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PvZ Heroes Puzzle Party Daily Challenge 12/13/17 COMPLETED
It took me so long to get that last part... plz sub - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 3/28/ 18
This time on Puzzle Party with Prince, we have INDISTINGUISHABLE QUALITY!!! I upload at least once a week and I present tips in PvZ heroes funny moments and also guides so make sure you subscribe!
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Pvz Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 3/7/18
S0rry about that bad Framerate, plz no hate. - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 3/14/18
Sorry again about the quality (a little bit better this time) but at least this time we have AUDIO! - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 1/10/18
Sorry for the “late” upload - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 4/11/18
All aboard on the meme train. - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 3/21/18
Quality gets really bad at the end but... ... there are no buts - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 2/7/18
Sorry about the thumbnail, I’m unable to make one - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Part 12/21/17 Complete
Reupload - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 2/21/18 (read description)
In order to complete the daily challenge from where I left off, you must play the Biodome Botanist in the second lane, then put the 1/1 plant in the first lane, then when it is time for tricks, play the trampoline on the plant in the first lane, then move the other biodome botanist that is in the fifth lane, into hunting grounds. - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 2/14/18
subscribe please? - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge 12/11/17
Rawr - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge 12/7/17
I know it’s not puzzle party but... idc - PowerfulPrince 5
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The entire original Mario song but it’s put into “oofs” from Roblox
I made a flag noise and another oof at the end but it got cut out for some reason and it wouldn’t let me put it back in - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 12/21/17
Subscribe ples - PowerfulPrince 5
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Splash Transfiguration (PvZ Heroes)
Don’t tell me that this deck was already made CUZ IT WASNT - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Daily Challenge Puzzle Party COMPLETE 2/28/2018
No sound sorry .-. - PowerfulPrince 5
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If your better with text instructions, Play as huge giganticus and start off with either four mustache waxers or 3 mustache waxers and 1 bad moon rising and in addition you need terrorformer 10,000. Play terror former on turn 1 and then on turn two you must draw a bad moon rising or another mustache waxer, then play all 4 mustache waxers then when it’s times for tricks play a badmoonrising. No guarantee that you will get a zombot but it’s basically a game winner unless you get four ra zombies. Plz no hate? - PowerfulPrince 5
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Hypixel lag
Look how many fishing rods I had at the beginning. - PowerfulPrince 5
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Minecraft Song Wet Hands on piano
I redid it - PowerfulPrince 5
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Minecraft Hypixel Bridges Gamemode
that first strategic move in the beginning was sooper kewl - PowerfulPrince 5
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Streets of Rogue Character Showcase Redo Pt 2 Soldier
im redoing this because the last one was HECKA laggy - PowerfulPrince 5
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Powered-up Bullseyes (PvZ Heroes)
Hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed - PowerfulPrince 5
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How to get SMALL cards in PvZ Heroes!
I’m secretly a pet dinosaur
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Undertale Song Hopes and Dreams on the piano
I played an octave lower because the first part along with some other parts sounded much better in my opinion, as I said I will make a video later with the full song in it. If you like this video comment below like and subscribe and I will see you guys in the video. - PowerfulPrince 5
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Conjurement MADNESS (PvZ Heroes)
Yes I know conjurement isn’t a word - PowerfulPrince 5
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Insane PvZ Heroes Moments
Hope you liked this compilation video, pleases like and subscribe if you want more videos. See ya. - PowerfulPrince 5
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PvZ Heroes Music Glitch + Fight against Lettucc
Weird - PowerfulPrince 5
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This was on turn four...
On turn two I played dr space time and the solar flare played more spore on turn one and my Dr. Spacetime conjured another Dr. Spacetime from hitting the hero, then I played the treasure chest then Dr. Spacetime on the treasure chest and got shieldcrushing Viking then the mushrooms triggered my block meter and I blocked and got signature super and... yeah basically chaos erupted from there.
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Minecraft Song Wet Hands On the Piano
I'm so gud at playing du peeano
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Garbage Trickster Deck  (PvZ Heroes)
I added the trick or treater last second so I’m not sure if it would work good in this deck Also I’m poor so it’s not a legit trickster deck - PowerfulPrince 5
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Streets of Rogue Character Showcase Part 4 | Thief |
Hello Hola Nin Hao Bonjour What’s up vsauce Michael here - PowerfulPrince 5
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Something I’m not proud of
Plz no unsub - PowerfulPrince 5
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A quick look through my sketch 🅱️ook (Hey that rhymed)
Personally my favorite one is grass knuckles. - PowerfulPrince 5
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The One True App
Download it - PowerfulPrince 5
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Drawing the Chomper from Plants Vs Zombies
You don’t want to know how long it took to render this... - PowerfulPrince 5
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How to get big plants and zombies in PvZ Heroes
This is one of the greatest glitches of all time (for humor).
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ASMR Session
You are very relaxed now - PowerfulPrince 5
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"Special" Minecraft "Bedwars" WITH MIC!
quote on quote Christmas special PvZ Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... - PowerfulPrince 5
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