2!
Patch 8.4 is coming up! The test server is available now. To celebrate, I posted this video. It's a few weeks old, but it is a nice one. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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Wot M8A1 gameplay
One of my first games in the American tier IV TD. I like it a lot and I'm looking forward to the T49. Enjoy and please like, comment and subscribe.
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WoT Chinese tank reviews part 4: the M5A1 Stuart
Part 4 of my Chinese tank reviews is finished, I hope you like it. I've compared this tank to the American M5 Stuart and this thing is much better! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT Chinese tank reviews part 2: The Chi-Ha
Part 2 of my Chinese tank reviews! This one is about the tier 3 Chinese tank: The Chi-ha. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT the best team I've played with so far (in my M4 Sherman)!
This is why you need to move to the town on this map instead of heading for the hill. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT Chinese tank reviews part 1: Chinese tier 2 tank
I give a short review of the tier 2 Chinese tank that came in on patch 8.3. It's a funny tank with a good cannon. At the end of this part, I unlock the Chi-ha tier 3 tank. I will do a review on that tank soon. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT Pz III/IV gameplay
This is one of my best games I've had in my Pz III/IV. A really fast tank once fully upgraded. I absolutely recommend this tank. Enjoy and please like, comment and subscribe.
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RL Compilation #1 Epic saves, longshots and more!
Episode one of my Rocket League Compilation videos! This is my first compilation video. It took me longer than I expected but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Enjoy! Song info: ♫Music By NCS♫ ●Geoxor - You & I - https://youtu.be/1lcc21RQx_A ●Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Geoxor ●Twitter - https://twitter.com/Geoxor ●YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/Geoxor ●Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/geoxor_official Please like, comment and subscribe!
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World of tanks battle tutorial
What is the battle tutorial? Is it useful for beginners or for advanced players? Do you get a reward for completing it? Do they explain where to hit an enemy? Find out in 5 minutes :) Please like, comment and subscribe!
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Warface (f2p awesomeness): Co-op gameplay on Arena with Bendedshark
Hey guys, I wanted to show you another game that I like: Warface is a free to play first person shooter. This video is with live commentary and also features Bendedshark. I discovered that my voice volume keeps getting lower during the video. I think this is a bug in Skype or in Fraps. I haven't figured out a solution just yet, but I'll keep trying ;) Please like, comment and subscribe!
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The ugliest tank in the history of World of Tanks?
The ugliest tank in the history of World of Tanks? I think it is! :) Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT review request episode 1: The T50-2
Hey guys! Jacob Kears asked me to review the T50-2 in patch 8.4 and that's what I did! Enjoy the review of the tier 5 light tank. One of the fastest tanks in the game. Please like, comment and subscribe! Again sorry for the delay Jacob...
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GTA 5 Stunt Plane Race With A Twist!
I decided to do the GTA 5 Online stuntplane race called Burn Your Bridges during night time... in 1st person... and upside down! I'm back from the dead! I'm experimenting with custom thumbnails and all of my videos should be in 1080p form now on :D Feel free to leave any kind of suggestions and/or feedback down in the comments below. Please like, comment and subscribe to my channel! In case you are wondering: I'm playing on my PC with an XBOX One controller. I run the game at maximum settings.
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WoT Chinese tank reviews part 5: the Type T-34
This is my Type T-34 review. I'll compare this tank with the Russian T-34 and show you some gameplay. One little problem occured when I was recording: I thought that my mic didn't work any more ( 17:25 - 17:30 ) Please like, comment, rate & subscibe!
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New channel intro!
I hope you like it! I'm gonna work on more videos soon :) Please like, comment and subscribe! Song: Silent Partner - DC Love Go-Go (from the Youtube Audio Library)
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WoT M4 sherman gameplay
My 5th game in the M4, the most produced tank during the second world war. It was very good in real life and it's pretty good in the game ( as shown here ). I went through hell and back to get it ( M3Lee still is the worst tank in the game ), but it's worth it!
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A tribute to the T18
This thing is about to get nerfed to bits in patch 9.3, so here is my tribute to the T18. I'm gonna miss you! Rest in Pieces... Please like, comment and subscribe if you liked the T18!
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Showing you how you can use the ELC AMX on Cliff when you end up in a tier VII match. Did a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Unlocked my 1st Mark of Excellence shortly afterwards. I used to suck in this thing back in the day (about two years ago), but now I love it! Enjoy! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT: Blast from the Past with the mighty T29
I came across some old replays that I had to share! That's why I'm starting a new mini-series called Blast from the Past. This one is from april 2015 (on my old PC) and it's about my favorite tier VII heavy tank: the American T29. I completed the final heavy tank mission in order to unlock the Stug. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT 8.4 review request
Hey guys, I will start an other series apart from my regulair gameplay and my chinese tank reviews ( I'll upload episode 4 today ): the 8.4 review request! If you want me to review a tank, leave your request in the comments below. I will read those comments and I will review the tanks :) Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT: Epic lucky Kolobanov's medal!
My first Kolobanov's medal in my WoT carreer, achieved in the tier VIII IS3 heavy tank. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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Intro Drummercommander
Finished my intro! I hope you like it :) My next video will be in a Chinese tank. I'm going to review them because I think that they are very interesting. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT KV-1 gameplay
Just a random game in my KV-1 with live commentary. The KV-1 is in my opinion one of the best tier V tanks. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT FV215b (183) gameplay: Bang you are dead! (no HESH rounds)
PLEASE READ THIS: I do not use HESH in this video. I chose not to, because HESH costs gold, and I wanted to demonstrate that this tank can also be EPIC without pay-to-win ammo. This is the biggest suprise of patch 8.4! The best tank destroyer in the game? Hell yeah! Feel the power of this awesome British tier 10 tank destroyer. And there is more: I will review other british tank destroyers :) Please like and subscribe!
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WoT ELC trolling like a boss
Hey guys, it's been a while! I found this gameplay footage from a couple of months back and decided to upload it. I'm driving my ELC on Komarin and decide to do a scouting run, then this happens... Enjoy! Please like, comment and subscribe!
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WoT British tank destroyer reviews: The AT2
Hey guys, this is my AT2 review. This thing is slow but well armoured. Enjoy the video and take the tank for spin. Please like, comment and subscribe! :D
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BF4 Siege of Shanghai Levolution in full HD (no music, talking, combat etc.)
A clean and clear view of the Levolution event on the Siege of Shanghai map in Battlefield 4. I was in an empty server around midnight with my buddy Analogica, who shows off his skills as the tower falls down :) Please like, comment and subscribe to my channel!
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WoT Chinese tank reviews part 3: unlocking the M5A1 Stuart
Finished recording part 3! I'm glad that i've got the M5A1. I'll do a review on the tier 4 light tank soon. Please like, comment and subscribe!
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My new intro
Hey guys I'm "rebooting" my Youtube channel :) Starting with a brand new intro! Please like, comment and (re)subscribe! Recorded using fraps Song: Peacemaker (from www.freeplaymusic.com)
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