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Powerglide - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Music is finally here after a ton of trial and error. I know its pretty loud and over powers the game audio but it finally worked and I didn't want to mess the video up by trying to record the music again and it not working so it is what it is. Next time I'll make it quieter but I hope you enjoy it. I hope I don't get copyrighted for using the song but I have 15 subs so I doubt it matters but I used this song because this is all I have been listening to for the past 3-4 days now. While playing siege I have it in a app playing and I bought it on my phone to listen to at anytime. Anyways hope you guys enjoy.
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Japan - Rainbow Six Siege Platinum Console Player Highlights
And for this video I used Japan by Famous Dex as the song for the video just because its so upbeat and goes well with a lot of the clips I used. I'm really trying to get a video up once a week and with summer break only about 55 days away I think I'll be able to reach that goal. Thanks for watching and please share with any of your friends.
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Ranked Highlights #4 - Rainbow Six Siege
Birthday coming up and getting a job this summer so hopefully I'll be able to get some recording devices and such so you can hear party chat.
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Pressure - Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Highlights
Another ranked highlights video. Still working on including party chat using xbox upload studio. IF anyone knows how to feel free to comment down beloew. Thanks for watching ;)
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In Memory Of Operation White Noise - Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
On the last day of the season I decided to make a mini tribute video to White Noise. I personally will not miss this season all the much because I ended 400 points negative than I did last season and i didn't even end P2.... My friends are going ultimate sweaty and doing whats best for our ranks because we all wanna get plat and maybe even diamond. Expect new players more frequently like The Silent Toe and Flat Bunny.... hope you guys enjoyed White Noise and are hype for year 3, operation chimera and outbreak!!!
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Ranked Highlights #3 - Rainbow Six Siege
Happy Valentines day everybody! Shout out to the Toe and Gnome for the content and callouts. Oh and Ben for the moral support. Anyways have a great day!
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Humble - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Some nice 1 v X's and other good clips! Add me on Xbox: GhostReconReach to play sometime. I'm going on a vacation so no video Thursday sadly :( I'm trying to upload a new video every otherday but we'll so how it goes. Thanks for watching and have a merry Christmas!
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Rackin' Em Up - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Some drop shots, lucky kills, clutches, kill chains, and one taps! Let me know what you liked and or disliked in the comments please! Add me on XBL @ GhostReconReach.
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Sharpening - Rainbow Six Siege
Well its been a few weeks but I'm back and I have a bunch of conent just gotta make videos! Also I think I found out how to add backround music to my videos for free!$$$$$$$ So I'm lit but its having some difficulties but hopefully that'll come soon. Anyways enjoy!
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Ranked Highlights  #2 - Rainbow Six Siege
More videos on the way....
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Sweaty To The Max - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Sorry fro the long break but Im back! Sorry if the video seems rushed, a lot of these clips came from one day when i went 2-6 in ranked but carried almost every game... Thanks for watching!
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Salty - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Sorry for a shorter video I didn't get a ton of clips this past week. I'll try to upload once a week but it really just depends on how much siege I play because of school and other activities. Also happy MLK Day!
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Highlights - Rainbow Six Siege
Aces, one taps and more! :)
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Control - Rainbow Six Siege Highlights
Im back with another compilation of nice ranked clips. Im working on getting videos done with party chat but it may be awhile :(
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