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How to install Raddlock Bullet Button/Mag release.
Quick little video on how to install a standard mag release and put in a Raddlock Bullet button system. Note: I didnt screw my mag release all the way in because it was only a deminstration. I was going to remove it as soon as I got it on so there was no point in fully installing it. Just showing how to start installing it. To fully install the mag release you just have to screw it in until there is only about 1cm of the button sticking out. Pretty much as much as you can screw the lever side in before you hit the bolt release paddle mounts. Be careful not to scratch the paddle mounts. Note: For some other rifles you may need to buy a bullet button instalation tool. This tool is a dedicated tool used for installing or removing the inner nut of the AR15 Bullet Button. (This tool may be damaged if used to remove a nut that has been secured with Loctite. If you feel more than moderate resistance when attempting to turn the nut please stop as damage to the tool may result. Use a heat gun or torch to break down the Loctite on the nut prior to removal) You can find the tool @ riflegear.com.
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MacieJay banned live on Twitch Full Clip
Full Clip. Hes unbanned now.
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Glock 17 Field Strip Disassembly/Reassembly
Little clip on how to field strip And reassemble a Glock 17 (RTF2)
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RadLock Bullet Button System
Got a few requests on doing a video on the Radlock bullet button system on how it works and how I like it.
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Tac star side saddle installation
How to video on installing tac start side saddle on a remington 870 express
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GP / Reverse shifting 07/08 CBR 600
GP/Reverse shifting 07/08 CBR 600rr Normal version.
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Stryke Force drag bag review
TAC Force™ Stryker Drag System are used by professional marksmen throughout the world. Many of them consider our drag bag the best piece of equipment next to their rifle. Designed for adverse conditions by using durable high quality 900 Denier material treated with DuPont® Teflon® that provides weatherproofing, durability and longevity of product life. Loaded with features, interior compartment includes utility pouch, adjustable long gun tie downs, closed high density cell foam protective side panels and barrier to ensure protection. Exterior features include dual carrying handles, one drag handle, removable shoulder straps, shoulder strap hidden compartments, three compartments for firearms or tactical gear and can be carried as backpack (straps included). Two compartments include adjustable tie-downs and protective bag tip hood cover. Direct from the site^^
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Honda CBR 600rr graffiti 2008
My 2008 honda CBR 600rr.
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Sunday Ride GoPro Clip 1
Cruising the streets with the Assassins GoPro Clip 1 Long Beach to LA cruise
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GoPro Version: How to: Reverse / GP shift a 07/08 CBR 600rr
Reverse / GP shifting a CBR 600rr GoPro version Shot in 720p but my uploader uploads videos below record quality. Original video way cleaner.
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How to: Unload Remington 870
My methods on how to unload a Remington 870 with out having to chamber a shell.
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CMMG 22lr Range Test pt.1
Testing out the CMMG 22lr SS conversion kit for the first time. Using federal bulk from Walmart and black dog smoke mags. The kit ran great only shot about 80 rounds so far due to the range closing. Plan on going out tomorrow and getting some better video and more shots. Mags worked out great only problem is they only load about 20 rounds and i got one to hold 25 but that's cramming it. Shot a group of about 4 inches at 25 yards standing off hand slow fire. So the "oh conversion kits aren't accurate" is bs IMO. Thats good enough for me. In all it's WELL worth the price even tho I got mine from a fellow gunner for an outstanding price. But I would defiantly pay full price if I had to for this kit. It works great and is fun to shoot. Also let's me shoot at the range 2 streets from my place rather than 2 hours away in the desert.
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How To: Refinish Your AK47/74
Little video on my WASR 10/63 Refinishing Project. Great wright up on this - http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=321453
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Springfield 1911 A-1 Loaded Stainless Review
Little review of the Springfield Armory 1911 A-1 Loaded. MSRP - $1,100 I paid $899 ($979 OTD) 2013 of Aug (CA) Put about 250 rounds down it so far and am pretty happy with the fit and performance of the gun. I feel it was well worth the money and is a great handgun. Springfield has a well priced well made 1911 for the competitive market. I would highly recommend this 1911 for someone who wants a good accurate well built 1911 on a medium budget.
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Sunday Ride GoPro Clip 2
Cruising the streets with the Assassins GoPro Clip 2 Long Beach to LA cruise
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Radical Firearms 10.5" AR Pistol 5.56
Quick review on the Radical Firearms 10.5" AR15 Pistol. This pistol comes in at $599 or $650 for the CA version. Not a full review, but just an over view for those interested in these pistols. I will do a full review if I get the traffic and interest.
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JD Machine LR-308 issue
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How to: Properly lube an AR15
Here is my video showing how to properly lube and oil a AR15/M4.
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Sunday Ride GoPro Clip 4
Cruising the streets with the Assassins GoPro Clip 4 Long Beach to LA cruise
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Browning Buckmark, Why I Didn't Go Ruger
My overview of the Browning BuckMark 22 LR Pistol and a comparison on why I chose this over the Ruger 22/45 and MarkIII.
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LR-308 Project Build Part 1
Let the LR308 build begin. This is Part 1 of a few part series of my LR308 or AR10 build project. Looking at about $2,190 when finished for the range, before glass if everything goes right. Then about $2,760 to my finished fully upgraded high end goal. Before Glass.
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MacieJay get's banned Live On Twitch!
MacieJay banned on live stream! Watch the full clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn-3fImW_gY
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CA Bay Fishing: Ugly Stik Tiger Lite
Fishing on the CA coast. Using the Ugly Stick Lite rod. For all the crap talking this stick isn't half bad for $70 13+lb Shovel Nose #2 on this rod
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CMMG 22lr conversion kit
Black dog and CMMG 22lr conversion kit on my AR.
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How to Install Class III Trailer Hitch 2015 Silverado
How to install Class 3 silverado sierra hitch. Curt Trailer hitch
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Clutch Up Crash 600rr graffiti Aftermath video
Got cocky and started messing with clutch ups.. Stupid mistake. Bike is pretty toasted hopefully fix her up and get her running again.. Wear your gear be safe and ride in your limits. I got lucky!
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Strat Roulette + Ash? No Problem - R6
Rainbow six clips from my stream. Follow on twitch! Twitch.com/xCK_32x Sub on YouTube!
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Black Hawk CQC SERPA / Fobus Mag pouch Holster Systems
My take on the Black Hawk SERPA / Fobus mag pouch holster systems. Tex Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYvAxLX6OzE
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Hackers, Youtubers and Salt - Rainbow Six - Operation Health
Hackers, Glitching, Youtubers and Salty. Operation Health
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Myth: Heating Sportbike Tires
Myths and legends on heating up sport bike tires.
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Rifle Update: BCM Mid length
Rifle update video as promised. BCM 16" midlength BFH 1:7 5.56 BCM BCG / Charging handle Mega Arms Lower Receiver DPMS LPK MagPul CTR mil spec stock MagPul MIAD grip Troy BUIS DI optic Specter 3 point sling
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Ontario Rat1 vs Cold Steel Code4: EDC On a Budget
Budget EDC knives. Ontario Rat 1 Vs Cold Steel's Code 4
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JD Machine Let Down - LR308 update
Long story short, JD dropped the ball on this one. 6 months to replace a BCG.
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Remington 700 SPS Tactical 12/13 Update
Remington 700 Update Video. Better late than never right?!
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Revolver Speedloaders: HKS vs Safrai Land
My $0.02 on Safari Land and H&K speed loaders for revolver hand guns.
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BCM M4/AR15 Carbine Build Completed
Video to show my Ar15/M4 build finished. Sorry about the sound going out. I don't know why it uploads like that. Specs. UPPER BCM M4 Carbine 1:7 16" Upper BCM Bolt (MPI,HPT) BCM Standard Charging Handle Trop Di-Optic Flip Sites BCM Mil-spec 6-Pos Stock Lower: Mega "Gator" Grip Stripped Lower DPMS LPK Rad-Lock Bullet Button C-Products 10 Rnd Mag. (BLK Follower) Ammo Federal XM193 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ
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GMR Canyon Run
First time ride through Azusa (GMR) California Canyons.
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Sportsmans Guide Online Supplier sucks! Not.
Saw some people were not happy with their orders from Sportsman's Guides web site saying how their bulk ammo purchases were not packaged well and sub par. Figured I'd make a quick video on my experience.
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Glock 17 RTF2
My overview of my Glock 17 RTF2 in 9mm. My thoughts on the pro's and cons. Web write up found here. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=471419 Just sharing my opinion on what I think the the pros and cons are of the RTF series of Glocks. My overall impression is very well pleased. Great solid hand gun and would recommend it to just about anyone.
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Tasco Red Dot Scope Part 2
Update Video on the Tasco red dot sight
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WASR 10/63 AK47
My first impressions of my WASR 10/63 ROMANIAN WASR-10 7.62X39 CLICK - LIKE / SHARE THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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Remington 700 SPS Tactical
Quick little look at my Remington 700 SPS tac. Remington 700 SPS Tac. .308 (7.62x51 NATO) Bushnell 3200 Tactical 5-15x 40mm Mildot Badger Ordnance USMC M40A3 rings Badger Ordnance USMC 20 MOA Rail Harris S-Series 6-9" Bi-pod Karsten Adjustable Cheek Rest. Tac Force Drag Bag Digital Army Cam. Sorry it took so long to get my first vid up. More videos to come with some range time.
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Tasco 1x 30mm 5MOA Red Dot
Just a little table top review of the Tasco 1x 30mm 5MOA Red Dot Optic. I picked this thing up at my local Walmart when I was looking for a phone case for the IPhone4 I just picked up. I decided to go check out the ammo in the out door section and this thing caught my eye. Its a Tasco 1x 30mm 5MOA AimPoint clone. (One of many) The MSRP was only $37 so I figured what the hell. Why not... Right out of the box it feels pretty sturdy and my thought of expecting quality of a $40 scope was kinda off by how solid it felt. It comes with 11 different brightness settings and is advertised to stand up to shots from a 12g or a .357 mag and maintain its zero. One thing I did notice that I really didn't like about the optic is when mounted on my M4 when I put up my flip sites they cover up the scope because the scope base keeps it low. So use of both BUIS and op[tic will not work. After mounted on my M4 the hold on the rail does seem to be a ton more solid than expected. I'm expecting good results from this optic even tho its not an AIMPoint I feel this is well worth the $40 spent.
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BCM Ar15/M4 Build Update 12/10
Just a quick update on my A515/M4 build. BCM 1:7 16" M4 Carbine Upper Full Auto BCG BCM Standard Charging Handle BCM Mil-Spec M4 6 pos. Telescopic stock Simple article on what makes CA legal AR15/M4/M16 CA legal. http://www.riflegear.com/t-evilfeatures.aspx
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Scope Adjustments Explained (Well Attempted Anyways lol)
Got a ton of questions and a user asking me to help him learn adjustments and rather than send back 1,000,000 messages. I tried to make a video explaining the process on the fly. Didn't do so hot lol But it helped him and others have said it has helped them. So I leave it up. Easy to do, impossible to try and explain lol Sorry for the shit video quality. My Iphone4 gets the worst focus in my room for some reason. Some helpful tools if my video didn't help bogus. JBM Calculator http://www.jbmballistics.com/cgi-bin/jbmucard-5.1.cgi DOPE/Adjustment card example. http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/flexiblehorse12/Tactical%2520Bolt%2520Rifle/7mm_drops.jpg
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Fortnite Plays
Fortnite plays, let me know if you guys like these. Ill make more! Follow on Twitch! Twitch.com/xCK_32x Sub on YouTube!
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Rough Country 2.5" level kit (Unboxing/Overview)
Quick unboxing of rough counties 2.5 chevy Silverado leveling
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Reloading 308 Match Grade Ammo Part 3
Reloading Match Grade 308. Part 3 Sorry for the 3 part series. I tried to make it only 2, but YouTube editor wouldn't have it.
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Felicia hip firing m4
She got a lot better. Right after this she legitly dumped a 30 rounds mag in one shot but we didn't record it.... Bummer.
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Reloading 308 Match Grade Ammo Part 1
Reloading Match Grade 308. Part 1 Sorry for the 3 part series. I tried to make it only 2, but YouTube editor wouldn't have it.
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